Bald Mountain Holt is part of the Kshau Protectorate

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Bonded to: Male White Winged Blue Iizzith at Ryslen (tiny)

Age: 40 (125), second Sex: Male
Soul Name: Iasa Known By: sister and some very close personal friends
Mate Status/Sex Preference: takes lovemates constantly/will swing both ways, prefers females though, and has become slowly enfatuated with Heartshy - Recognized Heartshy
Children: Morning Glory, likes being left in charge of them for a day
Parents/Relatives: mother - Brittlebough - plantshaper; father Warmhand - healer, sister Rasp
Height: 3'11" Build: skinny, bony but strong
Hair Color, Length, Style: tannish with blond streaks, to hips, slightly wavy
Eye Color, Size, Shape: clear green, wide and almond shaped
Skin Tone: medium with freckles
Voice Quality: Clear, smooth, sexy
Clothing -- Summer: Light blue longsleeved robe with dark blue trim, silk, blue silk and fur shoes*
Clothing -- Winter: wool undergarments and a brighter blue robe*
Jewlery Worn, Made: he loves getting and wearing things from lovers, and has a large collection
Tatoos/Markings/Scars: no way.
Pets/Animals Kept: not enough time, other than the silkworms, do they count?
Notable Posessions: a very nice loom he's assembled and uses constantly - * indicates an item he has made himself
Holt Function: silk worm breeder and weaver, clothier
Magic? How Powerful? healing? a very small amount of sense-enhancing during lovemaking, small with the silkworms??
Climate/Locations Preferred: likes being inside decorated areas, or gardens and flower patches
General Likes: flowers, silk, dancing, people and music, hanging out with the girls...
General Dislikes: only being interrupted while he is weaving, or getting intimate
Fears/Worries: has irrational and odd-ball fears about anything, anytime
Special Strange Info: he's a fruit at heart, but you know, he also just loves kids, so you gotta start somewhere!
Basic Personality: lighthearted, naive-seeming, but sexy, eacygoing, easy to like
How they feel about
Humans: constantly marvels that they made it this far in those disgusting clothes!
Elves -- herders: loves them
Elves -- magic users: loves them
Elves -- bond-riders: loves them too
Trolls, etc: afraid of trolls
Bond Animal Info if any: none

Clearwater watched the people all bustling and hustling around Ryslen. It seemed quite a busy place. His green and snowy flitter Weft wrapped herself around him as though she knew he'd traded that scarf for her egg. He wore one of the vest robes, white and open - it was far too big for him, but he didn't care. This place had its share of good and bad clothing. He tried to concentrate on the good.

When the hatching finally started, he rushed down to the red sands with Rib, who seemed altogether too uptight. It wouldn't matter shortly, for within an eight of broken eggs, her dragon had come to her. Clearwater watched with teary eyes. Would this be his time next?

Well, it would be a bit longer than just a few eggs, but well before the halftime mark of the hatching, he saw a tiny egg start to break. It wasn't so tiny, in fact it could hardly contain its bright blue inhabitant. He threw off the shards of his shell and stepped toward Clearwater with confidence.

Silver snowflakes glistened on his wingsails, and body. He was beautiful!

"Iizzith," Clearwater said, and the dragon looked him in the eye.

Surely you do know my name. Shall we join the ladies? Who is your little friend? I think we shall all get along well.

"I think so too," Clearwater chuckled. His mind was filled with the questions and wonder of the dragonet, as well as the hunger! They went off to locate Rib and her bond, and to brag to one another about how perfect their dragons were.

With the flight training half over, and Clearwater a bit over-excited, Iizzith had to remind his rider that he was not full size yet - and that he'd never ever EVER let Clearwater fall off of his back.

"I trust you, and I believe you... But the heights are a little dizzying to me." Clearwater admitted. "I never thought about it, but I suppose that the eagles that Apogee and her friends rode would go as high as dragons."

Of course. But I will do it in more style. And I do not moult.

"You do too moult! You've grown through three sheds in the last two eights of hands! All I ever do is scrub you!"

Though the humans nearby could not understand the sing-songy language that the elf was using to talk to his bond, it didn't much matter. They were experienced riders and they knew by Clearwater's motion of scrubbing with his hands exactly what he meant. They had all gone through it themselves.

The looks on the faces of the local Ryslen riders were soft, friendly. Clearwater and Rib had both become quite endearing to them. Ainea would help translate things for them, the pair had almost started to learn human language, when their dragons had reached their adult size.

Iizzith flicked his tail, looking into the clear sky.

I think you will guide us home today. The humans are sad to see us leave.

"I know. It's odd, I ... I'm kind of sad to leave them. But we have a place to guard. And, I ..." Clearwater grinned, "I'm kind of curious to see what sort of dragon that Heartshy has paired up with."

You hope that it is a female, Iizzith thought back, with a dragon grin and rumble. I hope it is too. Your heart is with her already. Let's go!

The pair took to the sky, followed by Rib and her odd ecru colored Kylionith. Then, they vanished into the Nexus, to appear over Bald Mountain.