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The tribe splits up and heads their separate ways... (image issues, new group image coming "soon") They return to the Holt in fits and starts, all essentially at the same time, though some make it back earlier than others, and with of course - spectacularly varied results!

Timeline: Original elves arrive to Bald Mountain. 90 years or more later, Ainea and her dragon arrive to bring dragon bonding to the tribe. 20 years after that (or so) two more elves are born (the first of this holt's births). 10 years after that, a hand of travellers come to live there. Between 20 and 40 years after their arrival, several new births, and several more arrivals increase the Holt's population.

The list below represents 'year 160' of Bald Mountain Holt's history. (when the full tribe bonding timeline begins anyway)

For the further tribe and arrivals, births, and dragon bondings, see Tribe 2.1 the sequel!

**2022 Note that I've moved their stats to each person's page to clean this area up**


Bonded to: Blue Light (Astan) female Eurani Promontores (large) at Avengaea

Apogee wants to go to the Zoorti Nebula for her bonding.

However... After a very long wait there, with no eggs even so much as stirring, she and Squall have set their sights on Avengaea - where elemental dragons roost and they might come home with some truly spectacular bond-friends!

Visit Avengaea here!


Bonded to: Cascatan (Water) Male Stallano Altus at Avengaea (tiny)

Like Apogee, Squall thinks that the Zoorti Nebula dragons are just right for her. If she's going to be flying, she might as well look good. (oops nothing happened, check above)


Bonded to: Black Female Lyesaseath (lie-SAS-see-ath) at Abri (small)

Farfire is very keen on bonding at Abri Weyr, if anything to get over the loss of her bond-bird. She thinks that the "look" of these fantastic dragons is far cooler than any other she saw - and she also thinks that Shatter will look just GREAT on one too.


Bonded to: Male Brown Mortyreuth (mor-TIE-ree-uth) at Abri (average)

Shatter will be going to Abri Weyr with Farfire, but his heart is set on impressing Rasp enough to convince her to lifemate with him. Maybe it'll work, maybe it won't!


Bonded to: Female RedStriped Snowy Brown Lorewrath from Moire (average)

Rasp fell in love with the idea of attending a hatching at Lao Daemia's Moire Protectorate! I mean, look at those dragons!!


Bonded to: Female Silver-Ecru Kylionith at Ryslen (tiny)

Rib was enfatuated by the beautiful dragons of Ryslen Weyr - in fact the wonderful Flurry seemed like such a great idea she asked Ainea and Adisath if she could go see the eggs on those sands.

When she got there with Clearwater (see below), she traded a shaped bone trinket for an egg which hatched into this beautiful bronze flit! She has named him "Charm" for what she traded.


Bonded to: Male White Winged Blue Iizzith at Ryslen (tiny)

This second-born twin, Clearwater has decided that he would love to see the Ryslen Flurry dragons firsthand. Because he is a weaver, and a rather talented one at that, he was able to trade a scarf he'd made earlier, for a small flit egg, which hatches into this lovely green girl he calls "Weft".


Bonded to: Blue Fern at Lantessama, smallish

Warmhand wishes only for a bond at Lantessama's sands. He thinks their smooth shape and strong bodies will compliment his ability - and their wings will clearly be able to carry him to any wounded!

Unexpectedly, when he arrives at Lantessama's shore, he locates a pretty little egg - which promptly hatches into a hungry black flitter! He names this flit Dusk, for her dark color.


Bonded to: Female Green Ashtoreth from Darkling Dawn (small)

After voicing her opinion about leaving the Holt to bond to these dragon things, Brittlebough was convinced by young White-Eyes that she ought to go ahead and choose a place. That place became more interesting to her, as she explored it. Darkling Dawn has too many humans and flittery things in it for her taste, but she's going to try her hardest to get along.


Bonded to: Lian Dragon Aquamarine (male) Enele (tiny) and Orange Glitz (male) Torre (tiny)

Because of his delicate build, White-Eyes thought he might have to try for a different kind of dragon. Dulath suggested he come with her to the Lian Dragon Nook! With their small, shining dragons, White-Eyes thinks he stands a much better chance of bonding there than anywhere else. When their nest breaks, he'll have to do the same work as any other bonder, but he's always had it in him to do that. He did: twice!


Bonded to: Brown Halith at Draco's Inferno (medium)

Hammersmith needs a strong, well-muscled dragon. For that reason, he decides that Draco's Inferno is the right location for him to try standing at. He hopes that the folks there will appreciate his ability to work metal - otherwise he's going to be kind of lonely.


Bonded to: Brown Loireth at Draco's Inferno (medium)

Whip came along with his cousin - not wanting to be left alone again - to Draco's Inferno. He thinks that this whole thing is a bit strange, but he is ready for anything now. As long as he doesn't have to deal with too much between-spacing.


Bonded to: Black (f) Shivay at Lantessama, small

Taking the longest to decide where to go to bond, Heartshy and Orangepeel finally make up their minds to head with Warmhand, to Lantessama weyr. Because the story of the one clutching was so amazing, Heartshy felt it was entirely appropriate to stand at a true-lover's clutch.

While staying at Lantessama, of course Heartshy wanted to see everything. She wound up with a flitter! So unlike Warmhand's black, Heartshy's tiny white male creeled loudly but didn't seem to want to take food until Heartshy assured him it was okay. "Pause" is his name - not to be confused with "paws"!


Bonded to: Green (f) Sinas at Lantessama, small

Along with Heartshy, Orangepeel thinks that this clutch of Zaranyth's is going to be a good one. He just hopes there is going to be an appropriate dragon for his needs - he's going to want one who can shield him from the sun, but won't need to go so deeply into the caves of the Holt.

The first Bald Mountain births happen shortly!

Morning Glory (formerly Honeycomb)

Bonded to: Winter Blue (f) Tariym (parents Ishrym and Naphredeari) at Ryslen Flurry 2004, size medium

Ryslen 2004


Bonded to: Blue-White m Irathe Syaess (parents Fanya' and Rindel-Syaess) at Ryslen Flurry 2004, size small

Ryslen 2004

Irathe Syaess, AKA Featherdragon

Bonded to: Icecap (semi-bond) at Ryslen Flurry 2004

Caretaker of: yellow opal black-booted (f) Latadoba Promontores (offspring of Eurani) BWR (large)

AROUND 40 YEARS PASS! (This is year 144-151)


Bonded to: Green Yellow Vey from Clan Akelara


Bonded to: Earth Kerolei from Clan Akelara

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