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Image Credits: Meiker Khirim

Name: Rush

Bonded to: Chibaa-lih'lelth From: Rainbow Glitz (Zek's)

Age:3081 Born in: deathsleep season
Soul Name: guth Known By: Self, Kohl Found: was his birth name, he's old
Sex: male Mate Status/Sex Preference: Recognized, Lovemated to Kohl; generally prefers females
Children: son Reed (born -14 arrival); likely other children long gone
Parents/Relatives: probably has cousins and relatives scattered in the desert as well as other locales, who even knows
Original Tribe: pure blooded Dune tribe. Arrived to Bald Mountain: 160ish
Height: 5'2" Build: slender, lean, willowy
Hair Color, Length, Style: dark brown with faintly copper tones; kept quite short, very thick and slightly wavy, with a lock over forehead
Eye Color, Size, Shape: yellow, high and narrow
Skin Tone: light brown; note that he lacks any facial or body hair as he is pure elf
Voice Quality: thin and airy, not weak but not loud
Clothing -- Summer: loose flowing robes
Clothing -- Winter: silk pants and undershirt, cloth vest over, and adds shawls or whatever else, sandals; prefers tones of green and brown as shown
Jewlery Worn, Made: none, though he will probably collect things as he becomes comfortable in Bald Mountain
Tatoos/Markings/Scars: none, though he's definitely thinking about getting something to commemorate the birth of his son Reed!
Pets/Animals Kept: small cats like him, even if he's not blooded he is definitely an animal-oriented type
Notable Posessions: silk worm coccoons, and his lovemate has mulberry seeds, they don't need preservers to spit silk out, but hey, more varied types!
Holt Function: baskets and weaving
Strength: Low
Very High
Above Average
Above Average
High (for an elf he's nearly human height, but very slender)
Below Average
Magic Power:
Very High
Magic? How Powerful? Sending 10/10 close, 8/10 far-sending; Bloodshape (genes?) 6/10; Plant Shape 5/10; Self-Adaptation 4/10; Animal Bond 2/10
Climate/Locations Preferred: Anywhere is good, living is good
General Likes: working with his hands, whether it's on elf flesh or plant weaving, listening to songs and stories
General Dislikes: insect bites and stings, people expecting him to also be a healer, which he is not
Fears/Worries: how many new elves here will hate him for his skills? Well there's definitely one near-high-one who clearly disdains it, even though she's a proper healer.
Special Strange Info: No one would expect an elf like this to be as durable and enjoy his work in the muddy reed paddies, but he definitely does; he may also Recognize other elves from Bald Mountain, his stock is clearly quite survival-worthy
Basic Personality: genuine, hard-working, not nearly as standoffish as he might appear to be (and definitely not as much as that one Yasheel elf is? wow), appreciates everyone for what they can do, doesn't hold what they can't against them
How they feel about
: he might... hold humans responsible though, but he knows not one of them lives that understands why they have those legends of the elves arrival
Elves -- herders: likes helping to make pens for them, nets for flighted things, and whatever else needed
Elves -- magic users: he is aware that some elves flaunt their powers and hold them over those with less, he is definitely not one of them
Elves -- bond-riders: he admires these riders, his own tribe's, anyone that has a bond with the animals is worthy of respect
Trolls, etc: well they definitely exist. He knows that they hold secrets and show resentment, but he didn't know why until the Palace came back under elf control recently
Bond Animal Info if any: none right now, but he is the one who encouraged the cats to hang out with the tribe in the first place so that counts

Skills: Doesn't hunt specifically but can make box traps and any kind of cord you need for that lasso
Plant identification and use - though his power with plants is somewhat common among the tribe, he has put it to specific use for creating shelter, items such as trays and baskets, even selecting things for their side uses like those mulberry plants that silkworms eat; Rush is named for the plant, not for his speed
Appraisal of Physical traits - not merely a glance over to check for wounds or physical condition after a hunt or event, he can detect in any mammal, bird, lizard, and to a degree other animals (though not insects or simple life) their basic biology and how it differs from other breeds. It was by using this power and skill that he selected the cats that came with them on their long journeys across the desert and scrub, and which obviously were the breeding pool for their current batch of bond animals; he's also adept at ... adjusting those genes, just a bit here and there. Need more thick skin for a walking journey? Done, no one even notices callouses that no longer hurt or pucker. That longtooth cat was friendlier than their sibling, keep it happy with scents that it responds to more after he scritches its nose...

History: He was among the first of the elves to leave the comfort of the forest, and head out to the scrubland, and also among the first to befriend the cats there. Though he himself is not cat-blooded... it's a sure bet that he was responsible for the first of the not-entirely-elf children born to the group. How he got them that way is a secret he's kept, and perhaps only Kohl knows now that they Recognized. The tribe does know that they have something special about them, but this was done so long ago that it's going to be difficult to describe to Yasheel that he didn't breed elves with cats to get this effect. She won't believe him anyway.

As the tribe moved through the desert they met up with many others - wanderers, lost folk, some of them stayed with the group, others moved on. This took up nearly two thousand years. In that time, humans evolved, they spread like chaff on the wind. They were everywhere. But so were elves, and he knew this because he could sense them at the edges of his perception whenever they had some down time. He knew of the Sun Village, they didn't come from that place nor from their stock. He knew of the Plains elves, and definitely a few of those scooted around with them long enough to have kids that were darker and strangely adaptable. But it wasn't until the Palace was regained that they all knew there were more elves around this world than they anticipated or even could guess. It was always just that there were hundreds of humans for every single elf, if not thousands of them. That was so recent though, Rush's memory of that event was still fresh. His memories of his tribe and their journeys now were bittersweet.

The tribe became large enough to spread around and journey in groups. They could remain friendly to the humans - a bigger group of elves than a tribe of humans on the dunes would have caused a lot of trouble. They did have to come together every few hands of turns, just to make sure that everyone was okay. Then there was the one time, that it wasn't okay.

The flood came. It was nothing they could have possibly anticipated. They didn't know about the storms in the mountains, how could they? Even if they had great birds like those reclusive elves living near the coast, you couldn't see the storm over the horizon. But even something as far away as this storm affected them. At their most prized gathering, when they would share tales of hunts and trade goods from distant lands, when they would occasionally find romance or even Recognition among their number... The entire area they had used for over two hundred turns, vanished in an instant. A wall of mud and stone, water foam and brush, whole trees, whole log homes from the human camps on the hills... Everything just blasted straight through their gathering.

Under the packed sand, far below, they also couldn't know that there were caverns. They knew of the caves, from the occasional troll encounter. But these weren't even the troll caverns - they were natural areas that hadn't been seen nor touched in the millions of years they'd been carved out... Now they could be seen. The whole area collapsed, and precious few of the Dune Tribe managed to get out without injury. In all, Rush considered about half their tribe had perished outright, and at least half the rest had been swept so far away that they would be on their own for the long term.

Those on the far side sent urgent messages - they would be okay, they would continue. As his group would. Neither of them would ever be the same, nor would they ever meet up again. His group had to deal with a very young child in the form of Sumac, and caring for him was the most important thing on all of their minds, not just his parents. But they did stabilize, they did find shelters and begin rebuilding their stock of food, plant seeds, tools and weapons. They learned that the humans were equally impacted by this massive flood, and eventually heard of their stories about it - they knew that it must have been terrible, because they found both human and elf remains among the rubble.

Now though, now they had found a new place. Brook, bless her, was one of his prized 'students' at one point, and she led them not just with where the water was fresh - she led them with her keen mind, until they were close enough to communicate with even without her - or his own - long range sending. Bald Mountain, a good place, reasonably far from their desert home, but at that point they were done wandering. Time to settle.

With time and security, the oddest things might happen. Like Kohl asking to see his latest plant collection and suddenly knowing his name. He hadn't felt Recognition for a long time. It was good. And like he always did, Rush took it in stride.


Dragon Name: Chibaa-lih'lelth, "buzzing of many spirits sharing the shine"
Gender: Male
Size: small 8'1" s / 32' l / 45' ws
Build: high body, long and lean
Physical Features: Pernese, Hide skin with strong opalescence and glassy-shine; Four legs, 4 digit clawed feet, thumbs fore, Two leathery wings with 3 visible fingers and wrist thumbs, all claws, Long Muzzle with headknobs, Faceted Eyes, Low dorsal ridging from head to mid-tail, split tail end
Colors: Red Rainbow, body deeply blood-red shiny with a glassy speckled rainbow on most parts, red only visible on neck/chest belly area and on wingsails
Stats: Strength 5, Speed 2, Endurance 1, Agility 6, Health 2, Intelligence 3
Abilities: Winged Flight 4
Teleport Local (3), Time (4), Ghop (5)
Telepathy and Verbal Speech (4)
Assisted Firebreath (4)
Telekinetics (2)
Parents: Lelohinith and Ell'daa-veth
Origin: Rainbow Glitz giveaway by Zekiran (me) 5.14.24
Other Info: Attracted by all the mental activity at the location, Chibaa believes that all minds are of equal value, and wants to make sure that the elves, humans, welfpack, trolls, and dragons all live in harmony