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Bonded to: Female RedStriped Snowy Brown Lorewrath from Moire (average)

Age: 40 (125), first Sex: Female
Soul Name: Krrh Known By: her brother only *
Mate Status/Sex Preference: Single, hunts around/bisexual and loves it; by the time the Holt become riders, however, she is Lifemated to Shatter... and later *Recognizes Wintersnap
Children: no way! hates the little rugrats! *Daughter Cobra born in 266
Parents/Relatives: mother Brittlebough - plantshaper, father Warmhand - healer, twin brother Clearwater (born second)
Height: 4'0" Build: Strong, lean, a hardbody woman
Hair Color, Length, Style: Strawberry blond, short to ears, wiry tight frizz
Eye Color, Size, Shape: slate green, narrow
Skin Tone: fair with freckles
Voice Quality: hard edged, sharp, loud, hissing
Clothing -- Summer: tight 1/2 shirt of dark blue leather, white leather skirt (short), knee-wrap sandals
Clothing -- Winter: white furry sweater, long sleeved blue shirts, leggings beneath skirts (longer, cotton)
Jewlery Worn, Made: loves feathers and gaudy things, armlets and bracelets, anklets, anything-lets
Tatoos/Markings/Scars: thinking of getting a tattoo (who will do it for her?)
Pets/Animals Kept: she'd keep snakes, spiders, anything nasty, but prefers not to have to tend them
Notable Posessions: maybe keeps whips and chains around... you never know until she gets you in her lair...
Holt Function: hunter/protector, keeping to the hills
Magic? How Powerful? she can plantshape only toxic plants, at 1.5 out of 10 power, she's immune to them too
Climate/Locations Preferred: icy sleet rain, winter and cold conditions: but also likes being in a warm den with a lover during storms too
General Likes: hunting, sports and sex games
General Dislikes: being wrong, being stuck anywhere she doesn't want to be
Fears/Worries: deeply afraid of bears, but will hunt them when the party agrees to
Special Strange Info: she's open to suggestions
Basic Personality: High-impact, dangerous, hot-headed, takes being shouted at by someone she respects (not many) to agree she's wrong about something
How they feel about
Humans: afraid of being captured by them
Elves -- herders: boring...
Elves -- magic users: cool but aren't adventurous enough
Elves -- bond-riders: the best friends she could have
Trolls, etc: would kill a troll for sport

Rasp wasn't sure that she liked having to be around all these humans and human...things. It smelled strange in this huge place, but the dragons... they were something else! Big and wide-winged, and colorful! She would certainly enjoy bonding, if there was one that was of a size she could possibly bring home to Bald Mountain!

At last, she got the call that the eggs were hatching. Rasp could barely understand the human speech, but she listened in to their minds when they had the ability. The dragons too, spoke often. They had powerful, mixed minds. Flame hot, icy cold. They were extreme.

She was also extreme, and thought they would all get along famously. And oh how she could play with the humans at home!

When the hatching was nearly complete, and half a dozen other draons at least had bonded or decided they were not going to find their pair here and now, one amazing female caught Rasp's eye. She was colored oddly, like the rest of the nest. Stripes and mottling danced across her speckled red-rose skin.

krrh! The dragoness spoke directly and without any hesitation, you are coming with me, aren't you? I give my name to you: Kheyaiavas. To the world, she shortly said, She is Rasp. I am Lorewrath. She is my bond. Mine, and nobody else's... Gwalchaved. She took a glowering glance at her brother. He shrugged, and said something about not having wanted a bond in the first place.


"I like how you fly, but could you maybe do it a little slower?" Rasp said, laughing. "I mean, on landing?"

You love how I land. You think it is fun.

"I do, but I have to bring you home soon and if my tribe sees you coming in they'll think they're under attack!"

I am hardly going to do that!

"Yeah I know, but it's going to LOOK that way." Rasp paused. "Well, okay, maybe once or twice..."


Name: Lorewrath, with a soul name of Kheyaiavas
Gender: Female
Size: medium 11' s /40' l / 110' ws
Build: muscular, odd hip structure...
Physical Features: Moreian appearance though this is a healing den Pernese-parented dragon so basically only in color is she odd; long horn like head knobs, semi-bipedal? huge wings
Colors: "Red striped snowy salmon brown", 'brown' female
Stats: Strength 5, Speed 6, Endurance 4, Agility 3, Health 3, Intelligence 4
Abilities: Winged Flight
Teleportation, Genrehop
Unassisted Firebreath
Parents: mother red-white marked Shibboleth (healing den; red-marked white Lanayth/red-brown Califath), father white Rutanth (talis; of sapphire's gold Lillith/brown Akalinth) // siblings include Felinruad
Origin: Moire Protectorate clutch 1
Other Info: