Gareth Freeman

Name Gareth Freeman
Gender Male, he/him, bisexual
Homeworld Rookery Earth, born to Color Guard / Repurposed parentage
Class Junior
Nut not
Parents Violet and Gordon Freeman
Smarts 8
Bod/Feet 6
Luck 6
Drive 5
Looks 3
Cool 4
Bonk 6
Powers Telepathy (almost like he's talking!)** - Gareth is strongly gifted with his Vortal abilies, and can not only speak clearly into virtually any intelligent mind. His Vortal voice is 'handsome' (that's how plenty of people describe it anyway) and 'secure', and apparently when he speaks to someone they can clearly detect where he is when he's talking to them; his range on this power is about 500 meters, and though it's best around 50 meters the volume or intensity of it does not change with proximity. Plenty of people start talking aloud and then forget he's not actually in the room with them - but that's never stopped him from knowing what they've said.
Teleportation (dimensiongate) - An innate Vortal ability, Gareth senses subtle differences in dimensions that he can reach, and purposefully can direct himself to one or another. Though this is a last-ditch power and he doesn't use it frequently, he can bring along up to, well, two dragons worth of 'stuff' without tiring. He doesn't casually blip from dimension to dimension, if he has a job to do he goes and does it, then comes home or heads to the next spot with purpose. He isn't above the occasional vacation, and one of his favorite 'not work' spots is Under The Pier, or even The End itself, which is saying something because not a lot of people can reach that specific destination without prior authorization from Ink Blotch Inc.
Teleportation (speed bursts, exhausting)- Gareth does use a short-range teleport-adjacent power which is as much physical as it is Vortal. He can increase his run speed (and agility to an extent so he doesn't just slam into things) to almost 20 times normal Human speeds, to get from point A to point B in a flash. Though he can travel in this manner up to 2 kilometers total before exhaustion, he tends to use it only in very short bursts around 20 meters at a time, usually in combat or dangerous exploration situations. He can use this to escape in combat, but prefers ramping up to a big fight, teleporting up to whatever thing he's fighting, slamming it with crowbar or ordinance, and then zipping away just as fast. His fighting tactics include 'use the revolver until it's empty and then get away to rest'. This has proven remarkably effective.
Telekinesis (grabbity gun!) - Though Gareth doesn't have true telekinetics, he does have a very sleekly redesigned wrist-brace based Gravity Gun (Zero Point Gravity Field Emitter, whatever Judith) with which he can manipulate heavy or ungainly items nearby. Its range is somewhat short, about 15 meters at most, but with it he can lift items as small as a single bottle, or large as a school bus. There are two settings for this tool: manipulation and punting; with the manipulation field on, he can rotate or set it to hover nearby without needing to manage it otherwise; with punting, he can aim a blast of force that will absolutely throw that bus (or at least knock it over... it'll toss that bottle a county mile...). This works on both objects and living things, but the only creatures he will punt with it are enemies and food. This device does need to be powered up, it's a good thing that dad's energy cells and most USB connectors will do the job.
Clusters Pummel Anything With Anything Else +2
Physics Is His Bitch +2
Skills Always On Target +3
Enjoys High-Level Banter With PhDs +3
Weaponize Everything +2
Knacks Dad's Crowbar Is Always Accurate +3
Drives Damn Near Any Vehicle +3
Suddenly, A Wild Grandfather Intervenes! +2
1 Hyperdimensional Calculus / M. Vale - Superb
2 Theoretical Physics / Freeman - Superb
3 Speech / Pointman (omg, hilarity - neither of them actually talks out loud) - Passing
4 Driving Manual Shift / Krueger - Excellent
5 Excavation and Tunneling / Stonefist ( like crawling through air ducts!) - Decent
6 Paintball / Axemurderer - Decent
7 Multiplanar History / Prescott - Excellent
8 Universal Sign Language / Poddie - Excellent
Dragons Xkah'lih-beth
From Hallowed Silk Healing Den/Rookery
Dollmaker Doll Divine ATLA
Siblings Umber, Coral, Angel, Carl, Joshua


The raw irony of having Keenan Lane being Gordon Freeman's son's 'other grandfather' is something that Gareth takes in stride, a lot easier than his own father does. Gordon is ... shall we say, less than thrilled whenever Lane decides to show up in his grandson's life, but there is literally nothing he can do about it. After all, Nach'lih kallah-vahh protects his family. Even if that family was one he hadn't intended to start. Sometimes it's clear that Lane comes along purely to mess with Gordon's mind. Now, notably - Local Lane is Violet's DNA donor, but Repurposed Lane is who comes calling. Though after Local Lane has been befriended by a dragon, he does participate considerably more... And to much, much more confusion. Gareth himself knows the differences somehow, easily able to spot Vortal differences when they aren't in the room together (where it's very ovbious to even casual observers who is which). But while Gordon is still a little weirded out by the entire thing, Gareth is a truly blessed interdimensional teen. In the long run, Gareth seems to enjoy the interaction as a break in the normal schedule of events if anything.

Because Gareth enjoys both the physical challenges of life in the post-apocalyptic world of his parents (since in fact both Violet and Gordon are from remarkably similar universes and only spending time on Twoarth to attend or teach at Carramba) as well as the intellectual pursuits that Twoarth can offer, his time is spent moving between the two worlds freely. Of all the Clonegirls' kids, Gareth has perhaps mastered the dimensional travel of his grandsire the quickest. Whether it's because he has an innate understanding of those dimensions, or he's capable of constructing technology capable of doing the same, who knows. Lane doesn't care - the results are what he's interested in.

The results - that Gareth may become the 'free man' of some other world in the future - are obvious. Gareth is at his heart a scientist, but in his body also rests a warrior. Rests? Hardly. His mother is quite proud of him, being able to weaponize items and use the territory tactically. She has a trust in her son that he'll do what's right, even if that means he's taken away from their world for extended periods of time.

** Gareth is neither deaf nor mute, but he speaks very little in passing, and understands the value of not only silence, but communication. Because of this, he is relied upon in stealthy situations with a combination of telepathy and sign language - which he's teaching to others in the Rookery.

Dragons below are both from the Hallowed Silk project, and both are offspring of Keenan's dragon Denhadarvahth. As half-siblings they seem to act as one with staggering amounts of cooperative flight and power use.

Dragon Name: Mech'saath, simply clasped on, Saath
Gender: Male
Size: Small 7'4" s / 30' l / 58' ws
Colors: white-silver body brighter on neck and wing arms, darker on feet and tail; silver-grey tail tuft, crest, neck; wingsails darkly red-black; horns dark red; eyes change, generally orange or gold; white claws
Features: Old World Nexus mix, Darkling Dawn tail tuft and paw feet, horns; otherwise Pernese features including hide skin, shifting eyes, and bond requirement
Powers: Winged Flight, A workhorse in terms of lifting and flying with heavy parts or gear, Saath is quite precise where he lands and takes off. He can hold delicate items and carry swinging weights without damaging them or losing anything. He's not remarkably fast, that's his sister's domain.
Teleport (4) Dimensional (4) Saath is quite good with teleportation in short-range line of sight situations, up to 10 miles at a burst, and across dimensions allowing him to Genrehop, he can recover from both easily, with around 8 to 10 local bursts and a there-and-back loop into other dimensions. If he exerts himself he can still do these, but must rest up to a day after; Time (1) and Long Distance (1) are his weakest abilities, though that only means that he's able to teleport shorter range (to 50 miles) and remains within the confines of a sensible timeline...
Telepathic (6), verbal speech (6) An adept communicator, though not chatty, he has a strong technical streak to his vocabulary when speaking out loud and does enjoy conversing with dragons, humans and humanoids, Vorts, and everyone in between - literally in between, those spirits are certainly his to listen in on; he can sense minds of dragons easily within 50 miles, and ping at up to 250 miles existing or known telepaths, Vorts at similar distance, and non-telepathic minds up to 10 miles
Firebreath (6 unassisted, 5 assisted though why he would want to use that who knows) With the power to simply belch out flames at will, he scoffs at the idea of having to chew coal or whatever else to ignite it, how nasty. He's white, he wants to keep himself that way, clean and neat, without all that gross soot... he can breathe a gout of modestly hot fire that is accurate in a line up to 100 meters for a 'snipe', but more often uses it in a short range fan over around 15 meters, and usually that's while moving, so it's a bit of a fire blanket across an area. The flames will harm living things but not necessarily kill them unless he really wants to concentrate on it, though they definitely will ignite gasses if directly struck
Parentage: Mother Thaljath, father Denhadarvahth, siblings among the Rookery on both sides
Origin: Healing Den / Rookery oriented clutch
Other Info: Mech'saath is a proud, smart dragon, and is definitely among the strongest Vortal presences in his clutch. He enjoys hanging out with both of his parents and learning tricks from them
Dragon Name: Xkah'lih-beth, She is the Spirit's Focus, Beth
Gender: Female
Size: Medium (long) 7'6" s / 45' l / 60' ws
Colors: Violet black body much more shiny than hide should be; darker neck ridge, lighter back/tail spines; wingsails dark black-violet more colorful toward edges; claws white, eyes shift but are usually blue
Features: Blackstone-based Alskyran/Pernese mix, primarily old-world features longer than normal, no tail spade, very narrow and upright, horn nubs, soft neck ridge; hide, egg layer, bond required
Powers: Winged Flight, this sleek dark dragoness is absolutely as fast as she looks, aerodynamic and with very wide wings built for climbing, diving, and swooping, she is also remarkably agile even at full tilt. Achieving a full speed of over 120 mph, Gareth doesn't ride her when she's that swift in the air, but watching is always a joy; she doesn't much care for heavy lifting even if she's much larger than her brother, that's fine, she's there for the speedy parts delivery not heavy lifting
Teleport (local 5), long (3) Genrehop/Time port (2) the quickest way to deliver across campus or within about 20 miles is to say she can't do it. Beth can take with her literally a team of dragon sized masses, so if you're in formation, stay close... Gareth can command squads with her, where he points, she moves everyone. Less adept with very long distances, she can still port herself and whatever she's carrying up to 250 miles away without being winded. If she's been moved to a dimension other than either Twoarth or the Rookery, she can still return to it, so when Gareth pops in to a new place he always takes her with him. She can genrehop with her wings spread, and basically anything below them or clinging to her will go with her, though this does tire her out if she must take dragons.
Verbal (5)Telepathy (4) Beth speaks with a sharp and commanding tone, surprising everyone who doesn't realize that 'Pernese' dragons can talk. Her bro is great with sending thoughts and whatever, but she's got gossip and multiple languages (well, some good choice swears!) for herself...
Unassisted Firebreath (4) Like her bro, Beth is capable of producing fire without needing to chew stone or any other chemical interaction. She has a closer range but much hotter fire than Saath, maxing out at 50 meters in a straight line, but her 20 meter burst fire and fan of flames will melt things and crisp fry any living thing that doesn't have flame protection, ignite any flammable gasses, and remain quite hot even when the fire itself is gone, for over 10 minutes if she breathes at a single spot for a bit
Parentage: Mother Tork, father Denhadarvahth, siblings across the Rookery
Origin: Healing Den / Rookery oriented clutch
Other Info: Beth is gregarious and somewhat annoyingly chatty, and definitely speaks her mind. And sometimes, she speaks Gareth's mind. Or Saath's...