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Bonded to: Stormwing Purple (female) Hicath from Azayah Yazai

Age: 1340 at time of Blue Mountain's fall, born in Longdays (summer) Sex: female
Soul Name: hathal Known By: none
Mate Status/Sex Preference:had been Lovemated to more than one partner (Faiten, male, defensive) and (Ezhaxen, male, abusive) --- currently around 70 years after arrival, has Recognized Uktui and
Children: none
Parents/Relatives:Mother: Ebax, defensive, dead Father: Shaosh, always near, dead Siblings: Sister: Anyxe, older, presumed dead
Height: 5'2 " Build: long limbed, skinny
Hair Color, Length, Style: silver, to hips, styled only with beads or tied back, usually simple
Eye Color, Size, Shape: cyan, worried looking
Skin Tone: burn-and-peel pale
Voice Quality: wispy, quiet, unsure
Clothing -- Summer: dress of tarry black and sea blue, plus armlets, sandals, and silken leggings
Clothing -- Winter: greatly dislikes Winter. Anything furry would be nice.
Jewlery Worn, Made: simple metal hoop earrings in each ear
Tatoos/Markings/Scars: none, thankfully healers can get rid of such things
Pets/Animals Kept: likes felines, but she doesn't actually keep one unless it comes to her willingly
Notable Posessions: pieces of the harness which her bird was meant to wear, an ornately crafted (shaped) lightweight metal piece, which she might try fashioning into something for any other mount she may bond
Holt Function: healer, human communications and history, glass blowing and silk weaving
Magic? How Powerful? Sending 10/10, Magic Feeling 8/10, Levitation 7/10, Healing/Flesh Shaping 6/10, Healing/Mind-heal 3/10
Climate/Locations Preferred: Heights, peaks, open air and strong winds, ocean beaches and cliffsides, prefers warm summers
General Likes: artistry, detail, complexity
General Dislikes: Winter, brrcold; death, flat plains and grasslands (borrrring)
Fears/Worries: Losing bonds, having lost her last one hurt a lot. But she is not so protective that she'd refuse to allow any bond to do what it would want.
Special Strange Info: has wandered the forests and hills since Blue Mountain fell (about 45 years now), but isn't really sure what she's looking for. She couldn't contact the great Hawks, because she was busy healing herself after dragging herself out of the ruins of Blue Mountain.
Stats: Strength - Low; Dexterity - Very High; Agility - Average; Health - Below Average; Intelligence - High; Appearance - High; Charisma -Average; Magic Power - Average
Skills:Animal Lore/Insects: Extremely High
Manipulation/Glass Blowing: High
Weaving/Exotic Materials (silk, etc): High
Dancing: Above Average
Hunting - Spurred Chain: Average
Language Lore/Written Language: Extremely High
Basic Personality: fearful and a bit twitchy since Blue Mountain fell, but when in familiar surroundings can open up into a genuinely fun and cheerful elf
How they feel about
: trusts them and doesn't understand how other tribes can be so much trouble to elves, why not worship us!
Elves -- herders: very clever, leaving those animals all in one place for the hawks and hunters...
Elves -- magic users: >_> thought we all were, what's up with that?
Elves -- bond-riders: this is life the way it should be, shared with a creature of the world to remind us where we are
Trolls, etc: never met one, are they terrible and smelly and mean?
Bond Animal Info if any: had been bonded to a giant Hawk named Cheercall, but he died when the mountain fell (he was not fledged fully); she rides with a very high ability.


Apogee welcomed this newcomer to Bald Mountain with care. She was not a High One, like several other near that age. No, instead this was a member of a long-isolated group, one which the bone shaper - Bones - would relate to instantly when he arrived some twenty years later. They hadn't been remarkably close in Blue Mountain, but Uktui and Hathal now could chat and reminisce.

Of course, Hathal also had to tell her bone-shaping companion that Blue Mountain had fallen, a huge disaster that caused the Human tribe that worshipped them to move onwards, she found only death under and around the hillside and rubble, when she was well enough to climb again.

But this was a bonder, a bird-rider like Apogee had been, like Uktui was on occasion in the past. The best kind of rider... of dragons.

Thus when the gossipy dragons came back to the Holt with thoughts of another clutch about to hatch at Ayazah Yazai, Hathal was urged to go. She'd find something there, something she needed more than just a chatty bone-shaper.

And indeed. She did.

Her name was Hicath. A purple colored dragoness whose heritage would become obvious as she matured. Her long horns were gracefully carried; her crested neck held with a beautiful curve.

I am sorry about what happened to your bird friend, she bespoke. This mind was clear, not like the animal brain of a bird. Not at all what Hathal had expected, but certainly welcome. Oh so welcome.

"That's all right, Hicath, I have you now."

The elegant elfess knelt and wept for her losses and her treasures.

I have a beautiful harness - one of the stone shapers will help fix it up for you! It will be beautiful against your skin!

Name: Hicath
Gender: Female
Color: Stormwing Purple
Size: 9' at shoulder
Abilities: Teleportation, flight, fire-breath (non-assisted), telepathy (with bond and other dragons)
Parentage: Karenenth (mountain's note gold) and Arekith (red firestorm ryslen [stormy blue f Linneth/blue Kith])


Hathal and Uktui traveled with their dragons Hicath and Iceso across the plains, and over the vast land toward the sea. While Uktui was far from fearless, he preferred to remain in the air than to scrounge around on the ground as they traveled. This journey came some years after Bones had joined up with his dragon, and Bald Mountain was growing.

But these two, the gliders of Blue Mountain, Hathal needed to show her old companion the rubble, he had to see it with his own eyes. They arrived, and he could hardly believe what he did see: the mountain was gone, in its place was a mound, scattered far and wide. And bones - human, elfin, bird. No sign of the human habitation, it was long gone by now.

They stood, the two dragons having their own private moment, and watched the sun set over what had been their home for hundreds of years.

Hathal gazed past her friend, but then something caught her eye. Or perhaps, her mind.

Their eyes met, his violet-blue and her cyan, and they knew. A meeting like theirs hadn't happened while Blue Mountain lived - not since Hathal's birth or perhaps once or twice more. The Gliders were gone. But their legacy lived on, pure, as they joined in soul and body.


It took the slender elfess' body two years to produce their child, as all elves developed slowly in the womb. But they knew her name already, and they knew that she was as destined for flight as either of them had been. Chelden had the sparkling hair and eyes of both parents, and was welcomed by everyone including the other younger children.

"Never thought you'd see this, eh?" Hathal smiled proudly, "all these children. And near high-ones, half-blooded, and humans, all around in the same den." It was true, the aerie was packed with dancing and singing elves. How could they resist, after all, any excuse for a party was a good one!