Nachos California

Name Nachos California (Keenan Lane)
Age Immortal, appears around mid-30s
Species Human For The Moment (Convocation)
Post Instructor
Tenure Slightly Predates Rookery Dragons
Smarts/GM 7
Bod/Feets 6
Luck 3
Drive 1 / 10 (Vehicle / Teleport)
Looks 3
Cool/Mouth 5
Bonk 6
Powers Convocation Energy Being Chillin With Heroes - even though he's technically already present several times on Twoarth as well as Paragon Earth, he does have a divergent frequency from other Keenan Lanes, and thus his personal powers differ from theirs: this one is an Illusion/Dark Troller with Psionic Mastery, Sorcery, and Speed
Clusters Micromanagement of Personal Energies +3
Skills Aim and Shoot +2
It's All Just Numbers Anyway +2
Fashion Skillz +1
Knacks Clever Naming Scheme +3
Were You Using That Enemy As An Anchor? +2
Resummon Just In Time +2
Period Class Teaching
2 Algebra Basics
3 Calculus Basics
4 Algebra Basics
5 Intro to Trigonometry
6 Calculus Basics
7 +
8 Intro to Trigonometry
Dragon Qutobi'carr
Hatched Carramba
Partner Dominique Talshoy
Children Vickie Talshoy-Vahh, daughter
Aquilla Talshoy-Vahh, son


If he had his way, Keenan Lane would never, ever talk about this. But frankly, he's actually having a lot of fun with this 'incarnation', and though one might expect by his appearance that he's more of a surfer... He's still Keenan Lane, after losing a bet in a drunken card game. Apparently he is compensating with pretty straightforward math classes.

There was drinking involved. And betting. When Mars Walsh and Cat Grey get together, this spells doom for any reasonable entity, including Keenan Lane. Or, Nach'lih kallah-vahh. 'Nachos California' is what those girls positively *mutilated* his name into. Cat, sure, he could see that. But Mars? She knew his name. Of course it was his booze that she'd been drinking while playing poker all night anyway.

This was just an excuse to see whether Keenan could really pull off yet another tweak on his own power use. Wilson worked with him to create those costumes, and they're commonly seen both at Carramba on campus, as well as across the dimension/country in Paragon City. He is after all still a superhero there too. His Paragon City dossier lists his power level as 50, a 'Magic' origin Controller; Illusion Control Primary / Darkness Affinity Secondary / Psionic Epic Mastery / Sorcery and Speed Pools.

He typically attends wearing a version of the outfit on the right - green tank top and board shorts, barefoot, and ... yeah that is cheese. However when he wants to wander around campus he will often don the golden Churro getup on the left, leaving a trail of delicious and fragrant sugar-cinnamon sparkles. For the more impressive official duties, the white Horchata (don't worry, the dripping white rice liquid evaporates instantly if it was there in the first place). He has other costumes for various occasions, primarily found in Paragon, however he's been known to visit the beach with his 'Chips' version of the 'Cheese' (replacing the drips with floating tortilla chips), or a 'Beans and Sour Cream' brown and white armor, a hot-and-steaming halo of 'Cheddar and Beans', or even on very rare occasions the red-green-gold 'Salsa' outfit - but he does complain that it's quite painful to wear. Nachos actually prefers Horchata but he got tired of getting soggy. (And the beard on Churros was itchy, he says.)

While Keenan is out leading a bunch of students on their field trip to find dragons in the multiverse, Nachos was busy herding kids around the math and science booths for their yearly Add It Up event, encouraging kids to enter fields with strong math skills, sciences, or even just pick up a hobby in robotics or chess club.

Because names are important, Nachos has a bunch of thematically named 'pets' when he's patrolling Paragon, or on the rare occasion in Carramba or even Crescent City itself. (There are already more than enough heroes on campus as well as in town, but sometimes you just have to root out bad guys!) Each of these pets are illusory, created out of his own energy, and serve slightly different roles. The Dark Servant Guacamole heals and gives off a helpful defensive aura. The Phantasm, Shredded Beef, is quite beefy indeed and summons its own pet to fight along side Nachos. The Spectral Terror, Tortilla, gives off a screaming wail and terrifies those who see it, rendering them unable to move and easier to hit. The Phantom Army of Cheddar, Monterrey Jack, and Mozzarella serve as temporary but very hard-hitting assaults of a variety of elemental types. The Phantom Lore pets Sour Cream and Lettuce back up and enhance combat and ally powers. Not shown, while casting certain attacks Nachos can also spawn several spicy and very briefly-seen 'energy fonts' that zap and stun enemies, distracting them with names like Jalapeno, Cayenne, and Habanero. How other heroes 'see' these names is a mystery best left to another time.



Name Qutobi'carr, Gifted Summoner of Carramba
Age Young (RY5)
Species Myrsilk-Danachian duo-wing hybrid
Post Teacher's Aide?
Tenure New
Smarts/GM 6
Bod/Feets 12
RWR 6 (bond not required, but they are Vortally connected)
Luck 3
Drive 0 / 7 Fly
Looks 4
Cool/Mouth 3
Bonk 20?
Name: Qutobi'carr (koo TOH bee)
Gender: Female
Size/Shoulder/Length: Massive, 22' s / 180' l / 160' ws
Colors: Shadow Black body, Deep black belly, Bright green wingsails and fins; extra shiny green markings, silver horns, acid green eyes
Features: Summoner/Myrsilk Duowing Danachian hybrid; as shown, some features such as wing quantity and tail type, horns, and marking-based power vary in family line and will carry differently in any subsequent descendants; naming convention as above, tend toward long and complicated names
Powers (power level 1-10): Winged Flight (9) you'd imagine that multiple sets of wings get in each others way, but you'd be wrong. Qutobi is deft and strong in the air, though she definitely requires a lot more space to take off, land, and maneuver than most. However she does simply use magic to change her size, and at times you'll see a tiny version of her zipping at full tilt through the halls of the Mathematics building only to fly out an open window where she becomes full sized again. Oddly though she does not displace a lot of air while flying or doing these other tricks, and produces virtually no sound even with wings the size of billboards.
Teleportation (8) as most of her kind can, she is very talented at teleportation on a local-world level, she can move up to 50 miles at an easy jaunt, and with some effort over 200, though it leaves her a little winded. Also she has access to a Void Portal (7), which basically opens a dragon-sized hole in the fabric of time-space and allows her to move through it to 'wherever'. She does know there are different Voids, but has started visiting a variety of them to make sure that she isn't missing any tricks. She comes out of that portal quite cold but it doesn't harm her, chilling the surrounding air. She can take with her whatever is able to hang on to her in either case, or whatever she's concentrating on. And yes, she can use the Void portal as an offensive move, causing an enemy to simply vanish into the Void... Maybe forever.
Shadows and Light (9, 5), That inky void isn't always a portal. Sometimes, it's an illusion created from shadow, or flickering with eerie lights. She can use these both to enhance the mood around an area, but also terrify, entrance, or stun enemies. She can light the way with simple arrows created of green glow, or block a doorway by casting it into darkness. All of these can be done while she's also 'small' so she can aid a batch of students while on her bond's shoulder - or at full size from quite a distance away given that she can effectively see through his eyes to know where to put things. This works at up to 500 meters for Shadow, and 200 for Light effects.
Magic Use (9), she is a bit of an anomaly for her mother's breed - casting magic spells is usually the purview of the males. But it hasn't stopped her from casting instant spells for communication, information gathering, fancy effects, or outright magic attacks. Given enough inspiration she can basically create whatever she needs, 'spells' aren't necessary, this is instinct for her, and can come in virtually any format.
Acid Production (7), though she's quite strong with this kind of thing, spitting up acidic goo as a breath weapon, and being inherently immune to anything that might normally be considered acidic, she thinks that it's uncool and tries to use that only against actual enemies. Because they simply dissolve into a puddle of vibrantly lime green guck, within moments of being covered in it. At up to 150 meters with accuracy, this stuff can cover a bus. Generally it affects organic materials, and doesn't eat through things that are not typically affected.
Communication Verbal (3), Telepathy (6) she has a strong voice with a decent Draconic vocabulary, but must refrain from doing a lot of speaking, because she has volume issues. Though her voice is produced by her throat and not mouth, she doesn't really rein in her volume. On the other hand, she's quite direct and to the point with her mental communication up to 10 miles easily, and to her bond without distance being a factor.
Parentage: Mother Tameji'alab, bonded to Taaj of Alabaster, father Cedanuachoth bonded to Piers with siblings such as Pelta, Rocavi'carr, Gurfavatedeth, and others
Origin: Healing Den / Carramba, proto-Hallowed Silk clutch, RY5
Other Info: Qutobi is a very powerful dragoness, as magical as she is large and in charge.
Caretaker Nachos California
Hatched RY5 Carramba High, Proto-Hallowed Silk