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Cinder + Shrike, Parents



Bonded to: Kenya, amethyst female Lian dragon

Age: 25, born year 164WD Sex: Female
Soul Name: Known By:
Mate Status/Sex Preference: unmated, so far
Children: too young to think about it yet!
Parents/Relatives: Shrike and Cinder - Wolfrider blooded
Height: 4'1" Build: tall but chunky
Hair Color, Length, Style: reddish brown, very straight, but kinks up when wet, cut simply and generally tame
Eye Color, Size, Shape: dark brown, almond shaped
Skin Tone: medium fair, tans well
Voice Quality: loud, slightly raspy, cheerful
Clothing -- Summer: loose cloth pants and cloth robe-shirt, small shoes, and arm bindings
Clothing -- Winter: adds long-sleeved fur coat, sometimes adds long-legged body suit in silk
Jewlery Worn, Made: none made, only cloth armbands
Tatoos/Markings/Scars: isn't afraid to get and keep scars from hunting
Pets/Animals Kept: kitten! a little wildcat that seems very attracted to her, maybe because she's warm
Notable Posessions: loose doodads from the Holt's inhabitants, she's not a hoarder but she does tend to move things around a lot
Holt Function: animal tender? not sure yet
Magic? How Powerful? Sending 7/10 (good with both close and distant), Magic Feeling 1/10, Animal Bonding 3/10, Firestart 4/10
Climate/Locations Preferred: Loves the mountains and hills, climbing rocks, and strong winds
General Likes: watching animals, watching dragons, flying on dragonback, laughter, a good dirty joke
General Dislikes: being told to quiet down, being alone
Fears/Worries: being stranded or abandoned - not likely to happen, but this holds over from her mother's fears
Special Strange Info: named appropriately, Dragonfire attracts both normal animals and dragons to her side, and isn't afraid of any of them. It has never occured to her that they may be dangerous even by accident.
Basic Personality: fun loving, slightly annoying and irrascable, but genuine to a fault. She hardly understands subterfuge, and hates lying.
How they feel about
: extremely curious - the elders are of two minds about them, but her true influences have been the friendly tribes below Bald Mountain and then the Marked Man when he arrives. They don't seem so bad!
Elves -- herders: how cool is that, animals do do what you want!
Elves -- magic users: they're amazing, I could watch them all day making things with their powers!
Elves -- bond-riders: *giggles* we're all riders, right?
Trolls, etc: haven't heard anything good about these creatures yet. But still - don't judge!
Bond Animal Info if any: temporary bonds with any given small animal, will pair with a dragon too.

Skills: watching animals, keeping fires lit, and telling jokes. She watches out for the younger kids when they arrive, and really enjoys this task - there are plenty younger kids, since she's among the first born of Bald Mountain's new generation!

History: Hardly a day has gone by without her mother Shrike insisting she's the most amazing child in the world. Once she became more an adult herself, she learned about how long Shrike had held off recognizing Cinder, because of the worry that she had over losing any child to Humans or worse. It's almost impossible for her to believe - because of course, all she's ever known is the safety of Bald Mountain and its people and dragons!

"The eggs are so little," Dragonfire commented, this odd hatching happened in the middle of the summer and on a world which was well-known to the other Bald Mountain elves, Ryslen's Nidus. There weren't very many present, and that was okay, since there really weren't that many eggs to go around.

A delicately colored Amethyst hatched and immediately began squawking for attention. She was very unlike most others in this nest, and while not annoying in the slightest to Dragonfire, apparently she was going to be asked to hush up so the others could enjoy their experience.

"It's okay, Kenya," Dragonfire purred to her new friend, "I know the feeling of being shushed. We'll just leave, if they want it to be quiet." How she already knew the dragonets name, perhaps she'd known all along. Like Dragonfire was able to detect emotions in other animals, this Lian was happy to be her friend too.


Kenya did not quiet down when they reached the Holt, her noisy behavior had cost a hunting party their chance to bag a great boar. This time though, even Dragonfire knew that it was about time to teach her little half-grown bond how to hunt silently.

But it was way more than that... why was she being so loud?


Probably because when she'd grown a little more, the adult male Lians were very, very interested in her. After all, there were plenty of bigger dragons out there, but they weren't large enough to compete for most of them. The mini-dragoness proudly flaunted herself in front of the pair who called White-Eyes their bond, and Dragonfire snickered because somehow, they'd have to choose which of them would sire her offspring - first, really,  because they would surely both.

Name: Kenya
Gender: female
Height as adult: 4' or so
Type: Amethyst Lian
Personality: demanding, energetic
Abilities: flight, telepathy, fire?