Indred Paveh

Name Indred Paveh
Gender Male
Homeworld Twoarth, to Zekiran/DMZ and Rookery parents, Diplomatic envoy
Class Junior
Nut Not
Totem none (Indigo and Darkhanis parents); half-sister Rowena
Smarts 8
Bod/Feet 4
Luck 4
Drive 1
Looks 4
Cool 5
Bonk 5
Powers Telepathy (invasive, strong)
Teleportation (LOS/Visited)
Information Transfer
Psionic Defenses (strong)
Shapeshifting (appearance)
Mind Cloud/Hypnosis
Clusters Dig For Info +2
Look Like Anyone In Genetic Line +3
Skills Literate To A Fault +2
Fighting Style +2
Cultural Barriers Don't Exist +2
Knacks Can (does) Breed With Anyone +3
1 Ancient Earth Language Mayan with Cameron / Passing
2 Locals History with Huntington / Decent
3 Genre-Driven Fiction with McPanda / Decent
4 Transmogrification and Morph Magic with Zvan / Excellent
5 Advanced Role Playing Games with Gray / Excellent
6 Genetic Engineering with K.Takahara-Mason / Superb
7 Martial Arts (Taekwondo) with Canby / Decent
8 Logical Thinking with Farber / Excellent

Name: Thaljath of Darkling Dawn
Gender: Female
Color: Silver-Black
Size: 32' long
Parents: Silver Ayrerth x White-Black Ghost
Abilities: Telepathy, Teleportation, Vocal Speech, Firebreath
Personality: Friendly, fun-loving, amorous, brave, helpful
Bond: Indred Paveh

Thaljath participates in a time-displaced Hallowed Silk flight, and is caught by black Denhadarvahth and Zeil

With Den offspring include Lurlyk'ohath, Odu'voonth, Mech'saath, **

If Indigo ever wanted to go anywhere to learn about a culture, it was to Zekira, and it was Darkhanis Paveh who allowed that to happen. Since the Peridian was known as a genetic engineer already, and had it in his head to make 'more, better Zekirans' using off-world genetics, Indigo's were stunningly well-suited to that. Her genetics were used on that world for a variety of splices, but she did give birth to Indred, her beloved son.

Her beloved, appearance-shifting, mind-prying son who hangs out with an equal number of Zekirans as well as Vortigaunts, Sangers and Kshaus. Indred is really smart. He can chat it up with the physics prof, and pick apart logical discussions with the philosophy department head. Indred is really suave. He can ask the right person the right question at the right time, he can dine with royalty as well as those three guys who live in the alley behind the Pizza Shack.

Let's just hope that Indred never grows bored. He's of equal value out messing with the Combine's logistics (though not really working on their computing systems directly, he confers with others about how they think, what their commands might be, and generally fussing with their Overwatch system) as he is keeping Etan in check on Zekira. Also, it's highly likely that he's immortal. He takes damage and heals at a regular pace, but given the lengthy genetic span that most Zekirans live, and his ability to control his own appearance? He's probably going to live at least a few hundred years longer than anyone around him expects.


To say that Indred was the 'first' of the girls offspring to bond would be pushing it. After all, by the time he existed, there were whole time lines that spawned and fell into disrepair. But to say that Darkling Dawn was the best place for him to go? That was positively true. After all, it was his first try to find himself a dragon, and BAM there she was. A lovely grey-colored, black-winged girl that butted her horned head against him lovingly.

I will aid you, I know where to go for fun... and I like your kind of fun.

His kind of fun, after all, was to locate a good gathering of girls and see just exactly how that Paveh charm paid off... And if there was one thing that Thaljath was quite good at, was attracting a gathering!