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Image Credits: Azalea's Dolls

Name: Path

Bonded to: . From: (Dawn Watch?)

Age: 350 Born in: unknown season
Soul Name: Private! Known By: only Spur Found: uknown
Sex: female Mate Status/Sex Preference: Recognized to Spur
Children: Defiance - renamed to Sunsong later
Parents/Relatives: any other relatives have perished either before now or in the flooding
Original Tribe: wolf blooded High Cove Arrived to Bald Mountain: ~170
Height: 4'6" Build: slender
Hair Color, Length, Style: white-champagne blond hair that is short and usually messy with leaves or twigs
Eye Color, Size, Shape: brown, high and usually looking around carefully but not judgementally, under pale, arched brows
Skin Tone: Pale and used to being out in the evening or very early morning rather than during broad daylight, and it shows
Voice Quality: high, but not shrill
Clothing -- Summer: : snug naturally-colored leather leggings, a brown fur vest; when needed, wears simple sandals of leather and bark, but usually is barefoot
Clothing -- Winter: looking forward to some furs, heavier leathers, she's never been in a place that gets cold like this mountain
Jewlery Worn, Made: sometimes adds a leather headband to keep hair out of her eyes
Tatoos/Markings/Scars: a scar from longtooth attack on her arm
Pets/Animals Kept: none
Notable Posessions: weapons including a slender shaped spear, made by one of the old holt's plant shapers and with an elegant long point in metal gained from trading with a foreign elf (he was likely a Go-Back because that's a Troll-forged piece of metal). She has other ones that have been crafted out of deer antler, even corals from the reefs - she won't use those any more because she feels they are a keepsake of another era, and are displayed in her den
Holt Function: scout, trapper; Path is an exceptionally good wanderer-of-places that become trails. She enjoys her time in the woods or beaches making sure that there are no strays - of any sort: elf children, humans, dangerous animals, or travelers. Since this new home is situated in a remarkably different climate and terrain than she's used to, she is eager to creep along all the existing trails first, and then branch out, making notes about what creatures live where, and who dens in what spots. She carries just enough of any given trapping supply to make two small-animal traps on these journeys, and has placed numerous traps around where she feels they will capture 'excess' creatures. The woods are teeming with life, here, why not cull some of the chittering squirrels and dangerous snakes
Strength: High, though she looks quite delicate, she is certainly strong for her frame, and has excellent arm and upper body strength in addition to her durable walking legs
High, she makes her way through any location carefully and can place traps and tripwires in exactly the right spots, rarely breaking them
High, gets around the trees, rock outcroppings, and even through shallow water with about the same pace as a clearing, and can escape angry animals (most of the time)
Above Average, sturdy and durable, there may be a reason for this beyond just being healthy and fit
Above Average, standing half a head above many in the holt, though she's still nowhere near as tall as the elders!
Average, she lives with what she knows and can discover by doing in the field, and isn't much for the weirder things like 'books' that some elves are showing off
Average, fairly typical for a wolf-blooded elf, with a slightly wilder overall posture and body language
Average, she'd rather blend in with a crowd than stand out, and likes her alone-time
Magic Power:
Below Average?
Magic? How Powerful? Sending 9/10, Has a very clear mind, and can send exceptionally good visuals for location purposes, and sends longer distances on average than most
Magic Feeling 2/10, though she is definitely able to detect the magic of elves, it's less of a specific thing and more 'this glen had magic' or 'that tree probably got shaped'
Healing ?/10, healing runs in her family, but she cannot do any herself. Grandfather had notable healing ability, taking care of those wolf-riders who were hurt in hunts. She recalls this fact quite often and sometimes tries to concentrate the way he did, but so far nothing has come of it. However, she does clearly have a durability that is well beyond a physical trait, and anyone else would definitely have lost that arm in the longtooth cat attack - self-healing is something that few realized was a 'thing', until, perhaps, the birth of her daughter?
Climate/Locations Preferred: loves these woods! the wolf in her blood thinks this mountainous holt is... well, far more appropriate than a sandy beach!
General Likes: scouting, climbing, roughing it, tall trees, howling with the wolf pack
General Dislikes: longtooth cats, stinktail spray, nearby thunderstrikes
Fears/Worries: what if the dragons eat her wolf friend? what if she doesn't have another wolf? ... what if?
Special Strange Info: Though they are lifemates, it's pretty clear that Path and Spur don't really cling to one another. They know each other intimately and when Spur grows too old or frail to fend for himself, she will definitely be there for him. She regrets her attitude when Defiance was young afraid that others would judge her child they almost abandoned their daughter. But thankfully Sunsong as a growing member of the tribe thinks nothing of this, or at least doesn't seem to show worry.
Basic Personality: Energetic and intensely focused, is not fussed about going out alone as she sees it as time to hone her skills
How they feel about
: ew. Just ew.
Elves -- herders: no challenge in that
Elves -- magic users: wishes she could add herself to their number
Elves -- bond-riders: this is how you're meant to live, with a companion!
Trolls, etc: they could teach her disarming and search tactics
Bond Animal Info if any: Silversnout, female wolf, middle of the pack, grey with brighter markings

Skills: Adept with a thrown spear, but also strong enough to use it up close, also good with netting and snares; exceptional at climbing, has a very strong memory of locations and can easily relate through sending a good path to take; she likes trapping here in the more lush woods, and the variety of animals and birds she can catch (as well as the reasonable safety of having a flock (? flock?) of dragons to protect the entire area.

History: named Path around age 15, due to her skills with pathfinding and mental maps. Age 90 has a run in with a longtooth cat den and nearly loses her arm, still has a scar from the claws. Age 200 lost her father in a skyfire strike. Around 37 years ago Recognized Spur. Around 35 years ago, Defiance (Sunsong) was born, and was rather shocked at the results of Recognition having created a furry child... Around 10 years before the current (bonding) date, the events that led to their coastal home happened - she's heard the tales from survivors of both the fighting for the Palace of the High Ones, and the subsequent destruction of this "Blue Mountain" place. She knows those tales are true, the elves stand right there in front of her (some of them quite ... tall and elegant, so they must be closer to high ones!) but she doesn't really do much thinking about any of that, her thoughts were on the survival of her people. Now that they've been moved to a higher, safer location among many other types of elves, her duties can be restarted!

If only those duties could include healing those injured in the field, she's always pondered that. The scars on her arm remind her of how fragile life can be. When she learned of Apogee's history - her own run-ins with longtooth cats mirrored Path's strongly. Path doesn't hate the cats, but she definitely will avoid them if possible (and she does acknowledge there are some elves here that are cat-blooded or have a collection of the things, let's just... stay clear of those!).

She and one of the desert-dwellers, Sandtoe, have been sent to a strange world, where they've been told perhaps to expect a dragon friend. She isn't sure what will happen with Silversnout once this occurs, whether it be at Dawn Watch Weyr, or somewhere else. But from what she's been told, and the sending-images that others have provided, as well as actually talking to the dragons, she thinks perhaps there's room for a wolf in her heart, and a dragon in her soul?


Dragon Name:
Size: s/l/ws
Physical Features:
Stats: Strength, Speed, Endurance, Agility, Health, Intelligence
Origin: Dawn Watch Hope Court? ( hermit? Two of Pentacles? Six of Cups?)
Other Info: