Name: Amon Vahh (Lane) - his name already means hidden mystery, what more can you ask?

Gender: Male, straight

Age/DOB: ~20s / unknown dob (shows up around RY3)

Origin: Resides on Rookery, tends to remain around Lane Mansion and ports to wherever he's needed, or wants to be; hardly ever gets noticed until someone jumps out of their skin as he stands behind them smirking

Family: It's originally unclear whether this is Rookery/Reborn Caroline and Repurposed Keenan's boy, or some other combination, but it's a Caroline and a Keenan, and he lives on Rookery Earth now; Melissa is insanely interested in this one. I wonder why. Around RY 7 things have gotten weirder and his (half?)sister Branwen is born.

Other: he did just kind of show up. It's entirely possible that it's the local Lane's son, because local Caroline does have some amount of ... guilt? shame? memories of this dashing and powerful young man. She just doesn't remember giving birth, raising him, or even really ever having met him. And Rookery-Earth's Lane is not talking... which kind of says volumes if you know how to listen. ** 7.16.21 - Aelekta Kshau and he have a daughter named Lakamar

Height: 6'0", stands pretty straight but not stiff

Weight: 160ish, evenly built, longer limbs than image makes him look

Hair: dark brown, reddish overtones in the sun, straight and thick, lacks his father's widows peak, kept short but not too military in style

Eyes: Hazel green with strong golden overtones, they do glow in the dark, and they do become quite visibly bright when he's using any power; under highly judgemental brows and over high sharp cheeks

Appearance: fair skin with no scarring, though he does have a bit of stubble and darker rings around his eyes than a youth might; a short hooked nose, and thin lips, handsome but looks very dangerous to approach; prefers a functional style of dress that doesn't really bear any resemblance to things typically found on Earth in any era, and may very well be from another dimension entirely; as shown, bits of him do glow and this is fully visible to anyone, not just Vortal sight; seen below for his Paragon days, he does in fact have 'tattoos' but he actually made them himself using Vortessence, and they glow quite strongly at all times.

Icarus Processing: None, as it hadn't existed in the universe he's from in the first place, nor would he have in any way benefitted from it, he's already off the charts

Image Credits: Azalea's Dolls Star Wars Male maker

Genetic Abilities: As is clear from any child of Keenan Lane's, anywhere, he has immense Convocation-based powers. Energy manipulation is his key power set, and he uses it constantly. Whether it's to throw around attacks like a Vortigaunt would, or sapping electrical signals out of the air and changing them to his liking before rebroadcasting them into televisions that aren't even plugged in, Amon is quite adept at all forms of energy. He can sense and control it on a continental scale, which isn't because he's just 'that powerful', more to do with him having been [REDACTED] during [REDACTED]. He teleports with ease, doing so in a more brightly yellowish green ball of energy than any of his 'fathers' type (which tend to be more outright green and orange). His teleportation range is unlimited, and he can and often does travel between dimensions. He has a very strong Vortal imprint ability, where most Lanes can 'create' only in their own tucked-away non-physical realm, he can force a Vortal image to come into being physically. These locations are beacons of Vortal energy, but that does fade over time, so any item or structure that he's created in this manner will eventually look and seem just like a normal thing to even highly trained Vortal eyes.
Skills or Profession: Wanderer, whether he brings chaos or order to a place will really depend on his mood. On one hand he does seek to right wrongs as he sees them. On the other, no one knows what his criteria is for such a thing, and his methods vary from outright murder, to building homeless shelters. ... Out of nothing, he builds them Vortally and imposes his will on matter strongly enough that they just ... appear. With all the detail that entails, he must have some strong education in there... we just can't possibly guess where he got it. He has a spot in Paragon, and seems to have mastered 'heroics', though sometimes he does go a little overboard with the electrocutions...
Personality: Careful, observant, extremely smart, Amon prefers to wait and lurk, watching out for signs of weakness and then striking. More often than not this does appear to be literal, rather than figuratively or 'business' savvy - he is much more adept with physically flinging around energy than any of his potential fathers are. He speaks little, but says much.

Events or History: It's very possible that he is similar in ways to Ruby, in that there was a human-born body and a Convocation-created spirit that kind of split up for a while. He has taken an interest in the Rookery, more than likely hinted by his own senses and Vortal power than any of the Lane doppelgangers telling him to come looking. The rest of his history is [REDACTED] anyway. It's also equally likely that Local Lane just lies about his time with Caroline. The way she glares at him from beside her daughter, Amon's sister-from-a-different-dimension's-Lane Branwen, tells everyone what really went on. If only she could remember it.

He doesn't work from the Towers at the Grounds, he just appears wherever he wants. Of note, he has an extensive history in Paragon City, though he still rides a very narrow line between hero and vigilante there. He tends to be much flashier there than with the dragons, honestly.


Name: Ashera Izri - she walks into the sea of stars
Gender: Female
Size/Shoulder/Length: Large (overall) 9'8" s / 62' / 74' ws
Colors: Body deep cool grey-blue nearing charcoal with a strong blue tint, brilliant pale green to darker green marking over muzzle, eye, face, neck, and to tail; wingsails and tail are dark blue-graphite with refraction-style green markings, which do move and can be hypnotic; neck spikes, back and tail fluff darker green; horns and claws green-tinted grey; eyes violet, tongue purple
Features: Four legs with a semi-bipedal stance (hind legs longer than fore) with 4 digits each, one opposable on all paws, all with strong curved claws; two large leathery wings with 4 internal fingers, elbow strut, and strong wrist claw; skin is scaled with heavy armor on belly and limbs, but fine scales on all other parts; head is boxy with prominent eye ridge, nose knob, large external ears,, two large backswept horns; neck and upper back have large spikes, mid-back to tail tip fluffy fur, tail is tipped with large tuft of fur
Powers: Winged Flight, Travel; Ashera does not tire when flying, swimming, or running, she seems to draw power directly from her bond, and he willingly gives it to her. The thought of her 'carrying packages' or shuffling refugees around is absurd, she lets only Amon ride her. Perhaps the spoils of war, collected weapons or mementos, or meat for the feast are all she'd carry otherwise. But it's perfectly clear that she's remarkably strong and definitely durable enough to destroy whole buildings by flying into them claws-forward. She can move rapdily in water, sleekly pushing through it with a sort of air bubble created by her horns and ears, though whether Amon or Ashera needs to breathe is in question. She doesn't tunnel through solids, but instead she can grip almost any surface that can hold her weight and run, leaving huge gouges in it behind her. She cannot run straight up things unless the surface can support her weight, which means sometimes she will bolt up a ruined building wall, or a cliff side, only to leap off it upside down, circling over a target and landing on it from above. She is not silent on the ground, but in water and in the air flying she makes hardly any sound unless she's screaming.
Communication, Ashera speaks, but you shouldn't listen to her.
Sonic Destruction, because sometimes the things she says are words of power, spoken with such force that an object will shatter on a molecular level. Perhaps Amon has lent her this power, perhaps she was born with it. No one knows.
Camouflage and Coloration, the dancing underlighting of green lines on her wings and tail move and flicker, changing intensity or size, direction, or frequency. They're always green on darkness, but with them she can certainly blend in with oils, the surface of water, or even, in some recent cases, a rainy day and a Combine wall. Though moving, these patterns tend to not draw ones eye toward them, instead simply becoming 'part of the scenery'. Even if she's moving at the time, she can match existing patterns or movement easily.
Parentage: Unknown, though appears to be of the same breed as several others on the Rookery this dragon doesn't have any blood relatives
Origin: Adopted from Sentratheteanoodle on Deviantart, lines by Taluns
Other Info: Yes, they do appear to be trying for godhood. Perhaps wherever he's from, Amon's Convocation doesn't mind this so much. Or maybe they do, and he's off visiting dimensions so they won't find him. But certainly as long as they're here, they're going to enjoy destroying the Combine... Ashera will anyway.