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Timeline of the 2nd generation of Bald Mountain Holt inhabitants!

Of all the elves of Abode the World of Two Moons, these dragonriders must keep track of time a little more strongly than others. While they're not keenly aware of its passing, they also are not willing to dismiss the fact that over time, Humans will encroach on their territory. They plan on keeping up with the neighboring tribes, and running distant scouting flights to pick up stray elves in need of a home.

* Also note that this timeline does not necessarily coincide with any other canon or non-canon fiction. It might be a bit muddled up, and pages individually might be conflicting or contradictory, but they were not written at the same time. *

Original Tribe arrives, this is now year "0" Bald Mountain time [~9,800 since High Ones landing]

No children were born to any of the first group of inhabitants until others began arriving and possibly spurred Recognition especially with the requirements that dragons placed on them.

*Most Dragons listed with birth/arrival dates, not necessarily the date they bond*

90 - Ainea (f) arrives and they begin bonding dragons

Silver-White F Adisath

Crystal-Grey M Nimoan

91-106 - Bald Mountain Elves return from various dragonries and begin patrolling the skies around the Holt

Also around this time, is when the Go-Backs 'go back' to the Frozen Mountains and establish themselves, and begin their war with the Trolls who have been there all along

110 - Icecap (m) and Morning Glory (f) born, 126 bond dragons

Blue-White M Irathe Syaess

Winter Blue F Tariym

120 - Autumnburn (f), Springflower (f), Wintersnap (m) and Summerrain (m) arrive,
127-132 bond dragons

Autumn Brown M Taeng

Moss F Fyuin

Midnight Starry M Gabii

Green M Shivver

~120 - the 'Welfpack' begins to form several thousand miles away...
137 - Irathe sponsors Latadoba Yellow-Opal F Latadoba
144 - Crystalstorm (m) born Green F Tattoo Vey
151 - Chamomile (f) born (( and Sunstone born in Sun Village )) Brown-Green F Kerolei
Original inhabitants listing technically ends here, even though some arrivals are shown here above rather than on that page

Shortly Before 160 - arrivals include a large group of wanderers; how they all came togerher at the same time is unclear, but they are widely traveled before resting here

3 near-high-ones Awlvon (m) and Kolgar (m), Yasheel (f)

(Kolgar) Daeoreon (lapiz male mountain), Nenani (pearl female mountain), Ai'Ling (blue female Kiudragon)

(Awlvon) Pahari, female Blue Kegawa

(Yasheel)White-Blue M Tylhar

Jade (f) , Moontwin(f),

(J) Grey M Raysaw

(M) White-Blue F Hwasal,
Emerald M Tattoo Aj

Cinder (m) and Shrike (f),

(c) Male Copper Mazruin

(s) Female blue Ndalnith

Archive (m) and Dreamwhisper (f),

(a) White Silver Blue M Ath

(d) Light-Green F Camorth

and Bowcrescent (m) and Kid (m)

(b) Tan F Flashfire

(k) Silver Blue M Fienn

160+ - they all start pairing dragons and having babies... (not with the dragons. >_> I mean.)

Elsewhere, around 160 as well, the Palace War has taken place, and the Troll army defeated. Timmain, the high one, broadcasts essentially the history of elves and trolls (and preserves yes we hear you you annoying little bugs) before they arrived to Abode. While this does serve to unite many, it triggers a good number of discussions, arguments, and fractures among elf communities around the world. Some of those fractures aren't mental, and not caused by elf memories, either - a massive flood destroys the meeting grounds of a group of desert wandering elves, the Dune Tribes. They must adapt and move, and one group of them winds up coming northward through the scrub plains.

Brook and Brown M
Silkwing Leafbreeze

Reed and Aquamarine M
Lian Plip

161 - Hush m (Archive/Dreamwhisper r)

Blue M Kuyeth
162 - Nightshade f (Morning Glory/Sumac r)  
162 - Wasp m (Morning Glory/Sumac r)  

163 - Granite m (Kolgar/Jade oor)

Pearl M Skala-Wher MoonsLight

164 - Dragonfire f (Cinder/Shrike r)

Amethyst F Lian Kenya
165 - Sigil arrives from Plains hub + Terigon M Cheitaen
165 - Shath (f) arrives from Sun Village Brick M Bakalt
167 - Bauble (f) arrives from Blue Mountain area White Pawn M Qahrasa
168 - Udli and Nyidar (m, m) arrive from Go-Backs lodge (Ryslen Flurry delayed to 2022) (U) Blue Red M Quilo Silverbell
(N) Metallic IceBlue M Lauwine Ra'lu

Around year 170 Blue Mountain has been destroyed, by the mad whim of Winnowill's twisted desires. A great number of elves perish, along with many humans and giant eagles. However, it also has longer-reaching effects on elves who live along the coasts even distantly - massive tsunami waves destroy several Holts and settlements. Some of these elves have the ability to send out their thoughts over great distances, and it is through that link that dragons and their elfin riders are sent out to retrieve them! Over the course of the next few hands of years, a good number of survivors of this event, both in Blue Mountain's area itself, and along many of the affected coastlines, are brought to Bald Mountain.

In addition to the loss of Blue Mountain and the Gliders, the GoBacks have suffered their own scattering and now wander the north. With Timmain's broad world-wide sending of their presence, varied descendants of the High Ones surface here and there thanks to theis knowledge. Some will find Bald Mountain on their own, while a fair few others will be 'searched' - this is a tribe of dragon riders after all, and that's what they do.

At this point it is clear that Bald Mountain must begin shaping up - literally - to more fully accommodate these newcomers, and any that follow!

170 - Opium m (Summerrain/Springflower r) Green-Grey M Druith

170 (late) The High Cove elves arrive as a group and begin to work with the rock shapers to carve out a much larger share of the lake nearby. It's deep and quite sprawling, and offers them just a taste of their former home, but safety and security are much more compelling than their desire to see the ocean. This eventually includes an improbable coral reef lining the whole place, which offers visitors a beautiful view unlike any other lake around! Because of this, they've begun calling it Coral Cove, which Coral himself is rather amused by...


Coral and Gletsjer M Pecten

Lace and Pearl F Kenari
and Sapphire M Peal

Oakroot and
Brown M Flurry Wher Mudslide

Yellowfin and
F Dolkrat Tezenth

Brownbark and
M Snowdrake Blackthistle

Pearlsheen and White
Light Fury F Maple

171 - Skyborne arrives from beyond the Blue Mountain ruins

Blue Winter F Nilasardi

Blue M Thonet-mai Chxalli

171 - Scatterstone f (Crystalstorm/Jade r)

Blue M Donasek

Opal F Hiasan

172 (early) - Deeptide f is located and brought to Coral Cove Green M Kelpfrond
172 - Telomir/Touch m (Awlvon/Yasheel r)


Sponsored Bronze M Spellweaver Earthstar

172 - Eclipse f (Awlvon/Moontwin r+)


Sponsored Black F
Spellweaver Blackfire

174 - Payi f arrives from north Ice M Ketsuro
175 (early) - Primrose (f) and Bundle arrive; Bundle seems to have been from Blue Mountain, but by way of the Troll tunnels exiting to Sorrow's End... Ore M Zanelaw
175 (late) - Bundle (m), clearly after some issues, finally comes out of his shell and begins to associate with other elves more Sponsored BY Chavans
F Taweny Iuty-Kems
M Hebaka Tjen-Atho

176 - Hathal arrives from Blue Mountain ruins

Stormwing Purple F Hicath

180ish - Full Nexus contact! Ainea begins working at Carramba High School. Some number of 'alternate' worlds may begin converging on Bald Mountain Holt, because a few of the elves brought via that odd nexus point know nothing of any of the Palace machinations, war with the Trolls, or the like. This might be due to the timey-wimey nonsense that occurs in the years around 300...

180 - Starcap m (WhiteEyes/Moontwin r) Moonstone Quartz F Nibora
184 - Rook m (Kolgar/Jade oor) Metal M Copperspark
186 - Soulbind f (Bowcrescent/Apogee r) Blue-Starred M Nightwing Banter
188 - Lyi f arrives (originally among Village splinter) Green Black Starry F Nightwing Malachite
189 - Naek and daughter Auidar arrive from Go-Backs wandering Red Gold F Tximinia
Blue Purple F Shek'reba
approx. 190 - Marked Man (Brand) arrives Gold-Silver M Tattoo Zah

This brings us to about year 10,200 on Abode. Palace has been removed and is 'in transit' to the future, while scattered elf tribes deal with humans as well as their own kind. Bald Mountain has been reshaped mostly on the inside to resemble a proper dragonry, and several nearby hills have been taken over internally as well for living arrangements. That's what happens when you have a proper couple of rock shapers on hand!

191 or so - Sage and Whitefern are sensed among the cocoons where Brand had been found, and are awoken to be brought to Bald Mountain; their tale of events among their tribe is shocking to some, because while Brand had been in stasis for a few hundred years, this pair and their wolves had been cocooned for thousands and didn't even recognize some of the stars above their new home.
191 - Sage f arrives ^Dawnwatch Hope?
191 - Whitefern m arrives (??)
192 - Nuaqda m arrives Diamond M gem-daemon Velo
193 - Blazeblade m (Cinder/Shrike r) Sponsor of Black-Red F Riki'kee rii Navisno

approx. 196 - Weeds, Bones, Bats, Moonsight and Soothe arrive

Bones's page; Moonsight's page

(Weeds waiting)

Bones's Pale Blue M Iceso Promontores

(Bats waiting)

Moonsight's Crystal Rain F Caiya

Soothe's Green M Narric Toerii'Taykah

199 - Tapestry arrives ... a wolf-blooded wanderer with his own dragon already?

Blue M Zunth

Hummingdrake Flock

Around the year 200 after learning more and more tricks to moving through time and space, Ainea and her dragons set about locating her long-lost tribe of Ice Gliders. She feels confident enough in herself and has the backing of not only a full tribe of dragon riders, but a school on another dimension, and the Healing Den's inhabitants to boot... In searching for the Ice Gliders, she encounters a small number of strays: Go-Backs wandering with some from her old tribe who were making their own way across the ice wall.

Teyfu, Aoku, Meysh, Tabea, Eshuu, Jit and Parn all are then brought not only to the Holt, but to a very special and quite large hatching chamber in which they bond to some intriguing furry Pernese dragons!

200 - Teyfu Brown M Bernese Kevdayth
Aoku White F Bernese Hewfith
Meysh Green F Bernese Talateth
Tabea Gold F Bernese Lanabath
Eshuu Bronze M Bernese Inidoth
Jit Sport Blue M Bernese Akuketh
Parn Blue M Bernese Kiforth
201 - Cinnamon m (Orangepeel/Shath oor) Nightwing F Glimpse
203 - Thread f (Pearlsheen/Tapestry) Green F Unalinth
. 211 - Redback m and Mysoken f arrive from Frost Troll Caverns; they know nothing of the Palace, or how it's been moved through time, and that the Go-Backs have a bit of a peace accord with Picknose who has taken over the Frozen Mountain Trolls

Redback Ruby Gold F Rubricath

Mysoken White Teal Balefire M Jörmungandr Balechild

217 - Obsidian m (Crystalstorm/Jade r) ??
226 - Starbright f (Tallow/Apogee r *) White F Flurry Nightmourner Whitesnow (244)
232 - Chelden f (Bones/Hathal r) ??
249 - Sparkle f (Kid/Farfire r) ??
250 - Sunstone arrives from Sun Village Brown-Gold F Kwatee Dalonega
266 - Cobra f (Wintersnap/Rasp r) ??
270 - Anvil m (Hammersmith/Autumnburn r) ??
272 - Leaffall f (Opium/Chamomile r) ??
281 - Sandstorm m (Obsidian/Skyborne r) ??
288 - Mindstorm f (Hush/Yasheel r+) Healing Den??
around 290 - Dusk, Shumma and Wellspring arrive; a Sun Villager, a Dune Tribe member, and a Plains Elf all together ??
297 - Fever f (Udli/Dragonfire oor) ??

Around the year 300 BMT (Bald Mountain Timeline) is the target era for some highly unusual searches. They will be listed on their own tribal page, but should also be considered 'distant' members of the Bald Mountain Dragon Holt.

Full blooded Wolfriders for the most part, but found at varied times in the sometimes-distant past! They never heard the call of the Palace nor the story from Timmain's broad sending, because they were almost all 'dead' by that time in their own eras. How they were spotted is their own story, but with Elf magic and dragon abilities able to feel around even through time, they have been brought here and set up as perimeter camps, guardians, and occasional defenders given some of them were from eras when Humans were very, very unfriendly, and Trolls still come from the north areas looking for blood...

They live in their own named holt, Mother Moon Holt; it is a 'combined' holt, housing those from a great variety of wolf-blooded tribes and they may have had their own settlements before this. Some of these elves may fear or revere the Firstcomers found among the Bald Mountain riders, and others might conflict with 'too much magic' or 'too little fur' here and there. But all Bald Mountain can offer is open to them, including befriending dragons. Their mountain-and-forest Holt is already shaped by the locals a bit, but they have more than their own share of plant and rock shapers to finish the job to their own liking. They have, however, been set up with caverns big enough to house dragons, above their woodland main home.

300ish - T'hörel arrives on her great bird bond, having magically spotted sudden changes in mental energy after the Mother Moon Holt is established Healing Den??
300ish and a few days - Keenan Lane discovers this place due to said time and space seeking, and... well... becomes Starward among other things Healing Den??
303 early - Aura f (T'hörel/Starward r) ??
322 - Strike m (Anvil/Moonsight r) ??
335 - Mint f (Cinnamon/Sparkle r) ??
341 - Cascade f (Icecap/Chelden r) ??

** 2022 update **

It is currently the year 350, and the Welfpack has wandered closer to Bald Mountain, what will this mean for both tribes?

Note that 'shorter lived' pets or bond animals with a stated lifespan have either been healed / shaped to live longer, or have been replaced with similar creatures over time for most of the tribe who had them before bonding dragons.

Several elves move between worlds, mostly to Carramba and Twoarth, but some have been spotted in Paragon City? Hey it takes all kinds to be heroic...