Name: Keenan Lane again *This one tends to prefer being called Lane, or Mister Lane, rather than any Vortigese title or friendlier terms

Gender: Male, straight

Age/DOB: ... yeah, that. Human for around 100 years now

Origin: Rookery dimension, Convocation

Family: Convocation entities, of course, but also there's a strong possibility that Amon Vahh is his son with the local Caroline; had an interesting if slightly doomed relationship with Rhea Mercer, which he has apparently been regretting how it turned out ever since he learned she lost their child; also he is the inadvertent 'genetic donor' for the original Color Guard group (1-15); whether he has interest in allowing this invasive Melissa to harvest his genes is unclear, but she will absolutely try; Journey also tries, and it's possible that he doesn't even realize they're two completely different women.

Other: Among those doppelgangers that Repurposed Keenan meets with regularly, this one has been reasonably helpful and specifically encourages the Rapture group. He is however not remarkably friendly in any way. He is the 'Chaotic' to Chaotic Neutral, in the 'grid of alignments'.

Height: 6'1" carries himself upright (uptight?) and definitely more stilted than Repurposed Lane does

Weight: 170ish, slightly less fit than he'd like to be

Hair: Pepper Black, fine silver strands, strong widows peak and pretty severe military cut

Eyes: Vibrantly turquoise green, faintly glowing (or not so faintly if seen Vortally), sunken and tired but intense, under very, very snarky judgemental brows

Appearance: fair skin with plenty of age to it, deeply lined face, stubble, and dark circles under eyes; absolutely never seen in anything other than a sharply tailored suit, though apparently this version has always preferred black with red, to the 'canon' blue-grey, also rarely seen without his briefcase, which unlike Repurposed Lane, he didn't lose somewhere... Though what he keeps in that briefcase at this point so long after its usefulness as a lawyer or banker has ceased, who even knows?

Icarus Processing: no, absolutely not, not necessary

Image Credits: Valve, Garry's Mod (suit)

Genetic Abilities: as all of his other kin-folk in the Convocation, Rookery (or "Local") Lane is basically an energy being with a flesh suit on. And though he enjoys this quite a bit, he also has no illusions about leaving it behind the moment things are settled here on this Earth. He can manipulate energy of most sorts, though his range is limited by the type he's using (radio, microwaves, visible light, all have very different outcomes); he can camouflage himself visibly and Vortally, as well as electronically - unseen unless he wants to be noticed and even then it's usually at just a distance to be inconvenient to reach. Teleportation is his forte, and he has been known to lift entire small towns from one dimension to another. No one has seen him do this, but he has - the Hippies and Carnies are here for that very reason after all. Also it's not clear whether that act wore him out tremendously or just a little, but it certainly did stress his ability. Trapped as he is in a body, his overt power is hindered a little. He can telepathically speak to anyone, preferring in dreams or in the form of ghostly visions, or electronically 'appearing' to someone but not others while they're watching a monitor. Unlike Repurposed Lane, this one is not hindered in any way by Vortigaunts energy, though truth be told they haven't really tried to challenge him here, as he has acted in their better interests for quite some time. He can speak and comprehend any language, including electronic or non-verbal ones. And while he is technically empathic, he doesn't admit it.
Skills or Profession: As any Lane, he is a businessman in every sense of the word, and knows laws, contracts, and the like inside and out; as a lawyer he is absolutely deadly good. He as a strong memory for locations and mapping, apparently able to utilize those skills to move whole chunks of scenery to somewhere without breaking anything, also to wander ruins without getting so much as a scratch. Overall he is still a 'good guy', attempting to trap Ulathoi and destroy it, but his methods have been less nice and more ruthless the whole time, so if he wants to strike a deal with you, read the fine print a couple times first...
Personality: Silent, arrogant, snarky, and cynical, this 'Local' Lane is a bit more bitter than he'd like to admit and actually more than he wants to be. Now that he's seen how other versions of his history and events have played out elsewhere, he has had to grudgingly admit that maybe he might have been a bit hasty to do some of the things he's done. But, he lives with the results just as anyone else. At this point, since he's effectively a bystander now, he serves his alternate as a devil's advocate, presenting information and options that might or might not be extraordinarily cruel.

Events or History: It's basically the same as Repurposed Lane's, only with a few changes here and there. This world did not contain Armacham, and some of the people that play strong roles on Repurposed Earth didn't make it, while others took their place. So his interactions with some of these replacement people is... interesting. (Specifically the dynamic of Gordon Freeman with Adrian Shephard, given their roles were effectively swapped.) He has clearly 'fallen in love' and even sired children, but doesn't seem to be the type to actually settle down and raise a family quite unlike his counterpart. Currently he is busy moving from dimension to dimension looking for interesting people or things to throw at Repurposed Lane. Whether that's to help out, or to purely piss him off, no one really knows. Also, no one ever wants to see the two of them fighting, but if he goes too far, that may very well happen.

If this version of Lane has a dragon, that'll be... really weird.


Name: Pharoah
Gender: Male
Size/Shoulder/Length: Large 14' s / 70' l / 100' ws
Colors: Midnight indigo black, slightly blue tinted in good lighting for most of body, with brilliant metallic golden stripes on horns, neck and shoulders, tail, and edges of wings; wingsails are notably more black than blue but still tinted; claws silver, horns and spikes, tail spade dark graphite grey; tongue and eyes vibrant blue
Features: four legs with taloned feet including thumbs on fore, 4 very strong curved claws each; body is scaled but so fine that it may as well be hide; two leathery wings with visible arms but all fingers internal, 3 fingers, prominent and heavy wrist claw; head is boxy and reptilian with massive teeth and heavy brows, two curved upswept horns, and two jaw spikes on each side; entire spine has heavy spikes from head to tail tip, tail ends in spade
Powers: Winged Flight, preferring night time, and overcast unexpected light and dark to surprise people or prey. He is a superb and powerful flier, though not as fast as he'd like to be, and he'll beat the snot out of anyone that says he's slow. His flight can be heard for quite a ways, with massive wing beats. When he lands, you know it. But he can take off and vanish into the night sky without a sound. Pharoah cannot teleport*.
Communication, a lot of snarling, hissing, and arguments come from this dragon, in Draconic of several varieties, and English as he's learning it. Where Lane here isn't all that hot on allowing this Melissa person to come near him with that sample swab, Pharoah thinks she's awesome because she's taught him how to curse in like nineteen different languages already. Pharoah does have a Vortal connection to Lane, which to the man seems like a thick leather cord getting tighter and tighter... Never quite snapping and never exactly constricting.
Command, Pharoah does what his name implies: he rules. He has some kind of ability over animals, particularly reptiles, but also birds, dragons, and some invasive species found on the Rookery now. If he wants to have an audience, he'll get it: in the form of thousands of lizards, snakes, alligators or bullsquid, and some number of weaker-willed dragons. Paxton's dragons do not like this one bit, not at all; nor does Paxton for that matter, but so far they've not been in the same place more than five minutes at a time, and seem to have an agreement that they will not interfere with one another's 'subjects'. At Lane's behest, Pharoah will cooperate with Paxton and his brood, and if any kind of argument goes on, he'll simply teleport the dragons apart. Animals might fall for that crap, but Lane will absolutely not. That said, to a degree, Lane is terrified of this massive dragon. He just hopes that the creature won't undo any of the progress that the others at the Rookery have made, with his attitude of smash first, look later.
Smash First, Look Later; Pharoah is super, incredibly, dangerously strong. Physically he is stronger than any three dragons of his same size, and there aren't all that many who even are that big. Where some Pyrrhan dragons can lift a train car, Pharoah might lift half a building. He seems to take very little damage from impacts, cutting and scraping, or impaling items. However he is vulnerable a bit more to acid, flame, and toxins. Since he does have thumbs, there's very little that he cannot pick up and physically throw overhand, he can stand on his hind legs, using his tail and wings as balance, and yeet something more than a mile if it's streamlined enough. He's... he's the draconic equivalent of the Angry Young Wilson Carver.
*Shadow Manipulation, though he clearly prefers to be seen doing amazing things, Pharoah will occasionally fade to black, literally vanishing into whatever existing shadows there are nearby, even if they're nowhere near large enough to stand in. Where there are none, he can make them, oozing into the lack of light until he's just... not there. Where is he? Right behind you, usually. While he doesn't actually teleport from place to place as some dragons can, using these shadows he can seem to move across a venue up to half a mile at a time. If there are contiguous shadows, he can slink through them quickly and arrive on their other end like a light being turned on.
Parentage: Unknown, but they were probably godlike in their abilities back on his home world. And that's not even an exaggeration: he is pretty amazing, all in all.
Origin: Adopted from SentraTheTeaNoodle on Deviantart
Other Info: Oh look, it's really weird. He was absolutely as surprised as Lane was, to discover that someone with as much of a mean streak existed with no wings and tail... And now that they're partnered, voluntarily in the loosest sense of the word, both of them seem to operate at a level of chaos that was previously unknown.

It was equally surprising when Repurposed Lane allowed them to be sent to the Winter's Dark Heart 'event', though truth be told it's not Lane that's going to this to find or collect any further dragonets, it's Pharoah. Maybe he'll make a little army. Maybe they'll keep each other busy a while, and not interrupt the rebuilding that's going on in the Rookery. Or, they may just become unrelentingly destructive. Lane - all of them - hopes that this will more allow them to keep track of a third and considerably less savory of their roster. Whether Pharoah will allow his human...ish friend to control or suggest courses of action with whatever might come home with them, that remains to be seen too. Lane doesn't 'control' Pharoah, but then Pharoah can't really mess with Lane in any significant way save threatening him physically.