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Name: Spur

Bonded to: . From:

Age: 1100 Born in: unknown season
Soul Name: private Known By: only Path Found: unknown
Sex: male Mate Status/Sex Preference: Recognized and vaguely lifemated to Path
Children: daughter Defiance renamed to Sunsong later; Prior recognitions with at least 2 other females, but no other known offspring or remaining kin
Parents/Relatives: all long gone, though he clearly has more life left in him
Original Tribe: wolf-blooded High Cove. Arrived to Bald Mountain: ~170
Height: 4'4" Build: though now a bit on the bony side, has been tall and lean with a good muscularity; wide shoulders (he will regain strength and mass here at Bald Mountain)
Hair Color, Length, Style: tan-blond hair that is frizzy, often tied back with a cord and is somewhat past his shoulders
Eye Color, Size, Shape: pale hazel green eyes with a lot of orange shade in them
Skin Tone: grizzled, greying but once obviously handsome by elfin standards; fair skin
Voice Quality: gruff, sounds like he smokes but he doesn't
Clothing -- Summer: dark green leather tunic with tan shaded trim, to his mid-thighs, dark brown leggings, soft dark brown leather boots
Clothing -- Winter: adds cloak
Jewlery Worn, Made: none
Tatoos/Markings/Scars: numerous scars and at least one tattoo (a black colored wolf paw design on his left shoulder)
Pets/Animals Kept: none, the wolf pack would eat them...
Notable Posessions: nothing special
Holt Function: Trapper, hunter, wolf tending, and storyteller
Strength: Average
Very High
Above Average
Above Average
Above Average
Magic Power:
sending only
Magic? How Powerful?
sending 8/10
Climate/Locations Preferred:
General Likes: Listening to other people's stories, staying in one good Holt, warm weather
General Dislikes: snow and ice, travel, loss
Fears/Worries: will he watch another tribe fall apart? so tired of it.
Special Strange Info: enjoys dreamberry wine, and might be tempted out to the beach if he hears tell of it being passed around
Basic Personality: Currently, a bit of a crotchety old man. He will always answer the call to help a tribe mate, but feels he's of more use these days tending the wolf pups or injured ones, and checking his traps
How they feel about
: has an irrational though somewhat weak fear of them
Elves -- herders: he'd rather still trap, at least that gives the animal a chance
Elves -- magic users: fascinating
Elves -- bond-riders: always been one, hopefully always will be one
Trolls, etc: has a much stronger fear and memories of running from them
Bond Animal Info if any: Bitterbite, male middle-high ranking, very fast on his feet, tan and browns

Skills: throwing knives are his specialty, but also uses clever snapping traps as well as lassos or bolos; His aim is still as true as ever with knives, and he is still very skilled making bone or twig traps. He is very well versed in injuries of the wolves, though he is no healer he spends so much time with them that he knows how to best deal with their problems.

History: He is among the oldest of the Wolf folk tribe, and remembers (distantly) the days when they had still been wandering in search of a home to settle in. While he's been through some very amazing adventures, sometimes it seems he'd prefer to forget a few of them.


Dragon Name:
Size: s/l/ws
Physical Features:
Stats: Strength, Speed, Endurance, Agility, Health, Intelligence
Other Info: