Bald Mountain Holt is part of the Kshau Protectorate

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Bonded to: Blue Fern at Lantessama, smallish

Age: 410 (495) Sex: Male
Soul Name: Hvish Known By: Brittlebough
Mate Status/Sex Preference: Recognized Lifemate Brittlebough/Hetero, mates only to her
Children: Twins: Daughter Rasp, Son Clearwater
Parents/Relatives: Parents both shepherds, deceased; father's father was a healer.
Height: 4'1" Build: Slender, Muscular, pretty strong for a slight build
Hair Color, Length, Style: Russet, shoulder length with a tie, curly in large ringlets
Eye Color, Size, Shape: Grey-blue, large, almond shaped
Skin Tone: Fair with freckles
Voice Quality: Soothing, soft, very pleasant to hear. Sings well.
Clothing -- Summer: Tunic to thighs, in yellow-tan leather, wide black belt, high green-yellow boots, wrist bands
Clothing -- Winter: same as above with a dark green long sleeved shirt and black leggings added
Jewlery Worn, Made: likes golds, wears simple rings and necklaces, has both ears pierced twice.
Tatoos/Markings/Scars: None obvious, would heal them away.
Pets/Animals Kept: None, though likes being with the sheep and lambs, later flitter impressed at Lantessama!
Notable Posessions: a guitar with inlay that his mother used, passed to him, though he is a better singer
Holt Function: Is a healer, generally available at all times, to most of those living in the low lands.
Magic? How Powerful? Healing, at about a 7 out of 10 strength, pretty good with breaks and scrapes, not so good with messy internal organs and brains, unnerved at burns.
Climate/Locations Preferred: Summer and outdoors, warm rain, lowland forest.
General Likes: being with family and friends, celebrations and singing parties
General Dislikes: emergencies and stressful times, but works well when told what to do.
Fears/Worries: afraid of heights, but not terribly so.
Special Strange Info: not always very confident, likes being told what to do.
Basic Personality: Pleasant and nice, takes things slowly and steadily, there when you need him.
How they feel about
: dislikes them, neutral.
Elves -- herders: loves them
Elves -- magic users: thinks some need attitude adjustments
Elves -- bond-riders: are haughty but provide a great service to all
Trolls, etc: afraid of trolls, never met one but hears things...

Lantessama was a very nice place, especially for elves. There were trees to climb, rocks to explore, and generally, the humans left the elves to their own devices.

In the time that it took waiting for the beautiful eggs on the sands to hatch, Dusk, the little black flitter that Warmhand found, grew into a fairly large adult. She could hardly fit on his shoulder like she used to, when the hatching was called.

Lots of candidates, including those who were to stand for the green's clutch later, showed up. Shortly, the eggs were not just spinning or wobbling, but cracking and making noise! With excitement in his heart, Warmhand felt his two companions also giddy with the tension. Who would bond first? Which kind of dragon would pair whom?

The first of the eggs broke and a lovely purple and cream dragonet came out. She bonded and the hatching was on! A silver, blue and green all hatched at once, but the silver took control and walked away from her siblings and bonded first.

Then, the blue and green seemed free to choose. They both bolted toward the elves, but there were only two... The blue immediately sat down near Warmhand. The green, torn between tall slender Heartshy and the puff-haired Orange-Peel, chose the boy.

My name is Fern, the blue announced to Warmhand.

I am Sinas, the green told Orange Peel.

With a broad grin on his face, Warmhand listened to the crooning of his blue, as he asked, Where are the other elves? I want to see their dragons!

"We will go there when you are fully grown," Warmhand said, wisely.

Will that take long? Asked Sinas, but the elves merely laughed.

Heartshy was left upon the sands for a while longer, but she too bonded a lovely black dragoness. Soon, all three of them were back together, in the hall where everyone celebrated the successful hatchings!

Fern watched as Sinas crooned her heart out, standing at the edge of the flight field.

I don't want to! It's too windy! The green said.

Other riders and their dragons were already in the air and flapping around, and Heartshy and her black dragon had long since gotten out of the bonds of gravity.

"Come on, Sinas, Orangepeel, you can do it. Watch!" Warmhand announced, and Fern lowered his head for the elf to mount up onto his shoulders.

We will fly today - even you, Sinas, the blue told his green sister.

She watched on the ground, as Fern took to the air. His wings seemed strong, he was hardly afraid.

I ... suppose so...

Warmhand took it upon himself to watch out for Heartshy and Orangepeel's welfare here at Lantessama. Orangepeel was more hesitant than ever to join in human-style socialization, even when his companions were there. Heartshy on the other hand... Warmhand worried that her beauty and choice of dress half the time they were wandering the halls of Lantessama - they might make her a target for some advances that she might not like. Especially from a human or some other kind of 'person' that lived here.

But he also knew that his son Clearwater was going to love her when they got back. Bald Mountain would never be the same, not just because of the dragons of course - but because of the hearts that would certainly be joined when those dragons flew to mate.

Would you mind if I flew after Shivay when she rises? Asked Fern.

"You're her brother - I don't think that's appropriate." Warmhand stated flatly. But it wasn't because of the dragons being related, that was perfectly fine according to the dragon masters here. It was more that he already had a lover, a lifemate, recognized the proper way so long ago.

What would happen if he - no, of course, that was silly. He would never be recognized again, and certainly not to his son's girl.

Warmhand then led the other two younger elves home - he knew that Lantessama was going to be hard to leave, but they could always return. He gazed at it with pride, happiness and ease in his heart. Then, they flew back to Bald Mountain.