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Image Credits: Wayward Martian

Name Brownbark

Bonded to: Blackthistle From: Winter Gather 2009

Age: 600+ Born in: unknown season
Soul Name: not shared Known By: himself only Found: unknown
Sex: male Mate Status/Sex Preference: currently single, no preferences
Children: none known, but may have some as he's a wolf-blooded elder
Parents/Relatives: unknown, deceased
Original Tribe: wolf-blooded from High Cove. Arrived to Bald Mountain: ~170
Height: 4'3" Build: lean, thin, clearly quick on his feet
Hair Color, Length, Style: brown hair that is straight and cut to his neck
Eye Color, Size, Shape: green, looks more judgemental than he is
Skin Tone: Tan skinned and angular, very handsome but in a somewhat unapproachable way, with a well-kept beard.
Voice Quality: exactly as Elias Toufexas as you'd expect
Clothing -- Summer: : normally green and brown shaded fashionable leathers, often with leggings and a long-sleeved shirt under a looser long tunic, belts, and sometimes a scarf or cloak. Almost always wears a full outfit, unless it's just blistering out
Clothing -- Winter: this is more like it, doesn't change much
Jewlery Worn, Made: likes straps and buckles
Tatoos/Markings/Scars: probably some scars, though nothing he's protecting under all that gear
Pets/Animals Kept: no pets, though there is a Preserver that wanders around and keeps him company, probably responds to Lace more, but it apparently thinks his work is just as interesting
Notable Posessions: he is truly dangerous with a short spear, and has a stolen Troll-forged item which is effectively a naginata a short spear handle with a longish knife blade at the end. He rarely uses this, but if he wants to show off, he will appear with it
Holt Function: leatherworker, tanner, tailor
Strength: Above Average
Above Average
Magic Power:
beyond slightly-better than average sending, none that he's ever shown
Magic? How Powerful?
sending 8/10
Climate/Locations Preferred: chill winds and crisp air, autumn and winter, the high altitude of Bald Mountain makes him feel more alive than down on the sticky beach
General Likes: high places, large hides to work on, insect sounds
General Dislikes: carelessness, behaviors that act in opposition to the tribe's needs, losing tribemates
Fears/Worries: dying before he can pass on his knowledge
Special Strange Info: He knows that most wolf-blooded elves have shorter life expectancy than their pure companions, but it seems like he hasn't 'aged' since his face-fur came in, and he just keeps getting better and better at things that even younger elves have difficulty learning
Basic Personality: Practical, but also more caring than his darkly handsome face might betray. He cares deeply for his tribe, and wants to keep them safe at any cost and for him, that means producing leathers and protective gear to keep them from harm individually. Like his Sea elf parallel Lace, he is a perfectionist and will be willing to take on difficult tasks with a firm confidence. Unlike her, however, he prefers to keep his works in more subdued color schemes if someone wants to bring him dyes, he'll work with them but he doesn't seek them out. His skill is in crafting fine leather protective gear out of hides, not bringing attention to everything under the moons
How they feel about
: they did make leather before the elves, he's sure of this
Elves -- herders: so you can get ... milk, meat, bone, and leather... without all the fuss of hunting? but where's the fun?
Elves -- magic users: healers and shapers are the heart of a tribe
Elves -- bond-riders: people don't remember how important wolves are to the health of the land, but he does
Trolls, etc: he's old enough to know a time when they had to run away from stray hunting groups, but he's been told that there are no such aggressive ones around here
Bond Animal Info if any: High Hop, female, small in size but very energetic and has been known to join him in the tree tops! She is a low-ranked wolf because of her size, but he prefers her by his side rather than to ride

Skills: skinning, cleaning, and curing hides into any number of leather styles; tanning and working with heavy leather as well as supple; hunting with spear; climbing (trees mostly); judging sizes/distances

History: took up the mantle of tanner from the prior tribemate, and enjoys concentrating on the role of clothing provider. He is not jealous or angry if someone chooses a sea-folk style or uses woven goods in addition to his leathers, and can complement theirs easily with his own wares.

Discovered that one of their other (former) tribemembers was in a sullen, distant mood for far too long, and decided to help him come out of that depression as well as give him some practical skill. The act of cleaning and tanning a hide offered a calm and quiet way to get conversations going and to allow him to progress through his sadness. He wasn't sure whether that boy would ever be the sole provider of leather goods to the Holt, but he figures that there may come a day when he is not able to do so. Might as well train someone to be able to do it!

.... He doesn't know whether that boy survived, but he isn't among those here. Best not to dwell on it, there are other people to protect now.

Dragon Name: Blackthistle
Gender: male
Size: 'small' 4' s / 9' + some tail l / 20' ws
Build: chonk with more floof, but he's definitely a girthy guy
Physical Features: snow drake, with massive thick legs and incredibly sharp claws, heavy fur, feathery wings, birdlike tail and slightly-reptilian face
Colors: dark sooty indigo, not quite black but definitely only tinted, with a faintly pale grey tail tip; claws icy white
Stats: Strength 5, Speed 2, Endurance 4, Agility 2, Health 4, Intelligence 3
Abilities: Winged Flight; though pfff nah. Prefers using wings as ornaments or as a display. Can fly, but that's emergencies only
Snow and Ice Travel; as a runner and snow treading creature though he's unmatched, he can sprint across slick ice and deep snow, even scaling sheer glacier walls, or 'skating' on frozen lakes somehow without it all collapsing under his weight
Form Ice; if there's enough moisture (and there definitely is, here at Bald Mountain) in the air, he can create ice that will remain stable much longer than normal, and even withstand higher temperatures. This has come in very handy when the summer gets too hot, it's always sticky here, therefore there will always be ice for cooling down; can sculpt these ice blocks with his big claws, but likes it when the elves magically do it - they seem able to manipulate this ice very easily even if they are only a water-shaper
Torpor; allowing him to survive in very cold extreme conditions by slowing down all bodily functions until it's less dangerous. He does seem to appear 'dead' in this torpor but any elf can still detect his mind active and alive
Parents: progen, no known parents
Origin: Winter Gather 2009 originally to Xalia but adopted after reclaim; by Neogeen
Other Info: Participating in the 202x Checkerboard Ball and will have an adorable polar wher partner...