Bald Mountain Holt is part of the Kshau Protectorate

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Bonded to: Green (f) Sinas at Lantessama, small

Age: 10 (95) Sex: Male
Soul Name: unknown Known By: none yet
Mate Status/Sex Preference: shy and single/clearly hetero; he and Morning Glory get together
Children: none until the out-of-recognition daughter Chamomile!
Parents/Relatives: both parents shepherds and both are deceased
Height: 3'11" Build: skinny, scraped and usually with one or more bumps on head
Hair Color, Length, Style: Orange with light undertones, to shoulders -- out around head wildly as a halo
Eye Color, Size, Shape: pale amber, wide, always open
Skin Tone: pale, burns easily
Voice Quality: timid, but when around friends can get boistrous and bubbly
Clothing -- Summer: long shirt in faded yellow with orange sash tie, sandals, sometimes hooded cape in brown
Clothing -- Winter: bundled as per usual childhood wraps, more clothing than they can walk in
Jewlery Worn, Made: none yet, except a bead necklace he was going to give to his mother before she died
Tatoos/Markings/Scars: none
Pets/Animals Kept: likes goats a lot, tries to hang out with them
Notable Posessions: has nothing since his parent's den collapsed, except what he's wearing - since moving to Bald Mountain he has assembled a lot of little bangles and wool
Holt Function: he's born to be a shepherd, he may yet display more artistic ability though
Magic? How Powerful? none, weak sending
Climate/Locations Preferred: open airy places, is afraid of deep caves now, and won't go inside during storms (this fades with time at Bald Mountain)
General Likes: grass, goats, other kids, fruits
General Dislikes: ground quakes, darkness from being inside places (likes to see the sky), 'adoption' by so many people (loved his parents)
Fears/Worries: that another quake will occur, severely claustrophobic
Special Strange Info: he prefers to watch a storm from a small shelter, than go inside the caverns (again, slowly changes at Bald Mt.)
Basic Personality: strong willed in youth, but only displays this when he is in comfortable company, will remain silent rather than crying even when there is something bad happening. Might make a good chief later in life?
How they feel about
Elves -- herders: best of friends
Elves -- magic users: neutral, a little fear
Elves -- bond-riders: more impressed but still afraid of the big cats
Trolls, etc: totally unknown
Bond Animal Info if any: hangs out with a goat-kid every spring, usually likes the darker brown ones but knows that they're going to be food sooner or later.

OrangePeel was a bit uncomfortable, what with all the people there. They tended to stare at him not only because he was so pale, but because his ears stood out... They all thought he was a child. Well, they also thought that of Warmhand and Heartshy - because they were elves and hardly the size of an adult human. But OrangePeel wasn't a child any more, not even by elfin standards.

He was at least an adolescent. According to Heartshy anyway.

But there was nothing to do about it, except wait it out, bond if they could, and head back home to Bald Mountain. If he bonded, Orange Peel would be seen as an adult by everyone, even the humans. That would be great.

And at last, they had their chance! The eggs were hatching, and the bunch of elves and humans and other people rushed down to see the eggs. Just in time, the eggs started to break. A dual colored one broke shell first, and paired off. Then, a silver. But with her, a pair of blue and green also hatched. They made their way over to the elves shortly, and Orange Peel's sending ability told him that this was the moment he'd been waiting for.

The blue sat down in front of the older Warmhand, and the green hesitated a moment while she chose between Heartshy and Orange Peel. She chose him - and he knew her name before she said it.

My name is Fern, the blue announced to Warmhand.

I am Sinas, the green told Orange Peel.

With a broad grin on his face, Warmhand listened to the crooning of his blue, as he asked, Where are the other elves? I want to see their dragons!

"We will go there when you are fully grown," Warmhand said, wisely.

Will that take long? Asked Sinas, but the elves merely laughed.

Orange Peel would love to ride this dragon. She'd allow him to move so far around, without having to worry about the sun or th-

I want to fly now, too! When will we do that? What's flying, anyway?

Orange Peel had a lot of work ahead of him...

The embarrassment caused when Sinas refused to actually fly, was gently tempered when she actually did fly - very well. She amazed herself constantly, but then again she also forgot things constantly. A typically green-dragon like thing to do apparently.

Forget what? She asked.

Orangepeel laughed, "nothing this time, Sinas, nothing. You don't even have to remember what you've forgotten, because I can always remind you."

Remind me of what? Sinas chided - her memory wasn't that bad!

Lantessama Isle was bidding the trio of elves farewell, when Sinas decided it was time she showed everyone what she could really do. She swooped over the heads of the Laeders, stalling in the air, then recovering and hovering with her broad wings beating wind down upon the loose sand below.

"Sorry!" Yelled OrangePeel, "sorry!"

"It's all right," said the woman who led the place, "I've seen many dragons want to show off - and Sinas won't be the last!"

"She might be the smallest, though," commented someone else.

Am I that small? Sinas asked.

You are, sort of, OrangePeel thought to her, you are just the right size for me, though. Now, you'll be just the right size for us at Bald Mountain too. I can't imagine some of those bigger dragons living around Bald Mountain. Our caverns aren't that big!

As long as they are big enough for us to share, that is all I want. Sinas promised.

"Then let's go see!" OrangePeel said, waving at the Lantessama folk, and following the black and blue dragons into the Nexus.