Vickie Talshoy-Vahh

Name Victoria 'Vickie' Talshoy-Vahh
Gender Female, Pansexual
Homeworld Twoarth, Crescent City, born to very disparate dimension parents (Dom is not even from Pern where her dragon was from, let alone Twoarth..., and Nachos is from Paragon Prime's version of Keenan...)
Class Junior
Nut Sure why not let's try that, a lot of little crumble peanuts on top please
Totem None, doll from Doll Divine / Urban Chic
Smarts 6
Bod/Feet 5
Luck 4
Drive 2/7 (vehicle/dragons)
Looks 3
Cool 5
Bonk 10 naturally immortal on all fronts and takes no damage from most physical sources
Powers Immortality (Regenerative and highly Resistant, half from elements, no dam crushing, impale, cut, scrape, bash)
Teleportation and Genrehopping (really quite good at this thanks to dad, quick fire teleports to less than 100m, Ghop to Xen, Paragon, Healing Den, Rookery, Repurposed, and Twoarth specific landing sites)
Vortal Suite (Empathy strong among large groups to 50m, Telepathy to Vortal minds at 10 miles, normal minds at 2, Vortal Sight aura reading at 20 meters to sense life) Senses much stronger but can also exert control over individuals at 10 meters or less
Mental Illusions, Light Illusions (weak, but can pass off a shadow-creation as a full image to weaker minds)
Clusters Acrobatic Teleportation +3
Emotional Support +2
Skills Navigation +3
Psychology +2
Surprisingly Good At Number Crunching +2
Knacks Revolutionary Like Mom'n'Dad +3
Spot Unusual Activity +2
Gossip Sponge +1
1 Teleportation Practice / Lane ( / Excellent
2 Optimism Under Duress / C'thain / Decent
3 Illusions and Charms / L. Stonefist / Passing
4 Time Travel Mach+Maps / Q. Pepper / Decent
5 Current Affairs / Talshoy (mom!) / Superb
6 Nexus Geohistory / T. Kshau / Excellent
7 Martian Studies / Gabriella / Excellent
8 Intro to Trig / N. California (dad!) / Excellent
Pets Definitely has cats at home
Parents? Mother Dominique Talshoy, father Nachos California (Distinct from Keenan)
Siblings? Brother Aquilla, who is not her twin but they were definitely raised together where did you hear he didn't exist until like 2 hours ago? If you count Keenan then tons more where they came from


Vickie is very much a child of revolutionaries. Tall (at least 6') and lean, physically adept and healthy, and with an open mind ... and often an open mouth with opinions aplenty. She doesn't choose to lead, but she does insert her opinion where needed, and keeps tabs on groups or people that strike her as either worth watching for their fun or goals, or because they're going to be trouble in the future. Since she and her dragon are apt to blip between times, she knows way more than she lets on about both types. Listening in to gossip isn't just a hobby, actually, and Nachos ... um, Keenan, is quite proud that she is able to keep secrets so well - and lets them go to the right ears when needed for security or safety's sake. She isn't the type to 'invest based on prior knowledge' and make a quick buck on sports games or betting, but she does 'invest' in people's needs.

She takes strongly after Dominique physically in appearance anyway, with dark hair shaved and mohawke'd up at times, but she does wear the Icarus outfit given to her with the treatments that yes, she did have. This improved her performance on Vortal tasks, and lightened her overall weight, but didn't change much else. Also yes that is a tiny Xenian crystal in her necklace, thanks not-dad! It allows her to be noticed by that side of the family when she's somewhere nearby, and helps her collect information from them as well.


Name: Lurlyk'ohath [haunts the distance between]
Gender: Female
Size/Shoulder/Length: Medium-small 9's / 33' l / 64' ws
Colors: oil-marked teal, heavily iridescent on all body parts except wingsails and horns; wingsails softly graded deep teal-green; crest and tail fluff teal-marked oil much darker and greener than wings; horns silver, claws white, eyes change based on mood, generally not angry-red as shown
Features: old-world modified mutt, hide skin requiring maintenance, egg layer, restricted color-gender types, four legs with 3 heavy claws paw front talon hind, two leathery wings with three visible fingers and prominent wrist thumb all with claws, curved neck ridge, tail tuft, two sharp conical back-pointing horns (revert to 'nubs'/knobs with pernese mate), eyes faceted and color shifting, bond required at hatching, -TH name ending
Powers: Winged Flight, highly acrobatic and energetic in the air to match her bond on the ground. Though not the biggest dragon she is very strong and sure even in difficult conditions, she can carry up to four human sized weights easily, but more than that tends to fly low and slow due to interference with her wings.
Teleportation: Distant TP 6, Time TP 4, Genrehop 3, Local TP 1 - A wide variety of Teleportation powers get used when Lurlyk is moving around, and she is relied upon for those longer distance hops for competitions and travel back and forth between worlds. Because she can time-port, Lurlyk and Vickie have frequently been spotted doing research for history classes or reviewing information they've picked up listening in on gossiping students, and then vanishing in a puff of fake shadow. She can easily reach a set of locations similar to her rider's teleport points, though there needs to be enough space for her to show up, and she will 'default' to the Healing Den if no other location is open. Her on-site teleport is actually weak, while she can 'combat teleport' it is exhausting and she tends to just fly or walk for local needs.
Communication Telepathy 6, Verbal Speech 3 - she can speak English, easily speaks Vortigese, and is picking up several local languages such as Korean, Spanish, and Russian, though she speaks with a heavy tone and is accented oddly. Her mind can reach nearly 10 miles to normal people, 50 to Vortal minds, and is 'anywhere they go' to Vickie. Also she likes listening in on classes, so she's often up on one of the dragon rooftops snooping, but no one is going to fault her for learning.
Fire Production Assisted 2, Natural 1 - she's not a combat dragon, but can produce an amount of heat and gassy belching that can be lit on fire. That's as much as she wants to talk about because ew.
Parentage: mother Thaljath, father Denhadarvahth, various siblings among the Rookery including Odu'voonth, Mech'saath, **
Origin: Healing Den Hallowed Silk clutch, modified Darkling Dawn+Talor Cliff, image originally by Falora of Talor Cliff
Other Info: It is a bit weird having a dragon that is from a clutch between your not-really-dad-he's-not-the-clone, as well as a different not dad's descendant who traveled through time to the Hallowed Silk event...