Rainbow Glitz clutch Lelth

This Clutch (5.12.24) ^twin egg

Red Rainbow M Chibaa-lih'lelth (Zekiran)
"The Buzzing of Many Spirits"

Painted Bronze Nohaa'eeya-lelth (Zekiran)
"Ready! Aim! Fire!"

Obsidian Opal Daa-tash'hadarr(lelth) (Zek3)
"Color and Darkness"

Opal Purple Soo'rux-lelth (Nomi)
"Extravagant Discoveries"

Slate Chromatic Bree-oon'lelth
"Deliveries By Flight!" (Nomi)

Obsidian Rainbow T'kshaa-lelth (Birdie)
"Prompt Arrival" 'TickTock'

Brown Rainbow Delmarr'lelth (Trix)
"Attentive Grooming"

Ruby Opal Dara'rae-lelth (Trix)
"Defends the Stripes" 'Darae'

Emerald Spectrum Gu'gruu-lelth (Ty)
"Quietly Gets Everywhere (like glitter)"

Anodized Gold Big'oon-lelth (Ty)
"Spicy Flier"

Copper Bismuth Oa-daa'lelth (Neishai)
"Loudly Colorful"

Stained Glass Blue Yeer'slee-lelth (Neishai)
"Draped With Glass"

Powdered Slate Daa'mei-lelth (Ktrenal)
"Powdered Colors"

White Rainbow Chojox-lelth (Ktrenal)
"Likes Being The Strong Silent One"^

White Opal Dzinjox-lelth (Molly)
"Prefers To Hint And Sway Opinions"^

Purple Stardust Hoch-zay'lelth (Molly)
"Sparkling Glitter"

Cream Boulder Opal Soon'ohm-lelth
"The Shield of Crystal" (Dragonmage)

Silver Foil Xay'root-lelth (Dragonmage)
"Rolled in the Glitter"

Slate Spectrum Terr'eez-lelth
"Reaches Distant Locations" (Frizz)

Green Confetti Drik'xay-lelth
"Distracting Confetti Wings" (Dragonflight)

Silver Tork
Gold Diamoth
Gold Anissimoth
Bronze Bantioth
Brown Lilioth
Gold Anissimoth
Bronze Bantioth
Black Den'ha-darrvahth
Green Chaybeth
Gold Gillith
Bronze Branth
Blue Arfeth
Gold Gillith
Bronze Branth

(Shard's demo-keeper)

Offspring Traits
Breed Pernese Alternate (Alskyran Pernese)
Size From 6' to 10' shoulder; 1:4:6 shoulder/length/wingspan ratio
Build High-bodied with strong legs and large wings  
Features Hide skin with strong opalescence and glassy-shine
Four legs, 4 digit clawed feet, thumbs fore
Two leathery wings with 3 visible fingers and wrist thumbs, all claws
Long Muzzle with headknobs
Faceted Eyes
Low dorsal ridging from head to mid-tail, split tail end
Colors Body full Alskyran range, weighted to Pernese base (Gold, Bronze, Copper, Slate, Brown, Cream, Purple, Red, Blue, Green, Black, White)
Body Mottling (rainbow, dark or lighter shade of body, !with visible body color belly!)
Wingsails Speckled or Opalescent (see below)
Markings Body: Black or White Glass base
Body: Mottling in Rainbow, or Lighter or Darker body color
Wings: Bicolor or Same-As-Body



*Firebreath (+Unassisted possible)
Genrehop/Nexus Travel
Time Teleport
Verbal Speech
Nexus Communication
Bond Required; ^May Multibond; ^May Non-human bond; ^May Delay Until Weyrlinghood (though not longer)
Naming Generally Vortigese inspired and will come with translations and abbreviations
All end in - or 'LELTH combining names and -TH, word implies "to share the shine"