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Name: Brook

Bonded to: Leafbreeze From: Pyrrhan Silkwing

Age: 345 Born in: newgreen season
Soul Name: iwa Known By: self and Sandtoe Found: unknown
Sex: female Mate Status/Sex Preference: Recognized and now Lifemated, prefers males
Children: son Sumac
Parents/Relatives: parents dead, Lifemate (r) Sandtoe
Original Tribe: cat-blooded Dune Tribe. Arrived to Bald Mountain: 160ish
Height: 4' Build: slender, long limbed
Hair Color, Length, Style: rich black, slightly wavy, very thick, past waist, done up in braid with cords and beads
Eye Color, Size, Shape: very dark blue-indigo, angular, under high brows
Skin Tone: very dark brown
Voice Quality: sharp and commanding, though high
Clothing -- Summer: only protective robe and perhaps undergarments
Clothing -- Winter: as shown, there's not a lot of winter out in the dunes, but the nights get chilly so leather pants, cloth tunic, and silk undershirt; cloth shoes
Jewlery Worn, Made: hair beads and braiding combs, fancy belts
Tatoos/Markings/Scars: eyes have distinct markings, these are not makeup or tattoos
Pets/Animals Kept: all cats seem to like her
Notable Posessions: sprigs and seeds from everywhere she can reach and trade for
Holt Function: water finder in desert, now that they're in a much more stable area has begun tending a large and varied garden
Strength: Average
Above Average
Above Average
Above Average (taller than some)
Very High
Magic Power:
Magic? How Powerful? Sending 8/10, Long Distance Sending 5/10
Water Sense 4/10, Plant Sense 3/10
Animal Bonding 2/10
Self-Adaptation 2/10 keeps her temperature normalized, and allows for dust storms, excessive sunlight, bone-chilling cold nights, and the like, and she hardly needs much to endure it
Climate/Locations Preferred: Still really does love the dunes, but is happy anywhere thanks to her ability to adapt to her surroundings
General Likes: Working the soil, finding good sweet water, seeing plants blossom
General Dislikes: Flash Floods (she can't sense them until they're too close to run from), people who won't share
Fears/Worries: doesn't swim in water deeper than her waist, though she can float and keep herself alive in rushing water it's terrifying for her
Special Strange Info: As a self-shaper she doesn't have as much ability as some from her group, but she like most others from this broken tribe are cat-blooded, and thus felines seem to congregate around her; she prefers the puma to her mate's cheetah, and there are other types of mountain cats here that she's quite happy to share her meals with
Basic Personality: Not entirely as stern as her voice, she does mean business, if she has to raise her voice it's because someone is doing something stupid and needs to stop; she is a natural leader, but isn't comfortable doing more than finding water for her people
How they feel about
: their trade caravans are amazing, come look!
Elves -- herders: nomads like them need to make sure that the animals keeping them alive are healthy
Elves -- magic users: wasn't even aware of other tribes who have little magic, always thought that lacking it was a human trait
Elves -- bond-riders: even those without local blood deserve a way to get around safely and quickly
Trolls, etc: they do have fine metals and stones, and even unusual underground plants, but always keep your eye out for their partner lurking in the shadows
Bond Animal Info if any: none right now, as her last puma friend perished in a flood

Skills: Though she can use a spear, she prefers not to hunt, herself
Communication - either via shouts or calls, or with her strong sending ability, she keeps track of people and their animal friends easily, and can communicate at great distances if needed, though this does tire her a bit and she must be stable and not distracted (so, not while riding)
Multilingual - she speaks the elfin tongue, but also knows at least two dialects of Human speech, found in and around the desert tribes; knows a little of their sign language; and can help train both elves and willing cats to understand body language and signal calls
Anything to do with finding water - dousing magically or by sight and scent, she digs a little and locates moisture by touch as well; she cannot shape water, and only senses it if it is within about 50 meters, but can sense its motion or purity at that distance too
Ride Cat - if it's big enough, and wants to carry her, but prefers a slower gait
Plant Identification and Growth - though unfamiliar with many of the Bald Mountain plants, if it grows in dunes, scrub, sand, underground, or in harsh conditions, she knows it inside out; with the right tools (found in her pack) she can plant seeds and urge them though not fully shape anything, and keeps them healthy also using her sensitive magic

History: born among the cat-blooded Dune tribe, and as she was gifted with magic allowing her to sense water, the most precious thing in their lives, she quickly rose in their ranks. She is not their leader, but now that they've had to strike out on their own Brook serves as such until she doesn't need to any longer upon reaching Bald Mountain.

She Recognized Sandtoe about 40 turns ago, just about the same time that the Troll-Elf war occurred and the Palace was won. Perhaps it was the broad sending from a High One that united so many minds at once. With Sumac born shortly after the tribe's breaking up she had extra impetus to find places that they could rest in safety. Though when the child was old enough to run beside his father, that's where he chose to be... And Brook continued with her own duties. They didn't neglect Sumac as a pair, but they didn't actually fall in love until much later. She and the bone-shaping tracker get along well now that they are comfortably able to explore their personalities without the overwhelming pressure to survive.

Now that they're at Bald Mountain, she relishes being part of the new 'council' that helps lead the ever-increasing group, and equally enjoys being able to tend her garden with new and wonderful plant life to expand it.

Dragon Name: Leafbreeze
Gender: Male
Size: Small 8' s / 40' l / 70' and 55' ws
Build: muscular, healthy
Physical Features: silkwing, normal type
Colors: belly from chin to mid-tail and behind legs soft light brown; fronts of limbs, neck and body side armor very deep brown; mid-scales dark caramel brown with pale inserts; face and wing arms also have medium brown; wingsails grade between light and very deep brown with brilliant white swooshes; antennae and scale markings caramel, horns very dark brown, spines and claws dark warm grey, eyes caramel
Stats: Strength 3, Speed 3, Endurance 2, Agility 6, Health 2, Intelligence 5
Abilities: Winged Flight, like a leaf on the wind, able to flutter in unpredictable patterns but always get where he's going
Verbal Speech, able to understand the Elf language and is picking up a few words of the Humans nearby, the rare dragon that understands his native tongue is welcome, but he's not telepathic so has difficulty with conveying what he wants to talk about with those dragons who cannot verbally speak back
Silk Production, produces a strong and very springy mess of silk similar to the nest of a trapdoor spider, which is sticky enough to put things on but not damage them. He can safely encase anything from a seedling to a full tree in this stuff, and keep it from harm either during transport around the Holt, or excessive weather conditions that might damage fruit or fresh leaves. The silk he makes can't be used for cloth, as it will dissolve after a few days at most, though it does stand up to harsh winds and fierce water, it will crisp slowly in a fire - if there is need to protect from a fire, however, he can layer several applications of it so that it falls apart in carefully measured ways. He's used this feature also to produce hedge mazes without... hedges?! Putting all the spare leaves and litter onto basically sheets of this sticky flexible webbing, he can cordon off an area and camouflage it extremely well for a short time, allowing unwanted visitors to be guided without ever knowing they're where they are not supposed to be, or hiding surprises for those who are welcome. He loves making these little tunnels and mazes for the young elves and dragons!
Weak Venom, his bite delivers a sharp sting but will not kill or leave scars unless it gets infected.
Parents: unknown, not on this planet
Origin: adopted from and colors by Frigidbanshee, lines by xTheDragonRebornx on Deviantart; Joy Ang original, WoF by Tui Sutherland
Other Info: Among the few of his world's dragons to reach the Bald Mountain area, he enjoys his duties among the plant shapers and takes instruction from Brook about where to decorate next