Bald Mountain Holt is part of the Kshau Protectorate

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Daily Dressup




Bonded to: from

Age: born year 232 Sex: female
Soul Name: chelden? Known By: none
Mate Status/Sex Preference: single, bi (later, recognizes Icecap)
Children: Cascade
Parents/Relatives:Mother: Hathal Father: Bones Siblings: none yet
Height: 5'4" Build: slender, light-boned
Hair Color, Length, Style: silver-white, short and straight but very full
Eye Color, Size, Shape: grey, steady and sharp
Skin Tone: very pale
Voice Quality: high, giggly, sly
Clothing -- Summer: dress in black with lace, blue vest, slick boots
Clothing -- Winter: adds black fur coat, extremely stylish
Jewlery Worn, Made: lacey accents, turquoise and silver earrings
Tatoos/Markings/Scars: none
Pets/Animals Kept: none
Notable Posessions: she's absolutely a fashion hound. If there's a new cloth texture or a color in dye on fur, she's got to have it. She trades her own shaped goods for these things, it's not like she begs for them.
Holt Function: leather shaper- she can use her magic to shape dead skin or flesh as well as living. Also as a bone-shaper she can create jewlery, weapons and items in minutes.
Magic? How Powerful? Sending 8/10, Magic Feeling 8/10, Levitation 2/10, Healing/Flesh Shaping 7/10, Bone Shaping 5/10
Climate/Locations Preferred: caverns and aeries, windy hillsides, snowy peaks
General Likes: clothing! having stuff! soft furs, subtle perfumes
General Dislikes: those who won't share, fighting and battle, the smell of stagnation
Fears/Worries: that she won't bond! that it just won't happen for her, or that she won't Recognize like her parents... but surely she will.
Special Strange Info: is a bit flakey but still able to concentrate on things like maps, language and the like.
Stats: Strength - below average; Dexterity - High; Agility - High; Health - Average; Intelligence - Average; Appearance - High; Charisma -Average; Magic Power - Above Average
Skills:World Lore/Distances and Maps: Extremely High
Mapmaking: High
Tannery (leather and fur): High
Dancing: Average
Hunting - Javelin: Above Average
Language Lore/Written Language: High
Basic Personality: Easygoing but definitely distractable, especially when a new fur or hide is handed off to her. She can work and talk at the same time, often disturbingly so, since she's also apt to use needles and knives in the process of infusing dyes into the leather. She's willing to bed just about anyone, but she prefers those who are not so burly.
How they feel about
: the only ones she knows are down a bit from the Holt, and even one or two living within it. They're awesome, a bit hairy.
Elves -- herders: seen the Humans with their goats, how interesting and fun! collecting fur and food!
Elves -- magic users: everyone has their own gift, enjoy them!
Elves -- bond-riders: oh how much waiting can she take? must be one!
Trolls, etc: since her father's stories have pretty well scared her, Chelden doesn't intend to try meeting any.
Bond Animal Info if any: none yet