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Image Credits: Lethe

Name: Sunsong (formerly known as Defiance)

Bonded to: . From:

Age: 35 Born in:
Soul Name: unknown Known By: none yet Found: not yet
Sex: female Mate Status/Sex Preference: unmated, see below
Parents/Relatives: Mother Path, father Spur see below
Original Tribe: wolf-blooded, at High Cove Arrived to Bald Mountain: ~170
Height: 4'6" Build: While she's not ‘burly', she is much stronger in frame than typical female elves. Also she is reasonably tall for a wolf-blooded elfess, her overall size reflects the fact that she is a wolf-shapeshifter. Her feet even in elf form bear harder, larger nails than toes should, and she tends to ‘tiptoe' walk when she's not using a sort of half-form with jack-legged feet (where her toes are touching the ground, and her heels are raised). She is equally comfortable scampering on all fours as running on two legs. Thankfully, she has only two breasts. (No one has so far been brave enough – or weird enough – to check in wolf form.)
Hair Color, Length, Style: golden blond, a mop of jaw-length frizz that resists most attempts to be combed back or otherwise styled. In elf form, has a 2-finger-wide dark grey leather strip that serves as a headband to keep it out of her eyes. When she is consistently elf-shaped, her hair grows longer pretty quickly, but it seems to ‘go back' to this length after shapeshifting
Eye Color, Size, Shape: reddish-brown shade, which darkens to red in wolf form, and lightens to a tan color in elf shape. In full elf form her eyes are large and oval, evenly set. Her eyebrows are very mobile and dark, slightly heavier than most female elves
Skin Tone: a fair-to-tan shade, with golden-flax ‘fur' along ankles, underarms, etc – this fur can be made to vanish but it's usually there by default. Skin bears no scars, though anyone who's known her for long knows that there would be plenty of them if she couldn't heal/shape herself; Her ears are large and usually have a dusting of golden frizzy fur on them, even in more or less elf shape. She can remove that fur, but claims it's too much of a bother. They often seem to move on their own. Her nose and lips are often more snout than elf-like, though she can speak almost even in full wolf form. Without the split lip and dark brown leathery nose tip, her nose is wide and somewhat flat, and her lips are thin and dark. Her teeth remain sharp in elf form and she has distinct fangs
** Wolf Shape ** As a wolf, Sunsong appears golden furred, with a smattering of tan, brown, and brighter yellow where her fingers/feet, eyebrows, and hair are respectively. Her nose leather is tan. Her ‘hair' area in brighter yellow is also slightly more textured and longer than the rest of her fur, which is somewhat thin. Her tail is tipped in the same lighter gold, and there is often a line of that ‘hair-fur' down her spine in both wolf and half-wolf form
Voice Quality: strong, loud, and very expressive. She uses growling, snarls and whining almost as often as words, and is usually vocalizing something
Clothing -- Summer: As a full elf, Sunsong usually wears a simple grey-colored leather body suit with strapped shoulders and short thigh-length legs, which has an almost fully open back. This is because more often than not, she's not fully elf shaped, and thus has need for a tail slot in her clothing. Where the clothing goes when she shapeshifts, only magic can say. As a wolf or more wolf than elf, only her headband remains, and that's only while she has ‘hair'
Clothing -- Winter: unknown, she has fur, doesn't need more
Jewlery Worn, Made: only her headband
Tatoos/Markings/Scars: furry!
Pets/Animals Kept: no pets
Notable Posessions:
Holt Function: Hunter, healer?
Strength: High
Above Average (fingers), Poor (wolfy paws)
Above Average
Below Average (furry is weird to most elves)
Above Average
Magic Power:
Above Average
Magic? How Powerful? Sending 7/10, Wolf-Send 10/10 (in form only); Shapeshift 8/10; Healing (self) 3/10, (other) 1/10

Shapeshifting – to wolf-form only, appearance changes modified with concentration. This is all but unconscious on her part, and she must concentrate to remain in ‘full' elf form (with no furry extras). Can fully shift into a four-footed sending-enabled wolf, and remain that way for as long as she desires, though she's always been told to return to her two-footed default state just in case she forgets how to turn back. Default state is a gently fur-accented elf on tiptoes and very slightly ‘hunched'. The unconscious shifting of appearance (from furry to hairless and back) is effortless and does not really seem to cost her any energy. Only when trying hard, does she show signs of exhaustion.

Healing – currently only able to heal her own injuries, and give a slight boost to nearby ‘natural' healing speeds (injuries that are in progress of healing on someone else, grow more healed when she's also trying to fix her own) but stronger mages might be able to train her to use it on others without trouble. She can stabilize wounds unconsciously, but that's the extent of her current ‘heal other' ability. This power wears her out considerably and quickly drains her

Climate/Locations Preferred:
General Likes: Learning new things, being shown respect, deserving that respect. She loves physical activities, but doesn't shy away from thought games or puzzles
General Dislikes: Distinctly does not like Preservers. They are noisy, annoying, and more importantly when you chase them you're not allowed (or perhaps able ) to eat them! She knows that some pure elves might find her mental touch to be distasteful, but more than anything it seems she doesn't like it when people call her things other than her name. She would not likely attack someone for doing so, but would make it clear what her name is, how to say it, and that that is the only warning they'll get. – That said, she would first go to whoever she believes will be able to best handle disciplining whoever it is that's messing with her. She's not a leader, she's a doer – but she knows her place, and knows that place is at risk if she does something bad to the wrong person
Fears/Worries: see below
Special Strange Info: *Sunsong is secretly petrified of something that she has little room to explain without alienating herself farther from anyone. Her ability to shapeshift does allow her a strong wolf-send ability when she's in wolf form. She's worried that one of the male wolves might begin making advances on her as a mate, and since she often enough just gets caught up in the moment, she might go along with it. Not only would she not speak of this to anyone, she hardly wants to admit it herself, but it does bother her dreams at times. She seems to hear the elfin voices tucked away in some of the wolf pack – they too are “half breeds”, even her own tribe sometimes seems to forget that fact. She worries that she might ‘recognize' a wolf – unlikely though that could ever be. She does have a bonded wolf friend, and feels relieved that it is a female.
Basic Personality: On first glance, Sunsong is a wild, energetic and reasonably happy young elf. Or was it wolf? She enjoys action, hunting and chasing things, and listening to stories. However she certainly has a serious side, and it's one that is obviously brought on by her magical abilities. She would never deny them, she just wishes they could be at her whim, rather than the other way around! She respects authority figures, and recognizes that not everyone wants her around, thus when she must, she absolutely pushes herself to be ‘good'. She isn't difficult to like, after all she's honest and open about nearly everything, but also she's fiercely dedicated to … well, whatever is in front of her or needs hunting. She's by no means ‘stupid' or wolf-minded, though she will lapse into the Now of wolf thought if she's feeling down
How they feel about
: They sometimes hunt or kill wolves, don't they?
Elves -- herders: that takes some fun out of hunting
Elves -- magic users: want to learn from them, there's so much more to do
Elves -- bond-riders: well, she can ride or run beside her wolf friend already
Trolls, etc: a bit scared of the big ones but she can always scare them back!
Skills: Though Sunsong is fully capable and usually chooses to use her own natural weaponry, fangs and claws, she also hunts with a sturdy club of shaped wood with a heavy stone head. Because she is strong enough to wield it with ease, she occasionally chooses to deliver a killing blow to an animal's skull with it, instead of, as she puts it, “ruining a perfect neck pelt” by biting or slicing the neck of a beast. When running as a wolf, she usually hunts small prey like hare, young deer, and pheasant. Tracking by scent / visuals, hunting, survival, scouting. Is learning to identify and work with injuries in order to practice healing.


Mother – Path, a near-full blooded elf descended from non-wolfrider stock; an energetic, attentive scout. Her ancestry definitely included healers, explaining how her small family came to be among the wandering wolf-folk and survived as well as they did. It had been at least two generations since a healer had been born to her line. Path is around 350 years old.
Father – Spur, descended from Hunt stock, but known to be ‘more pure' than most; a hunter who often uses thrown knives or weapons that snare prey. Spur is nearly 1100, and remembers the era when they were still traveling around looking for a good place to settle. Though he is still capable in most ways, he will occasionally beg out of a big hunt, and is often a little snippy about being dragged ‘all over the place' by anyone wanting him to attend events. Probable siblings from father's side, likely dead but potentially around

No one would have imagined that the child of two ‘nearly pure' elves would be born with a downy covering of fur, and a nub of a tail! Her first tribe-given name was Defiance, harkening back to the old practice of deciding whether a child was ‘hunt or firstborn' by the presence of a thumb. Her thumbs work quite well, actually.

Though never really ‘ashamed' of their daughter, both Spur and Path were pretty shocked themselves, to have such an odd child born to them. They had Recognized, though it was his second… perhaps third Recognition in Spur's long life. They have admitted to their child that they'd considered alternate routes of raising her: up to and including just… abandoning her to the pack and seeing if she'd grow up more wolf than elf. But her very elfin laughter, and the presence of her (admittedly furry feeling) mind, prevented them from doing anything like that. Neither of them are close to their furry daughter, though both admit to being extremely impressed that she's been able to learn to master a power thought long gone in their kind.

For the first few turns of her life, Sunsong would maintain what looked to be a half-wolf appearance, and she definitely learned to run on all fours before she stood tall on two feet. Once she did that, however, all bets were off: she climbed trees and dug under rocks just like any other elf child. It began to appear that her moods dictated her appearance, and by the time she was two Eights old, everyone was more used to seeing her without the tail, than with it.

A tribemate's serious trauma triggered her first fully conscious shift into wolf form, when one of the hunters, treed by a large forest cat, fell from the branch he was on, and broke his leg. His pained sending prodded Sunsong to shift fully and quickly, race out to where he was fending off the cat, and she delivered a death blow to the feline with her fangs after a short, surprisingly easy, fight. Someone later suggested that her reaction to the event wasn't necessarily caused by her wolf-shape power, but by the other, more subtle – and clearly growing – healing power she had.

However, once he was safe, not only could Sunsong not heal him with any sort of magic (she merely allowed him to climb onto her strong golden back and carried him carefully back to the main Tree), she couldn't shift back into an elf-form. This lasted for nearly a hand of days, until finally she exhausted herself both mentally and emotionally, and crawled away (“to be alone forever with the wolves” was her mental wording). When she fell to sleep and woke much later, she was furless once more.

Ever since that day she has struggled with this, but grown more and more able to work at will, rather than just be subject to sudden whim. The confidence of her tribe mates also seems to play a role.

Only after this point, too, when her full shifting had shown itself, was she ever allowed to be introduced to the Sea folk. That was perhaps her parents only ‘shame' – they weren't sure whether the Sea elves would take kindly to an actual wolf-elf in their midst. Old feelings died hard, after all, and legends among the wandering pack hinted that they wandered because of such things.

Sunsong is aware that she's an oddity, but makes every effort to be ‘as elf as possible' when meeting new people. Sometimes it can't be helped, she does frequently slip into a more comfortable furry state if she thinks she's being scrutinized, which probably makes it worse.

As she is quite young still, but old enough to consider herself not a ‘cub' any more, she's still searching more for her place in the tribe – or the pack – or both. If there are powerful healers or magic users around that are willing to teach her, she'd be more than happy to do whatever it takes to get her own magic under full control.

It is not likely that she's had any lovemates, and she somewhat bitterly acknowledges that it's because she's furry and ‘weird' – also that the curiosity that a mate might show in that she is furry and weird, kind of bothers her. She would like to have a mate that understands her, and compliments her powers or skills, not one which hangs on to her because she's a novelty item.

Bond Animal Info if any: Peppercorn,
Age- 6
Gender- female
Species- wolf, pack (Hunt-elf blooded distantly)
Appearance- mostly a dark grey black color, with scattered lighter grey and silver dappling, black paws, and a grey-white splash on her face. Her eyes are blue.
Pack rank- Beta
Personality- Peppercorn is protective and somewhat more gentle than a Beta might normally be, but she is active and able to keep up with her bond elf's own shifted antics. Peppercorn is slightly smaller than Sunsong in her wolf shape!


Dragon Name:
Size: s/l/ws
Physical Features:
Stats: Strength, Speed, Endurance, Agility, Health, Intelligence
Other Info: