Name: Ursula (Freeman) Perkins

Gender: Female, Bisexual Disaster Area

Age/DOB: ~15, aged, RY 3

Origin: Rookery Earth, Mixed-dimension parentage

Family: Mother Janice Perkins, father Umber of the Color Guard, grandfather Gordon Freeman, grandparents Aretha and Matt, many cousins, aunties and uncles

Other: Seeming to follow in grand-dad's footsteps, with multiple dragons; given how adept she is with dealing with them, it's weird how oblivious she is to the advances of any given potential partner...

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 100* The treatments she's had as well as her inheritance of direct splicing on her father's side reduce her weight dramatically, and have strengthened her joints so she's remarkably flexible and durable for long periods. She can do improbable stunts from dragon-back, and since she's so light on her feet she can use her flexibility to appear in incredibly difficult places around the ruins (see below)

Hair: medium caramel brown, with coppery overtones in sunlight; though it's quite thick it is straight naturally but takes styles very well; usually rather long as shown, with a long ponytail or upstyle when there's no work or fighting to be done. She loves having the floppy bangs and has absolutely no idea how freaking adorable she looks when she blows it out of her eyes, and tucks one side or the other behind her ear. People love watching her work, because she is classically 'cute'

Eyes: slightly reddish brown, with a very tiny glimmer of green flex in the rim, the same green as Freeman's. Quite large, almond shaped, and perceptive to a degree that surprises some, she needs no glasses, but sometimes puts on round-rimmed sunglasses for effect

Appearance: Lightly brown skin considerably creamier than her mother's, with small cuts and bruises here and there from non-combat work on machinery. She has a little bip of a nose, and thinner lips than her mother's. She likes sets of color-coordinated outfits as shown, and wears them with a grace that yet again she has no idea she shows. She's at home in traditional Chinese outfits as well as full combat gear, but usually does prefer boots or even long-fall boot attachments for combat. She does wear a small shard of a Xenian crystal on that choker, it's been tuned specifically to her Vortal signature.

Image Credits: Doll Divine ATLA Water

Genetic Abilities: Because her parents are both remarkably intelligent, Ursula definitely follows in their brainy footsteps. But also because her entire family is active and quick on their feet, her body and mind along with her Vortal presence are very bright indeed. While she does have a minor amount of telepathic communication (with good distance, up to 10 miles to communicate to other Vortal minds) she can only do so with effort. Mainly her active powers focus on machinery and technology, as she is able to sense computers, data, and electrically-powered machinery within 100 meters of herself at all times. She's never known 'quiet time' in any inhabited area, for that reason, but it's never bothered her that there are a dozen digital watches, five or six computer terminals, hand-held phones or com units, security cameras, environmental machinery, or sliding doors everywhere. In fact when she's flying, tha's the only time she gets away from it, and has admitted that it feels 'lonely' without the hum of energy around her on the ground. Her sense of direction is incredibly good, and it's likely that she has some form of magnetic detection that blends with the 'ping' of any given static object around her. Though she can manipulate data and electronic machinery with ease, she does still have the ability to sense 'what's wrong' with purely mechanical devices, and fixes them up with skill rather than power. The Xenian crystal on her person is in use to aid her in focusing her actual teleportation power: she can and does teleport in emergencies without any devices, and can home in on a few specific locations to return safely to. This does include places like Xen, the North Aperture facility, MoCon, and the Rookery, as well as her dorm in Carramba High's apartment building, and even Rapture. Meaning, that she can cross dimensions with the same effort as she can emergency-teleport locally.

Icarus Processing: yes, just before her 3rd birthday, Icarus-Plasmid treatments** have allowed her to ignore the negative effects of her one ancestor's DNA markers, though they are still there and she should watch out with future breeding potential partners as those markers might interact poorly. She was aged to a 'tween' at this point, about 8 years advanced from her actual age. Physically, with both her parents being extremely sturdy, after having the IP processing she is virtually unkillable in some ways. She's entirely immune to toxins and radioactivity, though she will want to wash off before entering a classroom so she doesn't contaminate others. She also can handle live electrical lines for short periods (they will leave scorch marks, and anything touching her will get shocked badly). As above, she's very flexible, and the Cheer Squad would love to tap her for acrobatic performances, since she's been known to triple-flip across rooftops while getting to class. She has incredible balance, and is very precise when she walks as well as in hand or full body motion. If she's needing to crowd-weave, she can do so without touching a single other person in a crowded hallway. (In fact she can take a running start and run along the walls if needed... for short bursts anyway). She's about twice as fast as a normal person, and her agility is 'simply ridiculous' according to Melissa. She doesn't really want to test out just how resistant to pressure or other damage she is, but she does heal about 3x faster than normal anyway, from virtually any injury.

** Notably, she was among the very first humans to be tested with this particular mixture, and given the success of it, others have followed. Melissa and Rhea working together have provided the necessary building blocks for future combos.

Skills or Profession: while she was in processing she received skill downloads for basic language, communication skills, and survival/exploration suites, as well as much more extensive mechanical, electrical, computer, and civil engineering skill sets which she puts into use daily. Because she has grown up among the ruins of not just one but several worlds, and still has the comparison point of Twoarth in mind, she's got it in her head to make sure that the infrastructure of any given location is functional before anyone starts trying to scavenge or reinhabit it. As such she uses a lot of overhead tours on dragonback, then dives headfirst into fixing what needs to be repaired before folks electrocute themselves, get caught in toxic spills, or drown in flooded areas.

Carramba High School Junior Year schedule: 1 Practical Composition / Feliciane; 2 Advanced Technical Languages / Charybdis; 3 Way Off Base 10 / Saiintenella; 4 Time Travel Machinery and Mapping / Pepper; 5 Nexus Geohistory / T.Kshau; 6 Dragon Flight Formation Training / Malai; 7 Warfare and Tactics / Hagen; 8 Urban Exploration / Saqqaf

Personality: She is more of a physical type, but puts her mind to a lot of brainy work in order to get these spots cleared out and functional, and absolutely holds her own in conversations with other sciencey-types in virtually any setting. All that said, she is still oblivious to a lot of social cues, though not to the point of being unable to deal with people - far from it, she loves being around people as much as machines, and usually is more apt to 'not get' personal advances or flirtations, but she'll still laugh at jokes and play trivia games with ease.

Events or History: As the 'next' wave of Color Guard offspring were not even starting up yet, Ursula kind of comes between the first and second groups of them. As multidimensional as she is, Ursula is well liked in every setting she steps into, and particularly... anyone who wants a closer look at dragons, should get to know her. Though she wasn't the first of the groups to bond dragons from their parents forays into the Hallowed Silk project, she did exhibit clear preferences for looking at grandfather Gordon's part of that event. Having been brought up among dragons outright, she always knew she'd be a rider, and before attending Carramba she played in the Rookery's relative safety as well as the less-safe Rapture and the earliest clear portions of the North Aperture site. At home above or below ground, she later also wants to explore grandma Aretha's MoCon territory to see how to hook up that area with the Rookery's one day. She's actually much more active at MoCon than her mother is, feeling that her dragons are better suited to the bright sun and wide open spaces. Also, she can much more easily sense where 'live' sites are out there, since being surrounded by nothingness and having her ability to sense machinery make for a perfect 'metal detector'. However she does still live centered at the Rookery once she's not in school, because from there, anywhere is good to go.

With grandfather Gordon's dragons hooking up and being subtly modified during Hallowed Silk, clearly his granddaughter would be perfectly suited to the results.


Name: Wrap (That's A Wrap, Wrap It Up)
Gender: Male
Size/Shoulder/Length: Medium Bipedal 7'9" hip / 58' l / 55' and 22' ws
Colors: all armor, face, antennae, and horns shiny caution yellow with graphite markings; body yellow-orange with dark red, graphite, pale yellow striped markings on face, all limbs, and down tail, red all extremities; wingsails shiny white with soot black markings on tips and veins; mane and tail grey with bright orange trim; all claws silvery grey; eyes white though they are reflective and can be seen to be a very pale green in the right light
Features: Pyrrhan Biped hybrid, as shown long noodle dragon with four legs, bipedal stance means hind limbs are heavier but forelimbs are long enough to walk on the ground as well, limbs have 4 digits including thumb on fore; two pairs of wings, main leathery with 'butterfly' fluting with 2 visible fingers, elbow strut, and prominent wrist thumb all with claws, smaller wings are straight with three fingers and straight thumb also with smaller claws; grained hide skin on most areas, armor is glassy large scales, and belly is smooth hide; head is dished with beak and armor, antennae, and horns, very long ears; mane and tail floof; tail is extremely long with hooked spine at end; egg layer, may have scaled or quadruped offspring with the right partner
Powers: Winged Flight, let's just say that Wrap is as bold in the air as he looks on the ground, he is not the fastest in the air but he is decisive and agile even at his size, and can fit through areas that are quite a bit more narrow than you'd expect. He doesn't hover but he does seem able to move in any direction once he's up in the air, and he can lift a tremendous amount of weight with ease, much more than you could possibly think just by his overall size and muscularity. He is good with ungainly or imbalanced objects, likely due to his quarter-Silkwing genes.
Teleportation, though it's not his strong suit, Wrap is able to 'follow along' when he knows his rider or their partner Cheljohth is on the move. He can unerringly teleport to his rider's side if she needs him, though not off-world this power is 'at any distance at all' locally. He seems able to orient himself easily after any jaunt even if it's not himself providing the motion.
Communication, Though Wrap is able to speak pretty clearly and concisely in English and Vortigese, and understands all that scientific jargon that Ursula speaks to others, he generally 'speaks' using his antennae vibrating along his horns. This is an eerie theramin-like sound, but he uses his head direction, ear orientation and other factors to create what sounds like actual words to most ears. You can easily tell his mood if he's singing, happy, sad, or angry based on the frequency and tone of his sounds. As such also he can hear quite a lot more ranges of sound than most, from nearly-0Hz sounds, on up to around 1GHz (that's... so far out of normal range it's not even funny) (it is also a frequency which he claims a lot of Combine creatures are attuned to, so there's that), though he can only emulate from 30Hz to 30kHz at conversational levels, and the louder he gets, the lower the frequency can top out. Also he has a strongly visible Vortal Aura that other telepaths can easily home in on, as his telepathy is in his own words, garbage.
Cocooning, because his mother is a Silk-Hivewing he does have the ability to produce silk out of his forelimbs, and he uses this in the form of a massive spew of very fine netting. He can capture prey and wrap it up in moments, suffocating it with thickly layered silk, or merely draping a warm sheet of wooly fibers over his human if she's cold. He is extraordinarily adept with aiming this stuff, even in motion, and can adjust the production on the fly - literally, while flying after prey the initial burst is thicker and heavier to produce a needle-like accuracy, which falls away when the rest of it balloons over whatever it is he's hitting. So he doesn't have to worry about just spraying hundreds of meters worth of this stuff and missing, it's much more like a launched net. It can be used as a parachute in emergencies, so he's definitely had experience panicking when his rider starts to fall during a stunt. He would rather be safe for her than sorry! If he's intending to use this to coccoon things on a longer term basis, he can add a mist of his spit, see below, and either put something to sleep for a few days, or have it ... well, digested when he gets back. Unless cut from the outside, this coccoon is nearly impossible to break through once it's hardened, though not all of them must be shell-like. If not intended as longer term, the webbing will dissolve within about 3 hours. He cannot make single strands, it's always a lot.
Bile Spit and Tail Spike, slightly modified from his father's abilities, Wrap has both a dangerously venomous tail spike, as well as stomach acid that he can spit up in carefully aimed loogies or a fine spray to a very wide variety of effects. The spike will absolutely kill things, but his spit can be a gentle 'woozy' vapor, produce a strong painful acidic burn, or even outright start digestion like a spider's venom. If he's bitten something, just don't eat it, it's for him.
Sturdy Build, Edibles, Wrap is able to consume damn near anything organic, and get sustinence out of it. He does like chewing, so he tends to prefer large prey, but he's not daunted in any way by shells, scale armor, horns and hooves, or bones. He crunches his way through a meal about once a fortnight, but likes to snack on whatever he can find in the meantime. He has single-handedly cleared out the Caffetorium's garbage bins, and really loves their coffee.
Parentage: Mother Hive-Silk Grabbity, father biped Ay'geevee, with siblings including Aim And Shoot, CAPSLOCK, Colorful Candy Shell
Origin: Gordon's pair of dragons slightly modified offspring from the Hallowed Silk project
Other Info: He isn't snarky, but he does grasp sarcasm pretty well, and he would love it if he could smack some sense into Ursula sometimes - doesn't she realize that that girl at the lunch table is winking at her?


Name: Cheljohth (chel joh impeccably clean)
Gender: Female
Size/Shoulder/Length: Small 5' s / 24' l / 40' ws
Colors: white - not albino, but actively pursuing as white as can possibly be attained in a skin color, quite shiny though not reflective, with translucent wingsails; eyes change with mood but are usually blue
Features: Old World nexus dragon, quadruped with 3+thumb fore, 3+heel claw hind; two leathery wings with 3 visible fingers, first has 2 jointed claws, prominent wrist thumb, all with strong claws; very long slender noodle from head to tail, long slender legs; hide skin needing some care; face narrow with high brow ridges, faceted mood-ring eyes, long sharp horns, finned neck ridge, tail spade; breed requires bond, but can live without for a time; egg laying with a 2 year breeding maturity; names will end in -th or -k depending on partner, and usually prefers Old World or Nexus mutt styled partners
Powers: Winged Flight, Cheljohth is much faster than a tiny dragon ought to be, and has strong enough wings that she can fly for very long distances bearing around 3 human-sized weights; she is nearly silent in the air, from taking off to landing, and can land on small spots or improbable ledges or tree branches easily. She's basically an owl in dragon form.
Teleport, Genrehop; able to teleport locally to about 50 miles easily, but can also port much greater distances as long as there's a known landing spot - she can be at the Borealis and then move directly to the Rookery in one port, though it does wear her out and is incredibly cold for anyone with her, as this is a more or less stock between rather than Xenian or Void portal. She is able, however, to Genrehop to spots that are clearly among her rider's list of places she's been - Vault Earth, Paragon, Carramba High, the Repurposed world, even the Healing Den and assorted Nexus sites, and this is her forte. She knows that time might also be a 'location', but doesn't want to mess with that kind of thing.
Communication, though Cheljohth can understand all of the speech around her, she is primarily telepathic like most Old World types, and has a very strong bond with her rider as well as with Wrap. She can communicate with her partners at virtually any distance including off-world or off-dimension, and with other Vortal minds of any sort at around 2 miles. She has a keen sense of what sorts of dragons are around her, and does tend to stick with ones who can telepathically or magically communicate, rather than expecting her to speak. If her rider was more suited to it, she might have made a good Search rider, but as she is, Cheljohth does that on her own without even asking - though she concentrates her efforts on bringing dragons into the mix, rather than humans or humanoids.
Unassisted Firebreath, though it's possible for her to attempt a blast of fire from her narrow jaws, she greatly dislikes doing so, and tries to avoid getting herself dirty, so there's that.
Parentage: Mother silver Alskyran/Blackstone Tork, father black Nexus Pernese Denhadarrvahth; has siblings in the Rookery including Ell'daa-veth and Xkah'lih-beth
Origin: Hallowed Silk project, Healing Den / Rookery
Other Info: Cheljohth does live up to her name. She is absolutely flawlessly white, even after fighting - which she doesn't do often, but will absolutely tear your shit up if you threaten her bonds. She is tiny but fierce, and is always looking for the exit. Since she flies as well as she does, she tends to scout an area first, before allowing either her rider or anyone else into it.