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Image Credits: Azalea's / Doll Divine Pixie Scene (flashpoint used)

Name: Reed (child name, adult stats)

Bonded to: Aquamarine Male Plip From: Vallen Cove/Mermay 2023

Age: 16 in BMH year 160 on arrival Born in: Newgreen?
Soul Name: uknown yet Known By: none Found: not yet
Sex: male Mate Status/Sex Preference: single, will be fine with whoever
Children: none of course! not yet!
Parents/Relatives: Mother Kohl, father Rush
Original Tribe: Cat-blooded Dune tribe. Arrived to Bald Mountain: 160
Height: 4'6" Build: skinny, petite, but taller than most
Hair Color, Length, Style: naturally dark brown with strong red tint, but always getting into mother's dyes! kept short mainly to keep him from wasting even more of that dye...
Eye Color, Size, Shape: brown, clear but dark, large and almond shaped
Skin Tone: brown, evenly toned, will probably have fashionable face fur and body hair when he's older
Voice Quality: currently squeeky and somewhat shrill
Clothing -- Summer: they have seasons here! typically just the gold waist wrap
Clothing -- Winter: and they have cold! whee! adds thick silk pants and cloth shirt, still no shoes
Jewlery Worn, Made: probably going to have some piercings in his ears like mom
Tatoos/Markings/Scars: nah, but he'll start getting darker markings around his eyes, naturally occurring ones not just tattoos, and if those aren't enough he definitely has plans
Pets/Animals Kept: if it's not able to run away when it sees him coming, he will hug it and pet it
Notable Posessions: nothing yet, he's still young enough that he doesn't have much direction?
Holt Function: Topiary? Plant tending and specific breeding?
Strength: Low
Above Average
Above Average
Above Average
Magic Power:
Magic? How Powerful? (adult level, not all available as youth) Sending 9/10 local, 6/10 long range; Deep Sensing 7/10 recent only; Plant Shape 7/10; Self-Adaptation/Healing 4/10; Animal Bond 2/10
Climate/Locations Preferred: deep forest, during winter and spring mostly
General Likes: colors, scents, textures, anything you can sense and interact with
General Dislikes: getting bit by angry animals
Fears/Worries: he's in a tribe of dragon riders, what if he's not strong or sound enough for his own?
Special Strange Info: The first of his tribe's births since Sumac, about 40 years before! That makes him unique, along with all the other things that make him unique! Right?
Basic Personality: Energetic, excitable, and always in motion, fidgety
How they feel about
: they have such big thick hands, how can they do such fine work?
Elves -- herders: they do have to keep him away from everything because he gets them all just as fidgety as he is
Elves -- magic users: yes! yes indeed!
Elves -- bond-riders: hopes to be one some day
Trolls, etc: intimidating, but the ones here are pretty open about how different their own people can be
Bond Animal Info if any: again if it's not already spoken for this kid wants to hold it. doesn't mean they bond... If Plip has anything to say they will certainly have a whole orchestra of critters eventually!

Skills: (adult potential skills, is still learning) Hunting likely with a javelin if he hunts; Mostly concentrating on garden work, trees, and a lot of flowering plants. He really loves making art that's still alive, so he will help find the right plants to put beside a window or doorway, or distance them from special locations. He enjoys actively shaping topiary and helps with protective 'monster' shapes where there are problems with invasive people or creatures.
Knows his plant life inside out, though he doesn't do much in the way of food production
Knows people inside and out too, but now he needs to concentrate on not blurting out people's secrets or things they'd rather forget about, when he's digging around in their memories
Swimming - unlike his parents who basically don't swim, he has been learning how now that there are actual sea-elves living in the big lake

History: They thought he might be the last of their group to find a dragon-friend

They were wrong, he was the first! When three little tiny creatures arrived, two of them had gone with one of those same sea elves. But this one. This gorgeous aquamarine colored perfect shiny gem swam up to him, got out of the water and beat his little wings until they were dry (and everything else was wet). He announced himself with a single sound, plip and that became his name.

Reed and Plip now spend most of their time at the edges of the marshy areas near the lake, but both have discovered little ponds and inlets, following the streams in the area. And everywhere they go, there is a musical noise, Plip's influence, and that carries strongly in Reed's work. He loves to create small flutes out of actually living reeds, hollowing out strong branches and putting effort into leaf and twig stems that then move with a breeze. A whole chittering orchestra of rattling twigs, slowly thumping cattails, and the airy delightful whispers of reed flutes - just because a breeze blows through!

Dragon Name: Plip
Gender: Male
Size: tiny 3'8" s / 11' l / 10'6" ws
Build: little, petite
Physical Features: LochLian as shown, slightly small wings and slightly large flippered hind feet
Colors: Aquamarine, a pale blue shiny reflective body, with brighter mirror-like aquamarine wingsails and fin
Stats: Strength 1, Speed 3, Endurance 3, Agility 5, Health 2, Intelligence 4
Abilities: Flight or Swim -Plip's agility surely helps him in the shallows of the lake as well as the many small ponds, he's able to fully immerse himself in practically nothing, and can give a quick assessment of what lies below the surface; while he does flap a lot, he's hardly been known to lift off and would only ever be able to if assisted by strong winds or telekinesis
Teleport - he is keenly able to move with accuracy at a fairly long distance, up to 20 miles, with Reed with him; he knows good spots to roost, and will perch atop trees or small rock formations and just vanish or poof appear!
Intelligence - he's quite smart, and comprehends the Elfin language, learned a bit of the different draconic tongues that have come around, and enjoys the way humans chatter in equal amounts
Telepathy - Plip is apt to communicate in bursts of images and concepts, rather than words, even if he does understand all the words around; he can think to his bond at virtually any distance, and with other telepathic minds up to 50 miles away
Musical Vocalization and perfect pitch - his preferred method to really speak is in musical nature sounds. The falling of rain on different surfaces, the gentle lapping of waves against stone, crumbling rock and creaking tree trunks, and then a cascade of crickets or even wolf howls to complete a 'song'; he's great with setting a mood, in other words
Parents: Mother: Polyphony "Sweet Pea" (LochNex), Father: Ruby Aymile (Lian Mini), Ryslen Resident
Origin: Vallen Cove, Ryslen, by Ty, Mermay 2023
Other Info: (as on Lace's page)