Name: Valentine Alvarez-Brune

Gender: Male, bisexual

Age/DOB: ~17, aged, spliced 2028?

Origin: Repurposed Earth, AAEC

Family: Mother Sandy, father Leo, certainly has spliced siblings among the Pantheon

Other: Though not technically 'third' generation, he's quite a bit younger than most first-gen Pantheon's kids and has known little other than what they do in the Post-Combine era

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 130* Icarus slightly reduces weight overall, but strengthened muscularity and bones

Hair: Vibrantly black, quite curly and very heavy, often in dreds and usually pretty long

Eyes: Violet, large, under very expressive brows, hooded a bit, sly

Appearance: Darkly red-brown skin with no hint of markings or any scars. Has the broad nose and thick lips of his dad's line, and a smooth-jazz voice to go with it; he prefers the Aperture branded white Icarus and over-wear, on which he then puts a variety of pockets, satchels, and pouches for medicinal use. He is absolutely spotless, even in surgery.

Icarus Processing: Yes, while being spliced up; his father had it done but Sandy's genes were not treated at that time so he only inherited about 'half' what he could. This process boosted his immune system significantly (to resist nearly any parasite, virus, or bacterial infection) and his own defense against injury (mainly anything that requires puncturing skin, but deeper crushing or bruising still occurs), so it's unlikely that Valentine will ever need to be healed by either of his adept parents. He heals at nearly 5 times normal pace for those deeper injuries, however.

Image Credits: Doll Divine Azalea's Arabian

Genetic Abilities: In addition to a moderately strong Psychic suite with telepathy good at 100 meters, empathy quite strong at 20 meters, and Vortal sight that he can use to spot anomalies or issues even in normal humans, he is the culmination of his parents healing powers. He doesn't need to self-heal, as his own cells resist illness and injury so much that he is probably immortal in that regard. He could attempt to control emotion at near range, and does so occasionally with combative or very stressed patients, but this does wear him out a bit. His healing and matter manipulation relies on living tissue that has lih to it - intelligent creatures and particularly Humans with power, and Vortigaunts, dragons with any kind of magic or telepathy, that kind of thing are all his to fix or manipulate. DNA is easy for him to read, though he's had to go back to Melissa and Carmen for hints and tips on any of that. What he normally does is 'combat healing', and that's literally while also combating Combine - though it's limited to superficial wounds and keeping a bullet hole from bleeding out, clearing eyes and senses from head grazes, and the like; his stronger work is still best done on the ground in calm settings. His skill in dragon-healing is nearly unique among the Rookery, and in stressful situations like actual combat, he can still quick-heal wingsails and burn or bullet damage - at range up to 50 meters. He prefers to heal with hands-on, so he and Ell'daa-veth often land to aid fallen dragons more strongly and quicker. His power can not only heal deep injuries and long-term damage, but activate mutations - as long as the DNA is capable, he can trigger physical boosts, and even Vortal abilities in those who show potential. He is one of the few who can deal with brain damage, in Vorts, Humans, and dragons alike. He cannot revive a dead creature, but he can 'memorize' the genes in it, and with that knowledge quickly grow another one with the help of Melissa or Carmen's aid in the lab. He is able to help them work on dragon eggs...
Skills or Profession: obviously given a strong set of scientific and medical skills, which he's gotten to reinforce on a constant basis here on the Rookery. Knows pharmacology as well as clean-room processes, organic and inorganic chemistry, and a bit of psychology primarily for trauma care. However out in the field, he is remarkably good at dragon riding, and even Paxton admires his abilities to dart around enemies or gunfire. Because Eldah can genrehop, he's ... also been lurking around Carramba. Though he's on the older end of the high school scale visibly, he still never really got to experience the whole 'going to school' thing that some of his age-mates did in the Rookery, and is a touch jealous. He doesn't have a set class schedule, and tends to just sit in on lectures or labs only to vanish when it comes time for roll-call...
Personality: Strong willed, confident, and a touch of a risk-taker. His ability to withstand injury and disease has allowed him to do things that might kill other people, so where others might balk at attempting a rescue in combat, he dives in head first. This is echoed in his dragon, they are very much alike. He maintains a cool head in almost any situation, combat or big surgery, though he can seem a bit unapproachable if he's not working. He does have a friendly bedside manner, but is more 'sly smile across the room' than 'gregarious'.

Events or History: After Melissa began the process of recreating the dead children of the Pantheon in the lab, she realized that Sandy and Leo would make a great pair. She wasn't wrong - and it was a bit surprising that both of them strongly contributed to his upbringing, though he was 'mothered' by Dydell. Valentine was artificially aged and given the bulk of his downloaded skills after he turned 3, though he was only aged to about 12 and has since 'grown up' into the young man he is now out in the Rookery rather than the Repurposed world.

Since he is still rather young, but quite apt and able, he is on site at the North Aperture shaft facility to help get it up and running, as well as combat any local threats there. He was trained fully in the Rookery, and bonded Eldah there, so they 'grew up' together.


Name: Ell'daa-veth, the shine of calm colors, "Eldah"
Gender: Male
Size/Shoulder/Length: Small 6' s / 36' l / 44' ws
Colors: shiny slightly opalescent white which shimmers in purple-violet shades on all parts except wingsails, which are opalescent lilac, violet, pearly white; claws white; eyes change, Pernese style mood based colors
Features: Blackstone-based Pernese/Alskyran altered, long and sharp pointy, hide skin which sheds and requires occasional maintenance; narrow build with strong muscularity, very long pointy face with ridges, head knobs, neck with fin crests, 4 legs with thumbed and heel-clawed paws, sharp back and tail spines, smooth tail tip, leathery wings with three fingers one of which has double claws, long wrist thumb with strong claw; Notably since he's 'old world' based, any offspring he sires must have a bond on hatching, and will have -TH names (or -K, or other such endings common to that breed's naming structure), and will be quite small sport-sized overall. They will lay eggs only, and tend to run with Alskyran colors - though his clutchmates and he all strongly have slate, black, silver, and white as their common theme so any offspring will likely tend toward those too.
Powers: Winged Flight, Ell'daa-veth is exceptional in the air, particularly during stressful battles, flying with confidence into low-light or poor visibility conditions, and coming out unscathed. Will follow much larger dragons in their wake, though finds it hard to climb into higher atmosphere without assistance. Quite dexterous and will avoid being hit by both Combine weaponry as well as the thrashing tails or beating wings of combat dragons, even in thick battle. Can carry up to three human-sized weights with confidence, but has been known to pull out dragons his own size with some struggle. Since he's quite small overall, he can easily walk through human-sized corridors almost anywhere, and doesn't mind the weird indoors conditions of the Aperture facility shafts, as he can snake among the Spheres easily.
Teleportation and Genrehopping, localized distances within sight, usually around 200 meters at a pop - this isn't between, it's a Xenian boost, which he can also teleport to... He can teleport a full sized (well he's full sized! you know what I mean, Eldah!) dragon or very large amount of weight, such as a bus full of people, to Xen and back out to a safe spot, though it needs to be a location he knows well enough and has open space. He doesn't tire, when teleporting, in any way, and thus he's relied upon for getting dragons and their injured riders to safety quickly, so his rider can then work on them. His Genrehop is a little more involved, and does require his rider to guide him to a place ... or not-place ... anywhere they can imagine if it exists he can reach it. They've traveled by accident to any number of other universes, but always return home unerringly.
Time Teleportation, The combination of teleport, genrehopping, and other such abilities means that with a little planning and some amount of luck Eldah is quite capable of moving through time. He does not do this directly, like some Old World dragons could by fixating on a star pattern and matching it, but instead by moving through Xen or even simply the Void, and heading to a location that 'dodges' the flow of time. A world where it's still in the ice age, pop, redirect to the 'future' which is actually last week - it's complicated. He cannot do this often, and it really wears him out, but he is exceptionally good with it.
Communication, though many Old World dragons aren't able, Eldah can speak both telepathically and verbally. While his voice is hissing and has a lot of unusual tones to it, he can speak English and a fair amount of Vortigese. Normally he does only telepathically speak, as his range is quite long - longer than his rider's to any strong Vortal mind including other dragons. He conveys his immediate mood with eye color.
Unassisted Firebreath, though he hardly uses this ability, Eldah is capable of pushing out a weaksauce flame. It can certainly distract or injure up close, but it's not very accurate and doesn't affect things farther away than 20 or so meters with any amount of damage. He's a healer's dragon, what do you want?! He can certainly protect his rider and their patients from smaller items like headcrabs or single soldiers, when needed.
Parentage: Mother silver Tork [Cobalt's drgaon] (Gold Diamoth/Brown Lilioth first Alskyran clutch), father black Den'ha-darrvath (green Chaybeth/blue Arfeth Victory Dance lost clutch) [Keenan's dragon... great, no pressure there]
Origin: Rookery; laid during a weird not-quite Hallowed Silk flight
Other Info: One of the very few Hallowed Silk clutches that are 'old world' entirely genetic-wise. Eldah is a smart dragon, given that both his parents are pretty unusual in that regard themselves. He has a very strong memory, quite unlike most Old World dragons, and a good eye for detail. He can assist Valentine for dragon healing, carrying packs just like his rider, for bandages and splints, salves, and the like when healing power isn't needed. Highly protective, he hardly strays from Valentine's side, particularly when he's working in the field. It's amazing to see this blur of shiny opal slinking around an injured pair - he's ... really a lot like a Xenodragon in his movements.