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Orangepeel and Shath



Bonded to:(?)

Age: young adult (born year 201) Sex: Male
Soul Name: Known By:
Mate Status/Sex Preference: single/shy, later, recognizes Sparkle
Children: Mint
Parents/Relatives: Father Orangepeel, mother Shath (Outside of Recognition), half-sister Chamomile (all living/dragonriders)
Height: 4'2" Build: tall and narrow
Hair Color, Length, Style: bright orange, stiff and straight and tends to stand on end
Eye Color, Size, Shape: orange, weird
Skin Tone: pale, burns easily, freckled
Voice Quality: high, somewhat squeaky
Clothing -- Summer: teal colored leather kilt, leather vest and belts, cloth wraps on legs, leather gloves, and cloth cape
Clothing -- Winter: adds cloak in the same color
Jewlery Worn, Made: likes buckles and pins
Tatoos/Markings/Scars: sometimes sports burns, has very oddly appearing skin sometimes
Pets/Animals Kept: none generally
Notable Posessions: spices and cookery supplies
Holt Function: cook and herbalist
Magic? How Powerful? Sending 4/10, Magic Feeling 1/10
Climate/Locations Preferred: windless days, comfortable nights, more indoors than out
General Likes: foods and herbs, making people happy, finding new shiny things to add to his collection
General Dislikes: being told his food's too (whatever, hot, spicy, intense), being called out in a crowd
Fears/Worries: a complicated fear of Recognition - and being recognized. He doesn't want to be 'seen' so intensely, he likes having his food to hide behind and be praised for
Special Strange Info: Cinnamon enjoys his namesake almost more than anything else
Basic Personality: shy and withdrawn except where it concerns food and herbs. He knows those in and out
How they feel about
: try their food some time, it's interesting!
Elves -- herders: just keep the rabbits and deer out of the garden
Elves -- magic users: pff, don't need magic to make this dish
Elves -- bond-riders: everyone around is, someday I will be too
Trolls, etc: I've heard horror stories of their food... eeew.