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Morning Glory + Sumac

Image Credits: Meiker Elequinoa GothicHeroine

Name: Nightshade

Bonded to: . From:

Age: young adult Born in: Whitecold of 162
Soul Name: not known yet Known By: no one Found: not found yet
Sex: female Mate Status/Sex Preference: single, looking for love and a good romp in the grass!
Children: oh there will absolutely be children, won't there!
Parents/Relatives: Mother Morning Glory, father Sumac; Twin brother Wasp; Grandparents and extended relatives all in the Holt
Original Tribe: father's of the Dune tribe
Height: 4'3" Build: slender and quite muscular, wiry
Hair Color, Length, Style: deep red with a charcoal undertone; heavy and thick, slightly wavy, and kept rather long with braids or styles
Eye Color, Size, Shape: green though a bit on the faded-denim side; wider than her parents'
Skin Tone: dusky tan
Voice Quality: mockingly musical, high and false-sweet
Clothing -- Summer: as shown, preserver silk and lace with finely woven cloth skirts and sashes, light shoes
Clothing -- Winter: doesn't seem to need anything more than this due to magic
Jewlery Worn, Made: she would load herself with jewels and bangles but they make too much noise
Tatoos/Markings/Scars: her facial and body markings are naturally-occurring, from her father's side; eye stripes and shades in black and gold, these markings continue in broken short stripes around the back of her head and to her spine
Pets/Animals Kept: oh goodness keep them away from the garden they will die
Notable Posessions: poisons, herbs, and thorns for delivery
Holt Function: protective plants and healing herbs, which are often deadly to humans or animals
Strength: average
above average
very high
above average
above average
Magic Power:
Magic? How Powerful? Sending 7/10, able to connect with her twin at any distance, but is good with one-on-one communication within the range of the whole Holt
Magic Sense 2/10, she can tell if specific shapers have been around, mainly plant or healers, but this fades quickly for her senses
Plant Shape 7/10, used to exude poisons or create dangerous thorny whips, she is a specialist in creating both herbal remedies and dangerous poisons depending on who they touch or are ingested by
Healing 5/10, her ancestry proves that healing does run in their line, and she uses this mainly to heal poisoned elves or infected wounds, she doesn't generally deal with other injuries that's for her brother to fix
Self-Adaptation 3/10, while not actively able to shapeshift, she easily adapts to any climate or condition that would typically be dangerous for elves; she's not one to just jump into an ice storm, but she wouldn't take too long to adjust to it, and dance among the hailstones
Climate/Locations Preferred: Right here in Bald Mountain, where there are seasons and it's mostly mild year-round; she does enjoy thick woods, places which overgrow with thorn bushes and other such dangers
General Likes: experimenting with new 'flavors' of toxins, and creating unusual weaponry
General Dislikes: being told to stop experimenting or testing her toys out on others in the Holt... pff.
Fears/Worries: maybe she will go too far, she does worry that she'd be exiled, she's heard of such a thing from others in the holt
Special Strange Info: as a twin herself, she'll be very likely to pass this trait along if given the right mates; also the natural markings
Basic Personality: a bit flippant, a little too flighty to be considered 'dangerous', but the elders definitely watch her with interest just in case she goes full Winnowill on them...
How they feel about
: oh they're delightfully weak and short-lived, why not give them something interesting to feel before that life ends?
Elves -- herders: well, it's... easy? Oh! you can keep little things in cages, that's good for experimenting without letting anything get away!
Elves -- magic users: it is a good thing that some of them are happy to help heal her mistakes, huh?
Elves -- bond-riders: can't wait! cannot wait to become a rider!
Trolls, etc: they're an interesting conundrum - she knows they're cruel and clever, but they don't respond to poisons the same way as Humans or even Elves do... need more information
Bond Animal Info if any:

Skills: Mainly 'herbalism' if you count making poisons and concoctions to put on spearpoints and arrowheads for quick kills. She can identify plants that produce these toxins and mitigate them both with her magic and her knowledge. Is always found with pots of sap or dew, dry boughs and grinding stones with in-progress projects in her den
Weapon making, she has a strange side gig of making highly unusual items such as thorn-whips, sap traps, oh she did learn about strangleweed and has taken that as an inspiration for some things
Trapping, honestly she is good at it, but none of her kills are easily skinned and some of them have to be cooked before eating due to the poisons that might linger in their system
Forest Navigation, she does remember where she's planted or spliced things, and can unerringly make a circuit of the locations affected
Fashion, when the seaborn group arrives she's only ten turns old and she absolutely loves what they do with preserver and moth silk!



Dragon Name:
Size: s/l/ws
Physical Features:
Stats: Strength, Speed, Endurance, Agility, Health, Intelligence
Other Info: