Name: Branwen Lane [bright raven]

Gender: Female, straight

Age/DOB: ~17, aged, RY7

Origin: Rookery Earth to different dimension parents, resides at Ranch

Family: Mother Caroline, father Repurposed Keenan, numerous relatives everywhere; has interest in keeping up the trend of finding a good partner and messing with genetics...there's Carl Freeman on the short list (Brad, RY11), and it looks more and more like she and Midnight will hook up, holy hell (Wanda, RY15)

Other: This one takes after mom, unlike her half-brother Amon who very clearly is Convocation

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 130* Icarus treated so her weight is much less than it could be for her height and muscularity, she's stronger than most women but not necessarily superhumanly so, but she is very durable, and speedy (see below)

Hair: dark brown with dusty overtones, straight and thick, she lacks the widows peak common to her father's line, kept to mid-back, shaggy, and is often tied back into a bun or under a hair net if she's working

Eyes: hazel green, they do glow but it's a dim shade that is hard to see unless you're looking for it Vortally, hooded, they don't look as tired-baggy as dad's, but she definitely knows how to use that 'sleepy eyed' look to her advantage

Appearance: more greatly resembles her mother, her skin is more creamy than pasty but she's very light skinned, she burns and peels in the sun much to her amusement; she has no scars, due to self-healing; tends to smirk, has a very long straight nose, and large hands; because she resides at the Ranch she has adopted 'western' styled gear, and manages to keep it mostly clean, though she does resort to Vortal cleansing at times to get the grease and grime off; she does have a scent of machine oil and grit about her

Icarus Processing: yes, at age 2 she was aged and given the treatments to more formally solidify her Vortal abilities, and give downloads for skills. She heals at a remarkable rate, nearly 4x faster than normal, and can keep working without sleep for days on end; she is about 6x faster than a normal person for all activities from running to fine detail work with her hands, this is partly Vortal (particularly for dexterity tasks, see below)

Image Credits: Meiker / Vintage Western (modded)

Genetic Abilities: though she's definitely stronger Vortally than most, she has never really bothered to reach the Convocation-level strength of her father's side of the family. Her telepathy is strong at medium to close range, under 500 meters, and she can pry into even strongly Vortal minds with ease and without being noticed. She does have a good empathic sense up close (less than 20 meters), and enjoys parties more than riots because she gets carried away by the emotions of groups. Her Vortal Sight however is remarkably precise and strong, she can detect auras of any living creature, and any Vortally-activated event, traces, echoes, and items that have been made using powers, at up to 20 miles away, and with very clear detail at 250 meters. She can actually manipulate those auras, running them back and forth to see just a little bit into the past and future, not more than 10 minutes either way, and the echo must be reasonably fresh (less than a week) to do this. (So thankfully, she can't go into dad's office construct and detect everything that he did there.) She has a strong temporal warp power, which she uses to slow time around herself while she works on tiny things like watches and delicate machinery, and this gives the illusion of her being very, very fast with her hands. This effect is completely natural to her, and it had to be pointed out that she was doing it, before she realized that's what was happening and that other people saw it differently than she did. She can use this ability to pause people, creatures, or items, up to about 500lbs worth of mass, at close range less than 10 meters around herself. This is combined with a bit of telekinesis in that they tend to 'float' harmlessly while she's doing it, and gravity affects them only after she releases them. She can hold things up to an hour as long as she's nearby, and if needed they hover behind her to keep up with her walking speed. She can effectively teleport, though it's not a true energy-based version - she pauses the entire nearby area up to 100 meters from herself, for a short period while she zips through it. It doesn't tire her out, while she's running like this, so she hardly breaks a sweat running back and forth on a factory floor or across the Ranch for tools. The pause only lasts around 20 seconds or so, but that's usually enough for her to read a manual, fix a radio, and deliver it back to its owner halfway across the block. Though she hasn't yet attempted to do so, she seems fully capable of creating a Vortal Construct, as she's easily able to enter anyone else's as long as she knows it exists. She does also exhibit a minor amount of talent with radios, communication devices, electronics, and scanning equipment, those that have some kind of electronic energy signature, though mainly this is limited to sensing them rather than controlling their output like her father can.
Skills or Profession: when she was aged from around 2 to 12 years old, she was given plenty of downloaded skills, from basic english and history (of both the Rookery and Repurposed worlds), art and social skills, but mainly engineering, programming, mechanical work, repairs, and civil engineering skills. Branwen has practiced these daily since then, not only assisting her mother and plenty of people at various facilities, but over at the Ranch, where she has chosen to reside as a later teen. She can fix nearly anything if there are tools available, and when there are no tools, she does a 'quick search' for them in the nearby area - racing about with time nearly frozen, until she finds what she needs. She recognizes tools and their functions, though she doesn't tend to innovate new ones. Branwen figures there's enough stuff lying around unused these days, why not keep it up instead of trying to make weird new ones?
Personality: Much more gregarious than her father, and far less snarky than mom. She's quite entertaining to watch, but also if you're close enough to watch you're going to need to stay out of her way or hand her the tool she asks for. She has no fear of large machines and installations, and doesn't flinch on hearing loud or awful noises. She doesn't like rodents, and will go out of her way to trap them for feeding to other more friendly animals... like dragons or 'dogs'. She also doesn't like hats, but admits that she looks cute in the ones that have been given to her for being outside in the harsh New Mexico sun.
Events or History: The multiverse is just littered with Keenan's kids. She didn't come as any surprise to anyone, however, not even Rhea batted an eye when they got 'back' together. After all, they'd raised their own family and now Caroline would get the chance too. Everyone - everyone - glares at Local Lane for having removed those memories from her of raising Amon... because it was done about the same as with Rhea and her children, in a construct for a while and then out in the wild once it was time to join the Rookery proper. Though she does spend plenty of time at Aperture, the Borealis, the Mansion, and the Rookery, her location of choice is the Ranch, where she can fix up harvest machines and hook up defenses so that any critters that make it through burrowing tunnels below don't cause havoc above. When the Grounds are more formally settled a few years later, she does spend more time running between Ranch and Grounds than anywhere else.

Dragons info common to both:

Breed: Nightwing, though it's clear that someone has a lot of other breeds in him...
Origin: adopted from LunarSolstice981 with lines by Biohazardia on Deviantart, WoF by Tui Sutherland
Other Info: They came to the Rookery with their names already, and because the world is what it is, basically no one knows how hilarious they are being a twisted verse of a comic book character's battle cry.


Name: In Brightest Night
Gender: Male
Size/Shoulder/Length: Medium 9'3" s / 50' l / 75' ws
Colors: brightly yellow body and limbs, backs of wings; slightly creamier belly, under tail, behind legs; armor goldenrod; markings pale orange-rust; wingsails under only yellow-tinted orange rust with darker brown markings and three large 'suns'; claws, horns, spikes bright yellow, eyes vibrant yellow with black sclera, faint orange marking on brow
Features: Nightwing though quite small for one, and very clearly has a Sandwing or Skywings in his line with that color scheme, though he doesn't have any physical traits or powers for that 'side' of the family
Powers: Winged Flight, fast and sure in the air, though usually only relied upon to zip his rider or a passenger and some goods between the Ranch and Rookery. He loves soaring with the Skywings, basking with the Sandwings, and generally stirring up dust when he rockets over the ground at very, very low altitude quick as can be.
Communication, he is a Nightwing, and as such his Vortal mind is quite open and strong, even though his coloration is 'completely wrong'. Since he has been on the Rookery his entire waking life, the Vortessence has certainly affected his ability and he is adept with longer-range telepathy with dragons and strong Vortal minds, able to speak clearly up to 100 miles away. He can sense individual humans and Vorts within about 500 meters easily, and likes how they 'shine' in his eyes. Otherwise he speaks English and quite a lot of Vortigese, and is learning a little Draconic here and there from the older members of his breed. They're somewhat disappointed he's not very good at it.
Supernova, Nightwings may not be the hottest flame breathers, but this one absolutely is. He is able to create a massive explosive blast that is hot enough to melt sand into glass, in a ball about 4 feet across, accurate to over 250 meters. It's basically a Combine Energy Pellet only larger, slightly faster, that explodes on contact and does not bounce. That's... all his breath can do though, he's not capable of even a tiny bit of flame otherwise. He tends to only shoot this upwards, since leaving a trail of glass-explosive pock marks in the desert would lead everyone right to them.
Vision Issues, he's not blinded by the bright lights or sun in the desert, however his sight is pretty weak when there's little natural light nearby. So he tends to be the 'daytime' dragon, up just before dawn, and he will certainly party with the others on the ground until well into the evening.
Parentage: Unknown, and was abandoned as a hatchling due to his radically different colors, they were both Nightwings, but it's very possible that both sides had Sandwing ancestry; Is the father of Gold Dust with Anunit
Other Info: Friendly and fun loving, but quite protective of their territory. He hopes for a day when the train will run, because he wants to race it.


Name: In Darkest Day
Gender: Female
Size/Shoulder/Length: Medium-large (big wings) 12' s / 60' l / 130' ws
Colors: body, limbs, backs of wingsails very dark purple, having black irregular splotching everywhere; belly, backs of legs, under tail blue-violet midnight with tiny tiny specs of white stars, notably this is also the pattern on wingsails which have strong bright purple, red, fuchsia and black nebula with larger star markings - all of these sparkle as though real; face marking in dark fuchsia; claws and spines vibrant red, horns sunset red to orange-yellow; eyes deep red
Features: Nightwing, pretty straightforwardly so
Powers: Winged Flight, though not as fast as her friend she is swift and accurate, and strong enough to lift train cars while flying long distances. She is quiet in the air, swooping around the desert checking on things and occasionally heading even farther afield into the City or ruins. She is relied upon to transport groups back and forth in the night, outside of the prying eyes of the Combine. However, she also enjoys their occasional travels to other places, though she feels a bit out of place at the Borealis aside from when it's near-eternal evening there. You will not see her - or hear her - coming, if she's hunting.
Communication, adept with Vortal speech and empathy to a strong degree, however she's more silent and listens to her rider and friends, before adding anything to a conversation. She can telepathically communicate with dragons of her own breed at around 50 miles, Vorts and Pantheon minds at 10, and cannot really pry into anyone else's mind no matter the distance. But her empathy knows no bounds, some Mudwings have commented that she's very receptive and sensitive. She speaks English and Vortigese without issue, but only knows the barest of Draconic, and feels that even bothering to learn it isn't worth her time. She feels that it's a betrayal by her kin that her partner was rejected, so why continue to pretend they mean anything?
Flame Breath, her flame is dark, but hot - lighting up at best in the red color range, but it lingers. She can aim a burst fire, or a line of it, accurate to 200 meters, and these lines or explosive patches will remain where they are breathed for about 10 minutes before cooling and vanishing. If she's called upon to fight, she is not sent in first, because that fire will damage anything, even friends, if they touch it.
Night Adapted, she has very keen night vision, and can see in almost-complete darkness, including underground, and makes out details that some miss even in daylight. However, she is easily blinded by very bright light, so like her counterpart she will rest during the bright parts of the day, and rise toward sundown. She does like sitting up 'late' watching the humans and Vorts get up at the Ranch and start their own days.
Parentage: Unknown, arrived with Brightest Night, so they're about the same age, and are unlikely to be related
Other Info: All in all she's a sedate and sensible dragon, but she very much resents her Nightwing kinfolk for abandoning her beloved Brightest Night. She concentrates her efforts against the Combine, but anyone listening in on her thoughts knows that she's sometimes pretnded it's his parents that she's aiming at...