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Morning Glory + Sumac

Image Credits: Doll Divine Firebender Zuko

Name: Wasp

Bonded to: . From:

Age: young adult Born in: Whitecold of 162
Soul Name: unknown Known By: no one yet Found: not yet
Sex: male Mate Status/Sex Preference: single, will be looking for a lifemate, but he's willing to let things like Recognition happen with or without it (( eventually Recognizes Deeptide))
Children: none yet (( has son **))
Parents/Relatives: Mother Morning Glory, father Sumac; Twin sister Nightshade; Grandparents and extended relatives all in the Holt
Original Tribe: father is from Dune tribe
Height: 4'5" Build: sturdy but not overmuscled, somewhat imposing if lean
Hair Color, Length, Style: dark red with a rust overtone, kept somewhat short and shaved on the sides; more silky and flyaway, so it's usually tied up as shown; also has facial and body hair like his father's tribe does
Eye Color, Size, Shape: green teal, almond shaped, large, framed by natural markings
Skin Tone: dusky brown, with natural markings on face in black and gold, and the stripes continue across the back of his head, and about halfway down his back mostly on the spine
Voice Quality: deep and gritty, not scratchy but a bit harsh
Clothing -- Summer: usually just shorts and a vest, without the under leggings as shown; sandals
Clothing -- Winter: as shown, a vest, belt, thick leather shorts, and cloth underleggings; doesn't bother with boots though, because he doesn't need them
Jewlery Worn, Made: none, but he might adopt a sash or straps at times
Tatoos/Markings/Scars: natural markings as shown, he's interested in embellishing these with tattoos since there are a couple artists in the Holt
Pets/Animals Kept: wasps and bees, they naturally congregate around him and while he doesn't necessarily command them to attack, they might defend him as though he's theirs
Notable Posessions: bone tools which he's shaped, including cages that he makes for his sister
Holt Function: trapper technically, item maker
Strength: above average
above average
above average
Magic Power:
Magic? How Powerful? Sending 5/10, can always find his sister; has a broad but short-range ability to listen to whoever is near, and communicate with quick bursts of images or moods
Magic Feeling 2/10, can detect only plant or bone items with this, but there are quite a few that have been shaped mostly by his own ancestors
Animal Bonding/Command 4/10, specifically able to instruct insects, but overall he can sense animal life and knows whether a creature is healthy or able to be tamed
BoneShape 6/10, though not as overtly powerful as some, he uses this ability to take an entire deer skeleton and create heavy duty traps and cages with each and every bone; cages are not a popular thing, so he keeps those tucked away between his den and his sister's
Flesh Shape 4/10, if he was more artistic he'd become a tattoo artist too, but this is more the realm of creating painful itchy patches, sprouting fur or scales, and other such modifications; he actually has been tapped by the sea-dwellers because some of them need upkeep on their shaped-limbs, whether that is for adding lobes to their ears, or webbing between fingers and toes, or sorting out their legs from their flippers he's pretty good with this aspect; this inherently also seems to confer some ability to adapt to harsh environments, he doesn't concentrate on it but it does still keep him warm or cool, and sometimes he's even realized he's breathing under water?
Climate/Locations Preferred: likes chill mornings and sunny but breezy days
General Likes: confident people, ones who will take command; he isn't a leader, by any stretch, and he does enjoy having duties and activities planned out for him
General Dislikes: that look on Yasheel's face when she imagines (falsely) that he's part-cat; the sad looks on others rescued later from trolls, because yeah those cages...
Fears/Worries: he and his sister both are a bit... dangerous. They're not in any trouble yet, but he has to remember to walk on the right side of that line just in case
Special Strange Info: though not technically speaking spliced with a cat type, the Dune elves do have adjusted genetics, and as such he will likely sire twins, with interesting markings
Basic Personality: diligent and thorough, but not a stick in the mud; enjoys dancing, but the kind with fire or swords and veils alike
How they feel about
: he... has a big enough cage for one, it's supposed to be for bear but that's... well, that
Elves -- herders: you can lead them right into this corral, right? those 'Twin Peaks' Elders of the tribe, they did that!
Elves -- magic users: if only a few of them would properly acknowledge the siblings power...
Elves -- bond-riders: this will be interesting, what will his bugs think?
Trolls, etc: the images that some arrivals have in their minds are of awful places, close cages, metal forges, and while he too would be terribly afraid to be in one of them... they have their uses
Bond Animal Info if any: none yet

Skills: Energetically collects bones and makes them into useful things; speartips, arrowheads, javelins, but also traps and cages of course
Knows his bugs! Insects, particularly stinging ones like wasps, bees, hornets, and such - they inspire him. He has created bone emulations of their stingers, delivering the poison that his sister creates. But also they create homes - hexagonal tubes, hanging structures, hives that bustle or individual nooks lined with cocoon fluff; he can make bones into such shapes, what will people think when they see his 'outside hut'? Made of bone but not strung together with leather or reeds...
Endurance Navigation, Wasp can keep walking or jogging for hours on end, and knows how to spot a good resting place even if he passes it by in favor of the next, or the next



Dragon Name:
Size: s/l/ws
Physical Features:
Stats: Strength, Speed, Endurance, Agility, Health, Intelligence
Other Info: