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Name: Sandtoe

Bonded to: . From: Dawn Watch Hope Court?

Age: 460 Born in: hotdays season
Soul Name: sabak Known By: self, Brook Found: unknown
Sex: male Mate Status/Sex Preference: Recognized and Lifemated; prefers females but isn't picky
Children: Son Sumac
Parents/Relatives: parents long gone; Recognized Lifemate Brook; possibly other mates or offspring, but not with them now
Original Tribe: cat-blooded Dune tribe. Arrived to Bald Mountain: 160
Height: 4'8" (very tall!) Build: strong, long limbs
Hair Color, Length, Style: brown-tinted black, thick, kept in tight braids, falls to mid-back when loose
Eye Color, Size, Shape: dark blue, large, under shaggy brows
Skin Tone: dark tan to light brown, has prominent body and facial hair like most cat-riders
Voice Quality: a bit scratchy, deep, purrs when happy
Clothing -- Summer: silk drape and loincloth
Clothing -- Winter: as above, with silk pants, cloth shirt, and leather vest, plant-fiber sandals and leather belt
Jewlery Worn, Made: traded for silver arm and head bands, hair beads
Tatoos/Markings/Scars: does get some looks about that facial hair...has darker eyelid markings, but they are natural among this tribe, and no further lines or dots like a few
Pets/Animals Kept: no pets, just his racing-cat
Notable Posessions: bones and works in progress, he will pick up pretty much any dead thing and clean it up for various needs
Holt Function: bone shaper, tracker and long-distance delivery service; this service might be aided tremendously by ... oh, say, a dragon?
Strength: High, like any cat type, strength is what you make it - he is certainly stronger than many elves even at his height
Average, he works with typical skill but nothing special, he can braid hair and set traps
Above Average, he's clearly good with moving around on the ground, among sharp sticker plants and rugged stone
Very High, life in the desert and scrublands has made him very hardy so anything else seems to pale in comparison
High, taller than most and well built for that height, he can often be mistaken for a short but lean human!
Above Average, with an eye for detail, since he has to know the area well his memory is good and he likes to quiz himself about those landmarks
Above Average, handsome and upright, of course there are a few who think all that hair is a detriment but hey, you try being hairless in the beating sun?
Above Average, he does have wit and care with words going for him, he's decent enough with people now
Magic Power:
High, gifted with a number of unusual powers
Magic? How Powerful? Sending 7/10, able to reach distant minds with ease, though he prefers to be sensing for them rather than calling out
Bone Shape 8/10, he's self sufficient with this power, since he can hunt, gut and preserve, and then use what's left to create further items; his favored use is to make things for people
Animal Call 5/10, Animal Bonding 4/10, these powers work together well, he can sense and briefly command simpler animals if needed
Healing (animal) 3/10, when he and others have a bond-creature that has been injured, he is able to detect any deeper hurts, but his power will not really be adequate to save the life of a direly sick or injured one in the field. He can nudge their natural healing ability to work faster, and relieve smaller injuries and pain
Self-Adaptation 2/10, like many in his tribe, he's able to adjust to the climates they've lived easily, this is in his blood and not something he controls
Climate/Locations Preferred: definitely likes the desert and scrubland, thrives in heat and arid places; the Bald Mountain area is ... nice? But he's going to adjust over time to all these trees...
General Likes: is finally able to relax, after centuries of stressful survival; keeping active, will 'do laps' around the entire lake to keep himself occupied
General Dislikes: bears, desert-snakes, and other creatures that make for good bone shaping but only if you aren't killed by them first
Fears/Worries: being struck by lightning; his father was apparently killed by such a thing, though only a couple people know about it now
Special Strange Info: he is looking forward to seeing if his ability to heal animals and beasts will help him with these dragons - a dragon healer for a dragon riding tribe!
Basic Personality: While in the desert he was very distant emotionally as well as physically. Only greeting those he knew best before coming back to the tribe's tents, and pinging the more keen senders of the group with information when he had it. But now that their wandering has ended, at least for the time being, he's found that the presence of others is actually both engaging and comforting. He does still prefer to be on his own for most of the day, or even extended periods. If and when he finds a dragon bond, he knows that he'll be able to explore again without fear.
How they feel about
: while he knows that the ones commonly trading with elves are okay, he also has encountered a variety of very dangerous groups, and prefers to keep well clear of them all
Elves -- herders: as long as they have a good meal ready for him, or a mug of goat milk around the fire, that's great
Elves -- magic users: making things to trade, or keeping everyone safe and alive, what better way to do it?
Elves -- bond-riders: enjoys both running with his cheetah and watching others learn how to ride or command the cats; how will he work with a dragon that might fly? Maybe there's one on the ground too?
Trolls, etc: definitely stays clear of their tunnels, but up here in Bald Mountain they do seem pretty handy
Bond Animal Info if any: currently a cheetah named Pads, dark buff with paler spots than normal, with big feet capable of both silent padding, and very strong speed bursts

Skills: Hunting with a javelin and bone-tipped spear, also trapping with basically bear-jaw shaped snap-traps that he designed and shapes whenever they have access to larger jaws with sharp teeth
Creative Shaping - using every part of any bone or animal is one thing, making them look good and work well in anyone's hands, that's another. He caters to small weapon needs when with the tribe, creating small bone arrowheads out of squirrel skulls, and needles for sewing out of ribs
Tracking and Trail Making - he gets a good idea of the lay of the land with one glance, but takes his time while out there to make sure that everything is in order - no pits, no snake dens, any evidence of others is carefully measured. Was it a human child or an elf adult that passed this way? He can tell with sniffing, when a shoe is the same size and shape
Riding - he has experience with not just many different feline mounts, but with larger deer, boar, zwoots or camels, and horses; he feels that this experience will certainly help prepare him for a dragon
Animal observation - he does a lot of this, not just hunting but making notes about what animals den where, how many there are in a herd, what seasons affect the coats of the animals nearby; he is very easily able to emulate their sounds, and because he's actually a larger elf than typical, he has the lungs to reproduce even larger elk bellows or gruff bear sounds; also this plays into his animal healing power, he knows whether an animal is injured or sick but also if they're amenable to being healed and let on their way; he only touches them if needed, respecting their space

History: Always one to be out on the move, he could give warning to the tribe if there were herds moving, either to get out of a stampeeding zwoot herd, or get ready to hunt a dune grazer if it's too far from its family. Mistrustful of invaders to their wide territory, Sandtoe patrolled constantly and reported back to their chief regularly, but rarely bedded down in the camps unless he was preparing for another trek.

And then the Palace was won - and Timmain the high one broadcast her memories of their people, right into his mind... Right when he was falling asleep, right when Brook was closest. He knew her, she was popular and friendly and quite gregarious... the opposite of him to say the least. Everyone knew him as a gruff loner. He was still, even after they Recognized and put their efforts into moving the tribe around to a good location for a new child.

When their tribe broke apart after a massive flood stripped half their people away and caused part of their desert grounds to literally fall away into chasms, they set about following Brook to a new place - and there, Bald Mountain became their home, probably for good. Perhaps it was the loss of so many friends and relatives in that one flood, but now Sandtoe comes home nearly every night, and he and Brook have established themselves as a couple properly - he does sense that Sumac wishes they'd been closer while he was young, but there's nothing for that now.


Dragon Name:
Size: s/l/ws
Physical Features:
Stats: Strength, Speed, Endurance, Agility, Health, Intelligence
Origin: Dawn Watch Hope Court Clutch? ** 8 of Cups? 3 of Wands?
Other Info: