Cobalt and Sapphire


Name Cobalt
Gender Female
Homeworld Aperture Labs
Class Junior
Nut Nut
Totem None
Smarts 6
Bod/Feet 5
Luck 3
Drive 8
Looks 5
Cool 3
Bonk 3
Powers Telepathy
Teleportation (short range)
Mechanical Empathy
Grease Monkey
Clusters If It Moves +2
Mapping +2
Skills Tactics (vehicular) +3
Tool Use/ID +3
Vehicle ID +2
Knacks Geek Out With Guys +2
1 Realtime Geometry / Rex
2 Current Affairs / Talshoy
3 Speculative Engineering / Vax
4 Dragonry Prep / M*jora
5 Teleportation Practice / Retali8r
6 English / Gabriella
7 Mech Suit Piloting / Valerian
8 Galactic Geography / Huntington



Dragon Tork


Silver, non-traditional Pernese/Alskyran

Smallish / 7'6 shoulder / 30' long, 55' wingspan

Telepathy (strong with bond, present with dragons), Teleportation (local, distant, dimension), Firebreath (unassisted), Verbal Speech (almost always talking, a surprisingly quiet and high voice)

Clawed feet, long and slender build, horns rather than knobs on head, tined spikes on neck, back, tail; whip ended tail, 3 fingered clawed wings, faceted eyes

from Blackstone Dragonry post-Paniya

  Tork has participated in the proto-Hallowed Silk flight, contributing to several clutches including ones with Indrobiiz and Den'vath so she has several offspring among the Rookery riders. 1 (TI) Lonukiz; 2 (TD) Ell'daa-veth, Cheljohth
Offspring Grey Sanger son with Crazy Doc Sanger
Clarity Maleev daughter with Dante Maleev * notably, Clarity is born right about the same time as their dragons nest hatches...
Name Sapphire
Gender Female
Homeworld Aperture Labs
Class Junior
Nut Nut
Totem none
Smarts 5
Bod/Feet 5
Luck 6
Drive 4
Looks 4
Cool 3
Bonk 3
Powers Telepathy
Teleportation (long range 100 miles)
Clusters Cartography/Maps +4
Skills Urban Exploration +3
Appraise Location +2
Parkour +3
Knacks Shy Unless Exploring +2
1 Analyze Tactics Video Games / Synergy/Pattern
2 Cartography / Rex
3 Current Affairs / Talshoy
4 Galactic Geography / Huntington
5 Property Damage Issues / Ramrod
6 Epic Poetry / Rayne
7 Computational Topology / Vax
8 Exotic Team Sports / Staff



Dragon Allu'grun-vra, "gracefully securing our allies"


Size: Medium-Small (about 9' tall, 18' long)

Species: 1/4 Avyndal, 1/4 Old World, 1/2 Lantessama mutt, Unknown parents

Abilities: Teleportation (quick, short range), Telepathy (strong with Sapphire, weaker others), Fire Breath (hot enough to melt rebar), Illusion Magic (visual/electronic, works on Combine scanners/cameras), Summon Candycanes (seriously- quick energy on the fly, that's a good thing! can also be used to distract enemies or attract refugee children)

Colors: dark to rich red on body, back, and neck, creamy through platinum white on face, legs/limbs, tail, indigo through pale blue wingsails, tail spade, neck spines, all with light speckling of starry white at darkest point; deep indigo mane, white claws, cyan eyes

Features: Clawed paws (4f, 3r), Spaded/decorated tail, 3 fingered leather wings with short claws, velvety hide, Wide fin spikes and shaggy mane on neck, Small horns on face, wintery speckle markings, tricolor

From Winter Gather 2005
Partner H'lis Blackstone (of Paniya/Kshau)
(Offspring) Hana and Helena Blackstone

Cobalt and Sapphire comprised the 'urban assault and exploration' team of the girls. While they didn't always get along and certainly have only minimal things in common physically or emotionally, they did mesh as a pair to make sure that their sisters got safely where they're going. They're both a bit 'outsiderish' in their communication skills - Cobalt prefered the rough and tumble world of Guy Stuff - grease and vehicles and sports and explosions; Sapphire on the other hand was painfully shy with the exception of when she was leading a group around ruins or a cityscape when she opened up like a sunflower.

Sapphire was the undenied master of maps, Cobalt refered to Sapph's maps when she's working, but could make her own when the need arises. Because of their expertise however, they have fleshed out the physical and dimensional 'area knowledge' for their sisters. It's extremely rare to see one of the sisters get lost, because of this contact.

It's pretty certain that if Cobalt could have taken all math and science or shop classes, she would have. The girls don't yet have a mech suit to pilot, but if .... scratch that, when they get one, Cobalt will be the pilot and engineer. Geometry and Spec Engineering were top-grade classes for her, though her English skills are probably only passing at best. Who needs that, when you've got a garage of vehicles to fix?

Her choice of Teleportation class has allowed Cobalt's short range porting to become quite adept, though she'll probably never need a longer range she could actually teleport full vehicles up to the size of a small APC (fit with 10 seats, titanium and reactive armor, wheels - no treads, treads are the devil... >_> nevermind.) across enough distance that broken bridges or gorges would never be an issue. As for Galactic Geography that was a course that she'd have passed with flying colors regardless of the chapter on 'getting around: spacelanes and craft'.

Cobalt's mechanical aptitude was not just for show. Her psionic ability to sense and to an extent control machinery - simple or mechanical ones, anyway - allowed the sisters to enter and leave Combine controlled areas, when Amethyst's computer powers could not.

Like with several other girls, it was Dominique Talshoy, watching these clone sisters in her Current Affairs classes (though not all the girls had the class, fully one third of them did, and they were obviously representitive of their needs) that recommended the group attend some of the dragonry seminars at campus. Because of that, Cobalt immediately was drawn into the idea that a vehicle - a mount - didn't have to just be a machine, it could be living too! Well obviously - the Combine used that kind of technology with their personnel carriers and gunships! Dragons were just a logical step in the right direction, for Cobalt.

She couldn't repair them... unless...

On the other hand, here was Sapphire, shy and pretty, who would ever expect such a demure girl to be so amazingly adept at climbing, leaping, tumbling and getting into places that normal people hardly realized existed? The world where they hail from is in ruins - precious few buildings exist that were unscathed by the ravages of time, imported animal danger, or the war with the Combine. But what Sapphire saw when she looked  at any given block of structures was far different than a series of jutting steel and broken concrete.

She saw opportunity to get her hands on whatever lay in dark dusty corners. Her ability to teleport across long distances helped her gain her mapping ability, and Rex 903 certainly appreciated that fact. Being able to send her out to some random locale and then have her arrive safe and sound even if there was danger on the way, was very satisfying to all. Her Galactic Geography class likewise, it was hard to even push her limits there.

Directly relating to her powerful parkour exploration techniques, Sapphire took Rocky Ramrod's "Property Damage Control Issues" class to make sure that she had a better grip on whether that concrete floor would break, what beam in the ceiling she could hold on to, and whether a basement flooding was all that bad of an event... In her Exotic Team Sports class, she always excelled in 'capture the flag' type games, hardly ever getting caught because she could scale walls nearly vertical or dodge into narrow doorways without blinking. Of course, her ability to camouflage herself from sight and other senses could have aided her there - but rarely did she use it while exploring! She'd rather vanish when she wasn't 'in charge', so spotting her when she wasn't out and about was a bit difficult.

And though some folks scoffed at it, Mullen's Tactical Analysis Through Video Simulation class was something that not only let her get some steam in the morning, but she (almost she alone, in her class period) could actually apply what she learned playing video games, to the real world. From there Sapphire drifted into the Computational Topology course - after all if it was a map, she was on it.

What few expected was her great love of ancient and modern Epic Poetry. Perhaps it was that she could more easily visualize the settings, the action, almost the same as playing a game or being there? Little would anyone guess that it was her subtle and strange power of psychometry - to read an item's history by touching it - came into play there. Was there perhaps something she'd been trying to find all this time? Digging around in the ruins of her world, perhaps she'd find an item of true historic value some day.


Cobalt obviously thought that any kind of machine-based or cyborged dragon would suit her best. After all if she could repair its parts, it would be like a healer's touch.
Sapphire on the other hand wondered about smaller, intimately connected creatures - things that she could see through or command at a distance, that would aid her in exploring.
Neither of them expected these dragons, with those expectations! But both of them are absolutely thrilled to live with their winged companions. Tork is curious and helpful, particularly because she still has 'thumbs' and can hold items easily for her bond. Allu'grun-vra has different ideas about 'intimately connected' creatures, those being Humans and Vorts!


Sapphire's beloved snow-specked hot-on-the-inside Allu'grun-vra, the graceful one who secures allies.

Cobalt's talkative and friendly silver Tork. Abandoned from the sands, but always rather happy and a delight to sit and talk with. She is a small dragoness, but typical of a more Blackstone shape.