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Image Credits: Meiker Salchipapa Pop Star

Name: Kohl

Bonded to: . From:

Age: 503 Born in: what passes for winter in the desert
Soul Name: emsh Known By: self, Rush Found: doesn't even remember when
Sex: female Mate Status/Sex Preference: Recognized, Lovemated to Rush, attracted to plenty of people
Children: Son Reed (born -14 arrival)
Parents/Relatives: parents long dead, possible siblings alive but still in desert
Original Tribe: cat-blooded Dune tribe. Arrived to Bald Mountain: *
Height: 3'10" Build: slender, busty, will gain weight when able to relax beyond survival
Hair Color, Length, Style: naturally red-brown, but kept dyed in more brilliant red, black, white, or whatever is at hand; cleverly styled generally short
Eye Color, Size, Shape: brown, shiny, large and friendly under bushy brows
Skin Tone: tanned, with tattoos she's done (and had others help with)
Voice Quality: husky, deep for a female or one of her build; always smiling, with big teeth
Clothing -- Summer: tries to keep cool under silk robes
Clothing -- Winter: cloth and silk layered skirts and vests, as shown, with boots that don't actually have heels ...
Jewlery Worn, Made: yup! lots! more than shown by a long shot; whatever she can trade for - rings, earrings (several in each ear), bangles and any sort of silver/turquoise
Tatoos/Markings/Scars: mostly black but some other shades of tattoos
Pets/Animals Kept: cats like her
Notable Posessions: tattoo equipment, which is being greatly expanded with some of the folks here that also do this work! They have a whole studio now!
Holt Function: artist, gardener
Strength: Below Average
Extremely High
Above Average
Above Average
Below Average
Above Average
Magic Power:
Above Average
Magic? How Powerful? Sending 8/10 shorter range, 6/10 longer range; ^Deep Sensing 8/10 recent, 4/10 long term; Self-Adaptation/Healing 3/10; Animal Bonding 1/10
Climate/Locations Preferred: canyons, beaches (with water!), even terrain
General Likes: sunshine, breezy days (as long as she's not collecting fibers), listening to stories
General Dislikes: rain, pushy people, losing bets
Fears/Worries: the death of anyone close to her
Special Strange Info: this character was originally designed after my tattoo artist Patty Kelley, and honestly seeing what I wrote up there... she did lose her fiancee and went into a very deep spiral and quit work for a long time. This was originally written before that time.
Basic Personality: normally happy and cheerful, but able to concentrate on work. Gets worried when scouting and hunting parties drift away from the holt for long periods
How they feel about
: They're inspiration waiting to happen, even if they do smell weird
Elves -- herders: easy food, that's great
Elves -- magic users: she's learning how to use her own power now, from those who have done nothing but that thing for longer than their tribe's memory!
Elves -- bond-riders: wow - just wow! maybe some day?
Trolls, etc: they do have tattooing too, you know? stiff skin, greenish, doesn't take white pigment very well
Bond Animal Info if any: none currently

Skills: favors the bow, but doesn't hunt much
Tools- uses metal, wood/plant, bone instruments to tattoo, gardening tools

Focused Planting - seed planting, dirt and plant evaluation, crop rotation, foraging, all these things were her original duties in their tribe, and she did love them. But the opportunity presented itself (see below) and now she concentrates almost entirely on 'extra' kinds of plants, those which might not be edible, but can be used in dyes; she is actually quite good with crops for larger results, not just 'scatter the seeds and hope', and has been teaching others the secrets of a good tilled field
Artistry/tattooing, visualizing images, pigment making - all of this go together, for her. If she gets a new plant or a dye from some source, she will definitely put it into use immediately to test it out. She's a very good artist, looking for inspiration everywhere, but particularly getting magic involved now! She is among the few 'literate' elves, having picked up on both Human signs and symbols, but also the rarer elfin version which seems to exist here, she'd seen a distantly related version of the images that a now-dead elf from Apogee's original tribe had created, and she dutifully kept until it could be of use again.

History: ^ bit about Deep Sensing. Brought up as a gardener, able to take almost any dirt and get it to produce. Then she discovered the pigments that cling to skin - henna, kohl, etc - and began to draw. At first she only painted on top of skin but by the time she was 40 or so, she realized that in order to get the permanence she desired, there would have to be some other way... having seen some humans with scarification she decided to emulate them. Almost by accident she discovered that rubbing cuts could produce a lasting bubble of color. About this same time she developed the ability to heal herself - slowly at first but then almost naturally she heals up the testing and scrapes that she uses on her own skin before working others. The braver souls in the holt could now come to her to be permanently tattooed. But more recently, after about her 300th year, she was able to reach into the psyche of her subject. In a bit of a trance, while she worked, she would then apply unusually accurate renditions of whatever the elf needed most. She tends garden more often than not, but when someone comes to her for a new design she is more than willing.

She is painfully aware of how different she and Rush are, but once they had arrived as a group to Bald Mountain... things just happened. He's a good man, that tall pure elf, wilder than some she'd heard of or met distantly in the past.


Dragon Name:
Size: s/l/ws
Physical Features:
Stats: Strength, Speed, Endurance, Agility, Health, Intelligence
Other Info: