Bald Mountain Holt is part of the Kshau Protectorate

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Image Credits: meiker / elequinoa / Power Princess

Name: Lyi (laa yee)

Bonded to: Malachite

Age: ~50, born in Longdays (summer)
: Female
Soul Name: none known Known By: not even she knows, but perhaps having a dragon friend will help her discover one
Mate Status/Sex Preference: not currently paired up, bi but seems a little intimidated by elders and aggressive folks
Children: none yet, she would love to find just the right partner and care for a child though
Parents/Relatives: Mother: Ose, loving; Father: N'o, captured by Trolls a few hands of years ago; Siblings: Brother: Ujli, older, caring; Brother: Klus, older, defensive
Height: 4'3" Build: curvy and nicely toned without being too muscular
Hair Color, Length, Style: golden blond
Style: often covered with a shawl
Length: down to their waist
Eye Color, Size, Shape: fire colored
Skin Tone: freckled dark
Voice Quality:
Clothing -- Summer: green and sea green shaded long dress with a low-cut top of tooled leather and short red boots, plus a winged metal headpiece
Clothing -- Winter:
Jewlery Worn, Made:
Pets/Animals Kept:
Notable Posessions:
Holt Function:
Magic? How Powerful? /10, /10, .Rock Sense: Below Average
Rock Shape/Crystal Shaping: Below Average
Climate/Locations Preferred:
General Likes:
General Dislikes:
Special Strange Info:
Basic Personality:
How they feel about
Elves -- herders:
Elves -- magic users:
Elves -- bond-riders:
Trolls, etc: those dispicable creatures took her father away, and she doesn't know whether he's alive or dead, enslaved or eaten... it will be a difficult thing to convince her that any Troll is 'good'
Bond Animal Info if any: She enjoys riding through the tribe's territory all day.

Skills: Swimming/Diving: Extremely High
Artistry/Magical: Average
Mineral Lore/Ores: Extremely High
Riding: Low
Doesn't hunt! There's no reason for it.

Descriptive stats: Strength: Below Average; Dexterity: Very High; Agility: Very Low; Health: High; Size: padded in nice ways (Nightstar-type)
Intelligence: Very High; Appearance: Below Average; Charisma: Average; Magic Power: Average

History: her parents had lived among the Sun Village until a group splintered off, about 200 years before the Wolfriders arrived, and she was born only about 50 years ago, so she and they have never known anything about them until now!


Name: Malachite
Gender: Female
Size/Shoulder/Length: medium-large (huge for an elf to ride) 13'5" s / 55' l / 80' ws
Colors: overall incredibly shiny green-black, when the light hits armor or large scales it looks almost metallic, belly more solidly green but quite dark around legs, wingsails are velvet green black with a multitude of shiny sparkling white stars, horns and claws are very dark black-green; brightly white teardrop shaped insets on scales, indicating a very strong vortal / magical presence; hazel grey eyes
Features: Nightwing, purebred
Powers: Winged Flight
Portal Generation - can create very short-lived portals from world to world, not on-site; this brings her from her native soil over to the Rookery thanks to their 'collecting plate' technology, and from there she decided to visit numerous worlds connected to theirs. Eventually she found herself with the elves of Abode, at Bald Mountain, and enjoys remaining there, though she knows she can always return 'home' wherever that is
Communication - telepathic, verbal
Firebreath - is not markedly good with fire, but at her size she doesn't need it particularly
Parentage: unknown pure Nightwings, possibly royalty given that she did show up with 'bling'; while she was hatched and spent the first few years of her life among other dragons on her homeworld, Malachite learned how to utilize her vast magical abilities early on, and may yet visit many other worlds, and might just find mates among those dragons of the Protectorate!
Origin: adopted from Malady's Market (Guildknight)
Other Info: Malachite truly loves how well her little elfin friend shapes crystals and is encouraging her to learn metalshaping, she already knows the basics, now her magic just needs to flow!