Name: Joel Walsh; joh ell, the precise shine

Gender: Male, pansexual

Age/DOB: 17, aged, RY4

Origin: Rookery born, to Repurposed parents

Family: mother Jennifer Lange, father Nohaa Walsh, twin sister Nakila , uncle Gene, and extensive Vahh family relatives

Other: seems rather... fluid in his appearance, and quite often people don't remember exactly who it was that was right next to them

Height: 5'8"

Weight: ~100* Icarus plus his build is just slim as hell; he is wiry and lean, surprisingly strong but not superhumanly so, extremely narrow and upright

Hair: quite black, satiny and thick, kept short as shown, and somehow always looks a bit windswept, does have a widows peak but it's not typically as easily seen as some in his family because he keeps the bangs over his forehead

Eyes: bright green, and yes those eyes are all green, for whatever reason. The iris is a little more lime shaded, with a darker rim and virtually no sign of a pupil. They had originally started with a darker shade of green and actual whites, but within the first two years out of his vat they changed. Almond shaped, with a strong epicanthal fold, and rather dark lashes that make it look like he's got perfect liner.

Appearance: fair slightly yellow-tan skin with no flaws; oval face with smirking lips and finely crafted features and he knows it. He is remarkably slender and long-legged, and likes those skinny jeans and formal shirts. Aaaand sneakers. His voice is overtly gentle, with a deep burr to it, but like any given anime-inspired twink he has a surprisingly dark menace that he can pull up if he's angry or wants to impress his granddad...

Icarus Processing: Yes, for no conceivable reason, Nohaa convinced Melissa that his kids 'deserved' to be boosted. And like she does, she agreed instantly. The processing clearly reduced his weight, and while his strength isn't particularly high, his speed, agility, and dexterity have all been increased substantially. He can walk on a centimeter wide wire, run across rooftops without leaving a trace, scale improbably smooth walls or cliffs, and remain perfectly still for an hour at a time. His aim and manual skills are remarkably precise, he likes throwing small items more than shooting but his innate traits mean he hardly ever misses. He can run around 4x faster than a normal person, and type at least as fast as the machinery he's using can handle. His reaction speed and perception are at least 3x as keen for hearing and sight, he often moves without even acknowledging why, just before a bullet strikes.

Image Credits: / Doll Divine / Zecchou Auriga

Genetic Abilities: Because he is a Vahh descendant, Joel is markedly stronger Vortally than most others even among the Pantheon. Combined with Icarus treatment, this pushes his power level into 'over nine thousand' or at least 'around eight thousand' and yes he has watched the Repurposed dimension's version of Dragonball Z so he tends to compare himself favorably. (That's Nohaa's doing, he's a genrehopper after all.) His telepathic and empathic power is direct and sharp, you know when he's trying to talk to you - and if he doesn't want to be heard, you won't even know he's there. He can sense minds and Vortal presences at up to 2 miles with ease, communicating as though standing right next to someone at that distance, if he knows they're out there. He has a really good memory for Vortal signatures, and can home in on anyone with them in mind. He tends to avoid large gatherings of angry people, being overwhelmed a bit by high-volume emotions, but one to one he can prise apart complicated memories or even suppressed ones in order to either attack someone, or help them work through bad times. His primary function in the Rookery, however, is sniping with a potent mix of telekinetic bursting, and white-hot explosive energy. The range on his snipe is around 300 meters, accurate at that range but can be pushed longer if he doesn't have to actually hit something specific. The snipe can cause extremely painful surface burns, and will blind anything with visual scanners. The down side is that it is extremely bright from start to finish, so he knows he has limited time to get a hit off, and move ass away from the spot he was just in. Also he makes sure not to be around anyone while setting up - why lead enemies to them too? Though he can't teleport away like dad does, his running speed and agility make him formidable to try and track even with advanced sensors.
Skills or Profession: As above, he tends to work as a sniper in urban situations, also serving as a distraction for when the ground troops need to get away. He has strong downloaded skill sets for navigation, urban survival, weapon and technology recognition, as well as dragon riding tactics. He'll scoot around on dragonback in an overcast or foggy landscape, able to blend in with clouds or fog banks that way, but also on the ground simply runs around until he knows the lay of the land well enough to find a spot to hunker down, and three more to move to when needed. If you're wondering: you shouldn't try playing Chess or other tactical games with Joel. 'Three moves ahead' is what he did when he was learning the game.
Personality: He pretends to be aloof and mysterious. But anyone can tell that he loves being around a few people doing fun things, he's not stand-offish except if someone underestimates his power, abilities, skills, or intelligence. Then all bets are off. Also if anyone insults his fashion sense. But then again Wilson will come to his defense even if his 'uncle' would rather have him in boots and slacks. He and his sister are quite a bit different in most ways, but they both love spicy food, pretty flowers, and black-red-white color schemes.

Events or History: No one really knows when Joel and his sister Nakila 'grew up', but they were certainly never 'toddlers' or even 'children' that anyone can recall. It's very possible that Nohaa brought them somewhere that time flowed differently, such as the Healing Den or just Xen, and raised them himself. They seem to have a very close bond with Nohaa at least, and enjoy the company of their mother quite a bit. Joel has taken training from both of his folks and many others among the Pantheon. He's hardly ever the type to pass up interaction with his friends, and spends a good amount of time seemingly lounging and doing very little, but anyone that's been with him in the field knows he's all business when things get heated.

Joel does spend more time awake than most but never seems to be tired, perhaps a Vahh trait. He bonded his dragon shortly before his sister found hers, but they were both essentially out of the shell 'impressed' as traditional as it comes. Joel resides at the Rookery and has easy access to other locations, so when he's needed in the field he's never been late.


Name: Odu'voonth, she reads the scroll of history
Gender: Female
Size/Shoulder/Length: Medium-Small (Pernese Green) 8'4" s / 36' l / 60' ws
Colors: silver-white body with faint marking on muzzle, darker on face and neck, pale tail; wingsails graphite with deep red tint; crest and tail tuft graphite; horns grey, claws white; eyes change, usually blue
Features: Pernese-origin mutt; hide skin, four legs with 3-clawed paw feet; two leathery 3-fingered wings with prominent claws and strong wrist thumb with claw; beaked face with ridged eyebrows and two conical horns; curved neck crest; tail tuft; bond required, -TH name with Vortigese word convention
Powers: Winged Flight, Odu' is a good flier, but not the biggest, strongest, or even fastest among her siblings. But she is durable, and precise in her low-altitude flights. She does enjoy scouting with her rider, and can spot excellent hiding places at good distances away. Very stable in the air, she is in a word 'reliable', and as her name implies she has a much better memory than most Old World dragons, and this does apply to locational mapping, visited areas, and flight formations during combat. She can carry several human-sized riders without slowing down or having trouble maneuvering.
Teleportation, Odu's strongest travel power is that of long-distance runs - she has a dozen locations memorized clearly enough that she will go alone to them in order to hang out with other dragons or find food. This power can take her instantly from the Rookery to the Borealis or elsewhere, and doesn't tire her in the slightest so she can rapidly drop off or pick up goods, people, or relay messages. She is adequately fast in the air for combat moves, though equitable to a Pernese green whose size she resembles as well. She can burst between numerous times in succession, however it does tire her out a bit, and she generally tries to avoid getting hit in other ways. While she can also teleport through time, it is usually by accident and not purposefully, so she's had to be rescued more than once by more experienced porters. She does have as good a memory for off-dimension locations as she needs to be able to arrive in some truly odd places, but doesn't get lost as easily when moving between worlds, as she does between times.
Communication, while she can telepathically speak with her bond, that's as far as her mind usually goes - she relies on verbal communication, as well as the very rare trait of being able to read and even write in English, thus her naming by the odd dragon-loving Vorts. She has a very extensive vocabulary and enjoyes conversing with the Pyrrhan dragons, since they tend to be the ones talking most times. It does surprise them that she, as one of those 'strange small local dragons' can keep up with them.
Fire Production, Odu is able to produce her own fire as well as utilize the 'magic fire spots' that other dragons or Vortal individuals have placed during combat. Her natural flames are cool but broad, and she has learned how to control it such that she discusses tactics with several team mates before they enter an area, so she can work with their 'trail of fire'. She can kill small creatures such as headcrabs or damage manhacks and scanners enough to send them spiraling into the ground, but even in terms of 'old world thread fighting' her flames aren't hot enough to kill a Combine soldier outright. But she can also use them to warm humid air and create fog or other effects, which helps her rider disguise his location better.
Parentage: Silver-Black Thaljath (silver Ayrerth + White black Ghost of Darkling Dawn) and Black Denhadarvahth; siblings include Mech'saath, **
Origin: Hallowed Silk breeding program, Healing Den born, original lineart altered from Falora of Talor Cliff Weyr
Other Info: She's quite proud of her abilities to read and write, and in their down time when not practicing, she has taken to interviewing dragons and writing their exploits. She's a regular Dragon Harper!