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Name: Sumac

Bonded to: . From:

Age: 39 Born in: newgreen season
Soul Name: tchut Known By: self only Found: seems to have always known it
Sex: male Mate Status/Sex Preference: unmated, will pair up with males or females, but does hope to Recognize some day ** Shortly after arrival, Recognizes Morning Glory much to the surprise of either of them, and to absolutely no one else's...
Children: ** The other surprise is twins, though that may be due to the cat-genes in the Dune elves, daughter Nightshade and son Wasp
Parents/Relatives: mother Brook, father Sandtoe
Original Tribe: cat-blooded Dune tribe. Arrived to Bald Mountain: 160
Height: 4'4" (tall) Build: muscular, slender, lean
Hair Color, Length, Style: black, straight and full, long to waist but kept bundled in a messy braid
Eye Color, Size, Shape: dark blue, angled and piercing
Skin Tone: brown, with prominent facial and body hair
Voice Quality: deep, full, quiet, but can be very scary if he has to raise his voice
Clothing -- Summer: loincloth, that's all
Clothing -- Winter: as above, adds a cloth belt that is actually large enough to be a full kefiyyeh and he does put that on his head if it's really 'that' hot; cloth shirt; leather shoes
Jewlery Worn, Made: not a chance, even if he makes them, they're not for him except to keep his hair up or his head scarf on
Tatoos/Markings/Scars: his facial markings are natural, two colors (black and bright orange), and actually extend down his back in a cheetah-like pattern
Pets/Animals Kept: only his cheetah and that's no pet
Notable Posessions: seeds and vials of collected and distilled poisons, some of them for medicinal use and others ... for other things
Holt Function: herbalist and poisons, plant goods
Strength: High
Above Average
Very High
Above Average
Below Average
Below Average
Magic Power:
Above Average
Magic? How Powerful? Sending 5/10, Animal Bonding 6/10, Bone Shape 6/10, Plant Sense 3/10, Self-Adaptation 2/10
Climate/Locations Preferred: evenings and dawn, while he's fine in the broad desert sun, he does like a nice cool breeze now and then
General Likes: being alone, working on plants, collecting and showing things off when they're ready
General Dislikes: being interrupted, loud gatherings, foreign things or people intruding on 'his' territory
Fears/Worries: that he will be lost in the desert; this is a childhood fear at best, but he's still quite young by comparison and does have dim memories of the terrible flood that broke their tribe apart
Special Strange Info: Sumac would make a very protective father - but he also would probably be an overbearingly smothering lifemate. He takes male and female partners, without preference, though if a female recognized him he would keep to her if she wanted.
Basic Personality: gruff but perceptive, practical yet oddly suspicious about things. He is not all that friendly, but he is approachable if there is some reason to pester him. Otherwise, just leave him to his work and come to him when you're in need of a cure for something.
How they feel about
: doesn't much care for them, though they do have goods to trade
Elves -- herders: if they keep animals from his herbs that would be terrific
Elves -- magic users: he knows he's not the greatest of any of the magic he has, but he's since discovered that there are elves without any - hah
Elves -- bond-riders: does he have what it takes to be a true dragon rider? not that his Tripper is anything less than 'his' true bond - but he hardly rides
Trolls, etc: now there's a challenge, evading one of them in their own caverns?
Bond Animal Info if any: Tripper; Animal: cheetah; Gender: female; Color/Appearance: light sand colored, with small black spots, and dramatic teardrop markings, long gangly legs, and a ruff of fur along her shoulders. She looks like an annoyed kitty, with brilliant yellow-green eyes. Sumac rarely rides her, prefering to run next to her for short sprints.

Skills: Hunts with spear with bone tip (can be replaced easily), digging tools and sharp knives

Gatherer - sharp eyes allow him to spot plants among the dunes, and the useful plants among the scrub.
Even if he's an adept gatherer, he more enjoys the hunt and kill, and prefers to hold on to his spear rather than throw it. He loves getting up close to the kill, and can identify animals by their tracks, though he's not the greatest tracker in the dunes.
He is a fierce hand to hand fighter - he will take down an animal with his hands if he must, and he would fight another elf or human if they presented danger.
Herbalism techniques are his strong point - both good and bad herbs. He seems immune to certain plant toxins, but he knows that he has to be careful about using them on elves. Humans? Feh! What makes elves dizzy might kill them, 'whoops'...
He runs well, and is good at hiding.
Very patient, but can be prodded into hasty actions.

History: Born in recognition to elves who ware distinctly not in love nor mated. Brook loved company and Sandtoe exactly the opposite. While neither had neglected their duty to raise their child, Sumac feels himself better off if he just treats them both as tribe mates, and not parents. Perhaps for this reason he's bound to be very overprotective if he does recognize... He's led a pretty normal life so far, not having lost anyone related to him to disasters or accidents, yet watching many others come and go. He mistrusts visitors and newcomers, and in this he's much like his father was. Sumac is always the first of the tribe that his father Sandtoe greeted with messages from the distant dunes. His plant sensing power has almost always been with him - allowing him to avoid certain toxic plants and to collect ripe berries off others. He's never suffered from itchy wounds from the same plants that would cause rashes on everyone else, though. His bone shaping powers grew recently, and with practice he would use them to create weapons and objects. He is more likely to keep the things he makes, than give them away - but he does enjoy trading with people who have goods that he needs.
Because of his abilities with plants, his job in the holt has always been that of an herbalist. However he does have a bit of a mean streak, and he is highly defensive of the holt's borders. When any incursion happens, he will take the quiet, sneaky route and plant poisons in the enemy camp, add dusts of dangerous pollens to foodstuffs, and generally make life difficult for anyone unwelcome. He could be depended upon to poison anything if they got in his way or really riled him, but he doesn't spend enough time with others to really get riled at one or another.


Dragon Name:
Size: s/l/ws
Physical Features:
Stats: Strength, Speed, Endurance, Agility, Health, Intelligence
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