. . Flurry Revisited 2004  Bald Mountain
Read Ainea's recognition information as it is relevant!

Icecap and Morning Glory waited the snowy season out with joy in their hearts. Though it was a strange place, and everyone spoke deeply and hardly in the musical tones that elves did, Ryslen was a friendly and busy location.

Though the wait was long, to elves time is almost irrelevant. These two elves were young and vital, playing in the snow or helping out in the young dragon dens.

Everyone and every thing was so big though... One thing that bothered both elves. What if a dragon the size of some of those bronzes came to Icecap? What about those gigantic golds?

But in the long run, neither of them should have worried. The right dragon always chooses the right bond.

And one day nearing thaw, the eggs upon the red sands at Nidus Ryslen began to shake! The novos were all quite happy with this, some of them - like this pair - had been there for quite some time indeed.

One, two, three eggs hatched. Big and small, bright and slick... the hatchlings were varied as the colors of sun on ice. Another couple broke shell, but then Morning Glory's mind tingled with something new. It was sending, it wasn't sending. Feeling without words, not even a name...

Oh that was wrong, for when she searched, the name was the same as the beautiful blue-white hatchling who came toward her.

Taryim, the hatchling said, and Morning Glory grinned broadly. This was what it was like to be complete! Perhaps in time, the only way to make her soul glow brighter was to recognize and have her own children.

Observing was what Icecap was good at, at least in terms of evaluating before starting up a conversation or a plot. Right now the plot was that he'd have to watch and wait - every dragon that came from the ovoid shells on the sands could be his. Which one?

At long last, the smallest egg that had been laid - commonly thought to hold a runt or perhaps another pure white (very rare even at this event) - began to crack and tremble. Exhausted from his work getting out of his shell, a white and feathered dragonet sighed, looking up to Icecap. Whirling eyes met ones which held tears in them.

You have another name. And you have mine.

"Welcome, Irathe Syaess." The elf said, joining his companion where he lay resting after his birth struggle.

Afterwards though, they had to get food and water, and join in the celebration going on. Morning Glory and Taryim had exhausted the possibilities of eating and dancing already - the tiny bluewhite hatchling crept up next to the smaller feathered eastern-mix, and they curled up to sleep after a long hard day hatching.

Little did they know though, that the featherwinged and exotic looking hatching had a secret even better than his rider's soul name: he was a shapeshifter!

Eventually he would become part of their holt - once they all got back to Bald Mountain they would have a new inhabitant along with another dragon!


Morning Glory (formerly Honeycomb)

Bonding at Ryslen Flurry 2004

Age: 18 Sex: female
Soul Name: (unknown) Known By: none yet
Mate Status/Sex Preference: Single, unmated, occasionally thinks about Icecap of course, straight
Surprisingly out of Recognition with OrangePeel she becomes a mother
**160 when Sumac and the other Dune elves arrive, she Recognizes him!
Children: none yet, wishes for them until she and Orangepeel have Chamomile
** Well her twins Nightshade and Wasp certainly are a handfull
Parents/Relatives: Mother Heartshy, Father Clearwater, Grandparents Warmhand and Brittlebough
Height: 4'4" Build: slender
Hair Color, Length, Style: honey yellow blond, long, wavy
Eye Color, Size, Shape: Green Yellow, large but almond shaped
Skin Tone: Fair
Voice Quality: Quiet, high, musical
Clothing -- Summer: Silken skirts of violet pink, small leather shoes, halter tops and sleeveless tops

Clothing -- Winter: almost the same, but occasionally with leggings in leather, and a fur cloak
Jewlery Worn, Made: none, isn't really fond of most
Tatoos/Markings/Scars: none
Pets/Animals Kept: none, plans on having a flitter, or birds
Notable Posessions: none known
Holt Function: vegetable farmer/gatherer, herbalist
Magic? How Powerful? Plant sensing at 7 out of 10, but cannot actually shape plants; animal sense of 3/10
Climate/Locations Preferred: Summer and spring, forest terrain
General Likes: dancing and singing, working in garden, listening to birds
General Dislikes: night time and darkness, bears
Fears/Worries: doesn't like bears - they dig up her plants, and sometimes run her off from her own garden plots
Special Strange Info: is curious about humans, not afraid at all
Basic Personality: Happy and curious, outgoing, free
How they feel about
: very curious, knows that dragon riding humans are much nicer than local ones
Elves -- herders: very useful!
Elves -- magic users: wishes to have stronger power herself
Elves -- bond-riders: the whole tribe is, now
Trolls, etc: never met one, but if they bother her she'd be likely to fight rather than run
Bond Animal Info if any:
Winter Blue Tariym (parents Ishrym and Naphredeari)
Bond siblings Copper Licymri (bondless) and Blue-Brown Eymri (bondless)


Bonding at Ryslen Flurry 2004

Age: 16 Sex: Male
Soul Name: nkal Known By: himself, Ainea
Mate Status/Sex Preference: Single, straight, eager to learn - later, Recognizes Chelden
Children: Cascade (born 341)
Parents/Relatives: Mother Ainea, Father Shatter
Height: 4'0" Build: strong, muscular
Hair Color, Length, Style: Icy white-silver-grey, shaggy to shoulders
Eye Color, Size, Shape: Sunset orange-yellow, dark brown iris and yellow-whites
Skin Tone: Tanned, almost leathery
Voice Quality: Rich, deepish, very smooth
Clothing -- Summer: Tunic in leather with fur trim, medium wrap boots, wrist wraps
Clothing -- Winter: Heavy tunic, leggings, boots and wrist wraps
Jewlery Worn, Made: none, but likes feathers and bright objects for summer
Tatoos/Markings/Scars: none
Pets/Animals Kept: None regularly, but birds love him
Notable Posessions: Doodads a plenty from mom and adoring tribe mates
Holt Function: hunter, scout, animal collector
Magic? How Powerful? Sending (9/10), Magic Feeling 3/10, Sound shape, 6/10 power, which he uses to call and respond to birds and animals; Rock Sense (2/10) to seek crystals, Crystal Shape 5/10 when easily available; Cold control 3/10 that he uses to freeze water or take the summer heat off things
Climate/Locations Preferred: Chilly winter or autumn days, he prefers the high peaks to lowlands except when it's been snowing
General Likes: talking and playing, roughousing, hunting and wrestling
General Dislikes: being alone, dislikes it when his mother leaves
Fears/Worries: That Ainea will not return - he's always been a little wiggy when she goes north, but won't admit it
Special Strange Info: Plans on finding other elves - the tribe is not big enough, and he knows they're out there
Basic Personality: Strong willed, confident, sly
How they feel about
: neutral, doesn't mind them at dragon gathers
Elves -- herders: not much call for them these days
Elves -- magic users: everyone can contribute, why not use everything available?
Elves -- bond-riders: all dragon riders are great, has heard of others like cat and wolf riders, deer folk, who else?
Trolls, etc: wants to see what the fuss is about, they make weapons don't they?
Bond Animal Info if any:
Blue-White Irathe Syaess (parents Fanya' and Rindel-Syaess)
bond siblings - Natalie and Cream-White Tamrai Syaess and Juinyiir and White Koiri Syaess