Dawn Watch Weyr
Name Dylria
Gender Female
Age 14
Height average for a teenage girl, but barely (dad is... quite short!)
Build overweight, but surprisingly strong, while not toned she's not portly
Skin lightly tanned, with burn scars on her face and shoulders
Hair darkly brown, thick and slightly wavy, with a red tint in bright sun
Hair Style: single large braid
Eyes dark brown
Looks She would never be a pretty girl, even without the extensive scarring on her face, which was an unfortunate accident thanks to hot oil and a kitchen fire when she was barely a toddler
Origin Dragonhope Weyr
Status Ranking Rider's child, residing in the main Weyr structure
Family Sired by D'nih who found himself distracted by flights his dragon was participating in, with one of the Weyr's staff - Eleri - who gave him two daughters over five years
Siblings: many full and half siblings, their parents were all over the place, raised by Eleri but with the strong knowledge that she's a rider's child
Born: second of full siblings, before several others to Eleri and one more to D'nih
Literacy reads at a good level of competency thanks to Dragonhope's insistence on literacy even for servants or helpers
Politeness on occasion they've been known to argue but they always cover for their friends
Focus they are able to focus easily on the tasks at hand
Values They give and take without thinking of consequences of either
Skills trained with simple tailoring and weaving, embroidery and basic sewing according to her mother's abilities in the Weyr
Knacks seems to sense Whers and flitters easily, though she doesn't care for flits as they tend to be little thieves and ruin her sewing kits
Likes The open sea is always calling!
Dislikes all those looks people give her... she doesn't want pity, what happened to her face was so long ago she barely remembers it
Fears very strong fear of heights, which is pretty crap given her parent...
Goals Overwhelmingly in favor of being a dragonrider like parent, but it's just ... she wants to travel, maybe there's a way...
Searched recently, it was inevitable, but still she's not sure she belongs on a dragon
Dragon Whers! Dylrisk and Riask
Hatched Dawn Watch Weyr
Clutch below
Pet nah, two whers are enough!
Images from meiker Power Princess

Dylria wasn't too sure about standing for dragons. The shame she felt whenever she got sick riding with her father was worse than actually getting so dizzy she couldn't keep her food down. And how they had tried to get her to get over it... from the moment she could understand what a dragon even was, D'nih wanted to take his little girl up - maybe... make up for her issues after that fire. It was no good. Several dragons had sniffed her out, she was of the right temperment otherwise to ride a dragon, but she absolutely did not do well even sitting on bronze Beckth's shoulders. Standing at her father's weyr ledge too, that was... exciting. And by exciting, that meant "going to have to clean up again". When she was older and understood even more about dragon riding, even the Weyrwoman saw how white her tanned skin got at the mention of flying in a formation.

It wasn't unheard of, to have a rider who barely rode. There were a few dragons who were even too small to really ride? But that was irrelevant - it was the height, not the method, that mattered the most. Determined, however, to be more than just another tailor or servant in the Weyr, Dylria made an effort to at least help out with the dragons as best she could. Mucking weyrs? Done. Supplying the firestone baskets for the field training of fledges, done. She knew the drills, she even knew formations.

But she would never know joy, in the air. It was always a blur of fear, sickness, dizziness, and shock. She did not long for the skies, like her youngest brother did. He was truly the son of riders, after all, not half-and-half, and he clearly belonged on a dragon some day. She was all but resigned to frustration or worse, until...

"They have whers," D'nih said, showing his daughter a printed page that had a map and star chart. "I can take you there and back, if you can stand the travel just... long enough?"

He was so very hopeful, so earnest. She looked over the information: a place called Dawn Watch, they'd only barely heard of it, and it wasn't through typical channels.

"Maybe knock me out first," Dylria sighed, but she was smiling. She did have a way then, to help her Weyr!


They didn't have to knock her out, she passed out along the way, thankfully right as the bronze dragon landed, and also thankfully she had a death-grip around her father's waist at the time. The wherling coordinator Helynai looked both surprised and harried, as the bronze rider hefted his daughter over his shoulder like a sack of firestone. But he had a broad smile on his face, "she'll be fine, just don't expect her to take a tour of your weyr's Heights."

It didn't take very long for the girl to rouse herself, and she was immeasurably relieved to be back on solid ground once more. And just in time, too. She had classes to attend for the care and training of these whers - and they were positively lovely ones too. Within a few weeks at most, the odd collected clutch of varied eggs began to break shell, and though it was incredibly chilly in this very-early-morning hatching. But that's the thing about being a Weyrbrat at Dragonhope: it was always cold like this there! She hardly noticed!

What she had noticed when these whers began to come from their shells, was that they... had fur? They were definitely different all right! And furry whers would be quite warm in her own home weyr!

(from hatching)

While a bronze went off, a blue was looking worriedly at one of the smallest eggs. He snuffled at one in particular, seeming to listen closely to it for a time before turning and heading over to one particular candidate. Dylria. Dylrisk has task. Come help? He implored the young woman, who was quite happy to follow her newly bonded blue back to the smallest egg.

Knowing what was contained within, Sylden had hurried forward and was waiting for them with a awl. She had hoped she'd solved the egg thickening problem, but apparently not if one of the hatchling was seeking assistance from a candidate for the hatchling within the egg.

It took a single strong blow to break the egg in twain, a little white body spilling directly into Dylria's lap. Hello Dylria, The white said, Am Riask. They turned bright eyes on the blue who hovered anxiously beside them. Thank you Dylrisk. Did good. They said softly.


"They are amazing, aren't they?" Dylria said, her mind filled with the chatter between her whers. Her father was still wondering what it was like to have not one but two bonds, but so proud of his daughter for having found her new niche.

"The weyr will be well protected," D'nih hugged her, "and they're perfectly suited to their new den, just like you are."

The pair of young whers had yet to show off their full adult plumage, but they were already popular among the lower caverns staff: keeping the rodents and pests at a minimum and both of them careful enough to avoid any bumping or jostling of the staff while they were there. As a trio they patrolled the whole of the main Weyr, the secondary peak fit for the newer riders (her brother would certainly roost there when he impressed) wasn't needing much of this action.

Just wait, Dylrisk is sure if is food, will need us protect! Dylrisk asserted.

Riask has idea... Riask's mind had images of lining halls with small bits of spare scraps, and waiting to pounce on the inevitable pests.

"I don't think that we would be able to take out all of them," Dylria said, "but I think... maybe we could set them out as traps, and patrol those parts first. A good idea my little Riask!"

The white wher purred proudly and their clutch sibling seemed giddy to get this process moving.


"I think you might want to gear up and pass out," D'nih said, holding a printed-out piece of paper toward his wher-handler daughter. He significantly looked more toward the steely-blue-white Riask when he said, "there's this thing, a Flurry, winter type dragon flight and a big hatching."

"Dragon type," Dylria said before she read the information on the page. "I've two whers, father, not-" then she did see. "I... have ... never seen such beautiful images," there were pictures, someone had provided a few as examples of those hatched in prior events. Some fairly normal types, others... much different with multiple heads, many wings, no wings, and some... feathery with fur, like her beloved little whers!

"It's suitable for winter," she said while showing those same pictures off to the white polar wher. "Did you... perhaps want to go and see if there's a male ... or ... I mean, is there..."

Or a female! Male mate mostly, the wher confirmed, but there was a strange background thought that Dylria correctly interpreted as 'unless...'

Even though she was a wher handler, and not a dragon rider, Dylria was still a rider's daughter and still had talents that had suited her father's profession - she learned how to read star charts, though had never really had cause to use them until now. And since this was something distributed to Pern, star chart teleportation was the only way they knew how!

Dylrisk would come too, but he would not be participating unless someone really thought so highly of 'just a blue' - a blue with feathers and fur, though. He'd be happy to watch though, and watch their eggs should any appear.

Name: Dylrisk Title: The Gift of the Gab Blue Pronunciation: dil-rii'sk
Species: Polar Wher
Gender: Male / Chaser
Color: Pale icy blue, as adult has darker teal-blue markings on legs, back and tail, backs of wings, and face
Colour Codes: #A2DDF4 | #4B7A8C
Size: 5' at the shoulder | 15' long
Parents: Genetically Engineered
Abilities: Telepathy - has a very strong grasp of human-like language, though he sometimes doesn't understand technical terms or too-quick speech, he can definitely convey his moods and ideas with accuracy
Gliding - with feathered wings the Polar whers may have an edge in theory, but they also have very heavy bodies and a bit more chub than typical whers do, so it kind of balances out. However he's pretty good at finding the right wind conditions and airspace to fall from, glide down, and then teleport back into the air to do it with hardly a touch to the ground
Teleportation - he has dared to use this power while in motion but only outdoors. He'd rather not crash into a wall or find himself stuck between floors but he is pretty talented when gliding, can come out at a different altitude and continue his glide even longer than if he'd just started high
Telekinesis - Dylrisk uses this power to strongly extend his gliding when needed, or even give himself a boost in speed along ice, which is everywhere!
Heat and Radiation Sensing - his particular breed is capable of sensing the body heat and general location of warm-blooded animals, or fires and sometimes machinery with special whiskers. Though his secondary sense of radioactivity is hardly in use, he does sense a few places around that may have naturally occurring sources of radiation such as limestone deposits bearing uranium
Personality: Cheerful | Outgoing | Hardworking | Relaxed
Sociability: definitely! not aggressively so but definitely will not hesitate to step right up to strangers and sniff them over
Intelligence: reasonably clever, though not markedly brilliant, he can follow instructions well
Mating: hasn't found the right mate, but maybe some day!
Threadfighting: what's that?
Other: enjoys the attention that he gets from everyone, not just his bond or sibling, but is careful not to overstep with people who aren't comfortable or overstay his welcome with those beyond his bond
Bonded to: Dylria (Zekiran)

Name: Riask Title: The Quiet Thoughts White Pronunciation: rhee-ah'sk
Species: Polar Wher
Gender: Non-Binary (They/Them | Rising/Clutching)
Color: frosty white with faint blue-silver tint, at adulthood backs of flight feathers faintly teal-shaded
Colour Codes: #BBC8CE | #738E9B
Size: 4' at the shoulder | 12' long
Parents: Genetically Engineered
Abilities: Gliding - Riask tends toward a low-altitude glide, which often ends in a plunge down a slope like an otter! Cannot take off without a big jump before, and isn't particularly enamored of taking big leaps anyway thanks to their bond's predisposition to avoid heights
Teleportation - where many whers avoid doing this at all, the 'white' aspect of their line seems to aid in the same manner as it does for dragons, they know exactly where they are and can direct their teleportation quite specifically, and have been known to poof in and out of a room to pick things up without even a pause to jump. They don't need to be above the ground for this, but they're a clear exception to this rule
Telepathy - quick minded and able to do puzzles or assess an area's potential, Riask sometimes doesn't even bother translating into human-words but their abstract thoughts are remarkably clear and easily 'read' by Dylria
Heat and Radiation Sensing - while only one of these is really useful in this area of Pern, they can confirm that there are odd pockets of 'it's hot but it's weird hot' in the ground near and around Dragonhope
Personality: Thoughtful | Hardworking | Kind | Protective
Sociability: reclusive but not shy
Intelligence: very intelligent, with added bonus sudden clever ideas that their sibling takes up on
Mating: Yes please, 'has ideas about that' too!
Threadfighting: Prefers the idea that their bond is safe from it, because it is scary
Other: Typically found closer to Dylria where Dylrisk goes off to investigate or scout
Bonded to: Dylria (Zekiran)