Name: Caroline Johnson

Gender: Female, straight

Age/DOB: never ask a lady her age. besides, this one doesn't actually know how to answer that question. *See Events/History; visible age around 30

Origin: Combination, mainly Rookery Earth, Enrichment Center (born in Michigan most likely)

Family: former husband Cave Johnson, no known children from that era; current... well, there's Amon... And Branwen (RY7), with Repurposed Keenan

Other: 'was married... to Science!' yeah that was actually Cave. Also, in basically every dimension they both exist in, she's had an affair with Keenan (or is it Local Lane? depends on which Earth you're on) when he first arrived, and thankfully this one thinks that this 'other, new and supposedly improved' Cave isn't worth going back to now

Height: 5'9"

Weight: absolutely never ask a lady that. (Slender and even build, not particularly muscular, though not out of shape.)

Hair: Medium to dusty brown, quite straight but full, usually past shoulderblades, when Doing Science, is kept back in a bun

Eyes: Dark brown, heavily lidded, expressive and somewhat judgemental eyebrows

Appearance: light-skinned with few blemishes, a sharp nose and usually pursed lips, Caroline likes to wear trendy little dresses and has a fondness for white and pale shades; her voice is perky, though she's not always 'happy', can be a bit on the vapid sounding side but do not let that fool you. She is anything but a ditz.

Genetic Abilities: Originally none, but with Icarus processing complete, Caroline now seems able to sense Vortal energies, auras, and has a decent Electronic or Machine sense. She can generally detect functionality and whether a device is powered, though not really do much more than analyze its ability. However, she is also an incredibly good data analyst, meaning she can simply glance at code, information, lists, or other such written or electronic information, and instantly gather an aggregate overall meaning or trend from it.*

Icarus Processing: With her newly remade body, yes, Icarus was applied while the body was being grown, allowing her to fully access any Vortal abilities; don't even ask whether it 'made her lighter', are you implying she's fat?

Image Credits: Valve / Elouai-gaia maker / Candy's World Perfect Dress

Skills or Profession: SCIENCE! Actually much more than just a research technician, Caroline was in her own right an inventor. Logistics and records were her passion, and she made sure that everything worked as smoothly as could be managed given that she worked at Aperture... She is known to keep a cool head until something absolutely dreadful or personal happens. But even then, angry, she rarely makes mistakes and is quite precise and measured with her work flow. She has a marked ability with robotics and code, programming, electronics, and engineering. While she was on the project properly, the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device was 'her baby', and she continues to help refine it with the aid of those incredibly familiar ELL units from that other Enrichment Center.
*In addition to the other things she's been known to do, Repurposed Caroline was actually among the scientists tapped to run the Pythagoras program, with children expressing ability with mathematics and science. It's possible that she contributed to the downloaded skillsets that Veronica and Ross were given.
Personality: Originally a bright-eyed and bushy tailed assistant to Cave Johnson, Caroline quickly distringuished herself as far more than a 'secretary' and was given more tasks designed to exploit her natural ability to crunch numbers and make things work. Over time, though, her cheery demeanor wore thinner - on Rookery Earth she watched her partner Cave destroy himself and their company, and finally was placed into the 'Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System' program; she was incredibly unhappy with this development, but on this world, liberally mixed with others (as there's an unclear overlap between Rookery and some others where ARRISA was created) she settled into testing, rather than murder. However ... Caroline was never a 'gentle' sort if she felt she was being put upon, and her anger issues particularly after being tapped for that program were legendary, leading on many Earths, to GLaDOS's destruction of nearly everyone in the Aperture facility. The Caroline that Repurposed Earth had, was never put into that program, however, she did have to again watch as her madman of a husband died and left the company without clear direction... Until Armacham bought it out. That world's Caroline died bitter and alone, a virtual exile in her own company's facilities. Keenan has been able to extract 'all the best parts', and very little of the bitter, angry, or sullen versions that exist, in order to recreate the woman he knew to be a remarkable scientist and confident woman. Her current personality much more mirrors the Caroline of the late 40s and early 50s, when Aperture was in full swing. She is fully aware that this world is no longer 'like that', but she has no trouble at all working with the rebels... she's just a bit unsure of the staff of this 'Black Mesa' that they're all in. She does have days where she'll just quietly observe and withdraw, but equal numbers where she's happily teaching the kids, or running experiments with the other scientists. They absolutely acknolwedge her as a 'senior scientist', not as some young pup or intern. Whether that's because she is confident and sure enough to pull it off, or because Lane's subtle Vortal manipulation has caused it, no one knows.
Events or History: Original DOB some time in 1933; Repurposed Earth died in 1987(?) but was not used to produce GLADOS there, Rookery Earth was killed to produce GLaDOS in the mid-80s; Rookery Caroline was recreated in 2030(RY-4) using memories, code, and Vortal energy collected by Keenan from that world's GLaDOS, and samples left over from the Repurposed Enrichment Center's database. Along with the group of genetic engineering talents found there, this 'new' personality was inserted into a cloned, grown body. Her new body is effectively a 25 year old Icarus-enhanced Caroline. She would like to remind everyone that her past is not what's important now, only that she has the experience and knowledge necessary to help destroy these awful Combine ... things... Of note, she, Rhea, and Rachel seem to share a kind of bond, the three being 'women in a man's field'. Together they side-eye Mars, because wow she did it right, and yes they're a touch jealous. But now that things are as radically different as they are, the field's been leveled, and they can contribute as much as they ever wanted to.


Name: Cyclamen, Snow's Blossom
Gender: Male
Size/Shoulder/Length: Medium-small, 10'3" shoulder / 43' l / 100' ws
Colors*: white belly from chin to tail, mostly mottled pink, red-violet, dusty rose, and grey-tinted violet, brighter solid pink toward feet and wing finger ends; white luminescent dotting along body and limbs; wingsails are violet through dusty pink, bright white at sail edge; white claws and horns, eyes are turquoise; *colors are subject to change with mood, but usually run in the red-pink and violet range with white to graphite accents.
Features: Rain-Icewing hybrid, four slender and dexterous limbs with a crouch to hind legs, tipped with 5 and 4 extremely sharp curved claws, thumb on fore, heel-claw on hind; two leathery 4-fingered wings with elbow strut and long wrist thumb, all have long curved claws, thumb is jagged and suitable for cutting ice; scaley skin with large soft plates on belly, very tiny scales on most of body with larger armor on fronts of limbs and down narrow strip of dorsal area; thin strip of small scales between belly and body; head is dished with notable beak, small nose horn, jaw nubs, prominent eye ridges, external ears, two short upcurved backswept horns, and webbed spikes behind ears; body is very long and slender, sinuous, and tail has extreme prehensile gripping strength; long slender spikes along entire dorsal area from back of head to tail tip.
Powers: Winged Flight, Snowblossom is quite good at flight in calm clear weather, and can tolerate a decent amount of weight to lift with his tail though sometimes it does kind of drag bottom heavy. He can maintain a good hovering flap for around 10 minutes bearing weight, and so is good for moving and lifting localized machinery if there's room to fly.
Verbal Communication, as his voice is clear and quiet, he likes to choose his words carefully, and does so in Draconic and English, more comfortable in his native language. He can understand advanced technical information, but doesn't feel comfortable relaying it because he claims he gets tongue-tied trying to remember which word goes where. He has a strong bond emotionally with his sister as well as Caroline.
Color Shifting, the stronger of the siblings color changes occur on Snowblossom, he's able to manipulate all of his surface scales quite well and under control, rather than by mood. Often he'll put on a brilliant white body with vibrant red-violet wings, or go entirely soft-warm-grey, depending on the needs around. He doesn't do this as entertainment, more to aid in communication at a distance, but he has been known to put on hearts and patterns to keep people occupied while things are going badly around them.
Icy Venom, though most of his genes seem to be based around his Rainwing parent, his venomous spit can be used as icy daggers. He can merely bite and inject venom into prey, but can also project a highly accurate javelin of ice that's basically nothing but sharp pointy doom. Though short ranged, accurate at 30 meters or less, this will most surely kill anything living that it impales, and it will absolutely impale all but the thickest armor. He cannot do this more than once or twice in a short period, so it's a last-ditch fighting effort.
Ice Tolerance and Claws, because of his Icewing parent, Snowblossom is outfitted with super-sharp claws, on any given Rainwing they would be good for merely climbing trees or digging through underbrush, but his are definitely geared for much harder and slicker surfaces like ice, thin metal, and soft stone. He can rip up ice like nobody's business, though not quite as strongly as his sister. Also he is hardly bothered by even the coldest of air or winds, though won't fly in them more due to wing strength than inability to withstand it.
Prehensile Tail, last but definitely not least is his tail, which as most Rainwings can grip and hold on to things even while moving, for balance, or to manipulate larger items while leaving their forehands free. He usually opts to lift with it, strength training is in his future, because he can grip a sturdy wall and flap to gain muscle, and let go to shoot up into the air.
Parentage: Mother Rainwing, father Icewing, Chionodoxa sister, half-sibling shared Icewing parent Raster. Cousins via Icewing's sister Render, Resolution, Refresh
Origin: Adopted from Moonshimmer981 at Deviantart
Other Info: his Rainwing really shows, in that while he's good at being in the cold Arctic, he does like being indoors or underground, and the Spheres are where he spends more time at the Northern Aperture site, than outside at the Borealis.


Name: Chionodoxa, Glory of the Snow
Gender: Female
Size/Shoulder/Length: Medium-large 14' shoulder / 58' l / 110' ws
Colors*: icy white head, including armor and spikes, belly from neck to tail tip; body and limbs fade from icy white to strong pink at tail tip and digits, all mottled with white 'snow'; tail has white luminescent dotting; wingsails and neck webbing are medium dusty rose through vibrant black-violet, strongly mottled with white and pale pink snow; all spines, claws, and horns are white; eyes pink-violet; *Color shifting varies from grey through very slick almost reflective silver, and from pink into vibrant purple and red-violet.
Features: Ice-Rainwing hybrid, four strong legs with 5 and 4 very curved sharp claws, heel-claw on hind; two leathery 4-fingered wings with large elbow strut and short wrist thumb, all having extremely long straight claws, wrist claw jagged and suitable for tearing ice; scaled skin with indistinct belly plating stronger along tail for grip, limbs have extremely large triangular scales, body and tail is smaller scales, with larger overlapping triangluar armor on neck and back, head is large and sharp with large central ridge, short jaw points, external ears, two thick conical backswept horns, spiked webbing frill behind ears, and mass of very sharp long spikes on back of head and neck, and along body dorsal, shifting to smaller triangular ridges along tail; tail is extremely strong and prehensile
Powers: Winged Flight, this dragon is powerful and durable in the air, even during blizzards or storms, though she prefers to stick with low-altitude flights purely to keep her bearings and not get completely lost - particularly when up in the frozen areas around the Borealis. She can lift tremendous weights, but only for short periods, mostly because her claws will eventually start piercing whatever armor is around crates or machinery and that's never good for what's inside them. She isn't remarkably maneuverable, mainly due to her size and wingspan; it's hard to turn quickly when one wing beat will take you a quarter mile. But she does use her tail to grasp and turn when needed, though has in fact left a trail of broken lamp posts and half-fallen buildings behind...
Verbal communication, like her brother, Glory can speak English and Draconic, and has picked up on the chattering Combine radio signals with ease. She is the more verbose of the pair, though she tends to stick with easier to understand words and phrases, and can interpret her brother's technical information to break it down to those needing to know it. She too has a strong empathic bond with Caroline and Snowblossom, and balks at anyone else trying to push either of them around - who's going to try it, with her around?
Color Shifting, like her brother, she has the Rainwing-based ability to change the color of her scales, though for her it's much more instinctive and mood-based than his. So when she's angry, she's not just glowing white, she'll adopt a vibrant 'don't mess with me' red-violet as a warning. This also goes along with the raising of her icy spike crest and frills, and overall when she's passionate about something, good or bad, you know it.
Prehensile Tail, though not as functional as her brother's, due to her size mainly, Glory's tail is able to twine around even small objects without breaking them, though she has to be very careful with living things. But also she can certainly grab roughly and smash things with it, as well as using it to balance or twist in the air.
Toxic Icy Breath, because the Icewing is dominant in her, her breath weapon is considerably more 'ice spray' than anything else. However, she does still produce venom, in the form of mixing with her saliva when hunting (to bite) or to project as a nasty lingering super cold fog. She can focus this into a narrow, 40 meter long ray which eventually drips down from gravity, or emit a broad, thick chilly moisture that will collect on anything, freeze there, and then begin to eat away at whatever it lands on. It eventually evaporates, leaving a stain but doesn't regain any toxicity if it's wettened again. While this can kill when she bites with it, the foggy or cone weapon breath can temporarily blind or disorient living things, cause painful but nonlethal chemical burns, and permanently visually disable most machinery if it has glass or plastic lenses for its sight. She has been useful for setting up 'hunting blinds', with plastic sheeting that she coats and turns them frosty, blending in very well with the ice and snow.
Cold Tolerance and Ice Claws, she can absolutely withstand such cold as would freeze another living thing solid, and while she doesn't necessarily love it, she can swim in the frigid Arctic waters without any damge. Her claws are remarkably sharp, those on her paws can dig through the coldest, most solid ice, many metals, and medium-strength stone, her wing claw will rip straight through hardened steel, and those spkes of hers will puncture anything at all that's less than 6 inches thick. Though they look like they would be too blunt to do so, don't make the error of thinking they'd be harmless...
Parentage: Mother Rainwing, father Icewing, brother Cyclamen, half-sibling shared Icewing parent Raster. Cousins via Icewing's sister Render, Resolution, Refresh
Origin: adopted from Moonshimmer981 at Deviantart
Other Info: Considerably more comfortable in the icy weather and snow of the Borealis, she enjoys the visits to the Northern Aperture facility during wintertime, and doesn't much care for going down to the Rookery itself, as it's much too warm and dry down there.