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Name Lace

Bonded to: Kenari and Peal From: Ty's Mermay 2023

Age: 922 Born in: unknown season
Soul Name: unknown Known By: none yet Found: none?
Sex: Female Mate Status/Sex Preference: single, prefers males
Children: none
Parents/Relatives: parents died long before, and any other blood relatives died in the flooding
Original Tribe: Sea folk from High Cove Arrived to Bald Mountain: ~170
Height: 4'8" Build: curvy and well-toned
Hair Color, Length, Style: slightly sun-faded reddish brown hair, usually tangled, falls to mid-low back
Eye Color, Size, Shape: pale foamy-green eyes
Skin Tone: dark skinned, no visible scars; webbed ears, does not have webbing on fingers
Voice Quality: generally quiet and coy in tone, but she can surprisingly belt out songs with the Wolfriders just as easily as whisper to a lover
Clothing -- Summer: aqua green colored preserver-silk short sleeved top trimmed in white, an ankle-length flowing silk skirt, and often a finely embroidered white and green wrap. She also has a huge selection of other clothing
Clothing -- Winter: she is looking forward to trying out heavier silks, and between her and the tanner Brownbark they will be able to suit up their whole transferred group!
Jewlery Worn, Made: likes baubles and has plenty of other things, fit for any appearance
Tatoos/Markings/Scars: oh high ones no
Pets/Animals Kept: she's considered trying to 'farm' oysters, for their pearls, wouldn't that be interesting for a 'pet'?
Notable Posessions: looms and weaving equipment, probably the most complex thing that an elf could make
Holt Function: Weaver, Tailor, fashionista
Strength: Low
Extremely High
Above Average
Magic Power:
none beyond a remarkably strong empathy; sending voice feels cool and smooth like satin
Magic? How Powerful?
sending 7/10, empathy 9/10
Climate/Locations Preferred: enjoys being dry most of the time, odd for a sea-born elf
General Likes: preservers for their uses, but not for their shrill voices! Calm but cool days (prefers overall coolness than a breeze); listening to songs and stories while she works; has a distinct weak spot for pretty crystals and loves geodes
General Dislikes: hurricanes, grit getting everywhere, gore (have you seen what bile does to silk?)
Fears/Worries: Will she have to get messy with a dragon? it's not so much a fear than a mild, pervasive disgust, but if she does need to get elbow-deep in muck... hopefully it will be worth it...
Special Strange Info: is considered by Coral to be his closest friend, and she confides in him many things that she wouldn't tell others. Lace has not Recognized, though she's not all that hot on children overall – they're distracted, fidgety, and usually manage to make a mess somehow.
Basic Personality: one of the Sea Elves who spends far more time on land than in the water, Lace lives up to her name. She is complicated, detail-oriented, and a perfectionist. Lace is not much of a flirt, but prefers male company (and to watch them), isn't interested in taking a female lover. Lace has a firm way with anyone when she needs to get a point across, though not to the point of sounding annoyed or aggressive – any aggression she has, she puts into the details of her work instead of fuming or arguing.
How they feel about
: they do have some clever ideas, but they smell worse than fish guts sometimes
Elves -- herders: don't Preservers do this, sort of?
Elves -- magic users: she wishes... she wishes she had some kind of magic that would aid her work but then her hands are sure enough to do it
Elves -- bond-riders: As old as she is, she's seen a lot of the Wolf elves come and go, but has always found the tribe as a whole fascinating. She knows that they would prefer more sturdy leather and fur to her delicate creations, but she always offers to fix anything that their own tailor or tanner has not yet if there are rips or holes to be found.
Trolls, etc: well. they certainly are a thing that exists
Bond Animal Info if any: none until Lochlians

Skills: do shears and pins count as weapons? Using preserver silk as well as plant fibers, Lace is an extremely talented spinner, weaver, clothing designer and tailor. She has impeccable fashion sense, but doesn't fault those who choose to wear simple or rough outfits – she knows the value of practicality as well as beauty. She does not generally work with leather as far as the tanning or creation of leather from hide, but she will certainly incorporate leather, fur, shells, scales and feathers into almost any piece.

History: Lace has spent the better part of her life perfecting her skills with fabrics, and it shows. She's gone through phases: some years she enjoys making heavy, thick material fit for draping and tapestries, others she's concentrated on impossibly fine lacework that is all but sea foam in look and feel. She will often task members of either tribe to find her new plants or minerals with which to dye her threads, or to find her the ‘perfect match' for an item such as shell or crystals.



Dragon Name: Kenari
Gender: Female
Size: tiny >3' s / 12' l / 12' ws
Build: slender and sleek, as befits a beautiful pearl drop like her
Colors: Pearl, a very softly tinted beige with a glimmering shine on body, and paler near-white wingsails
Stats: Strength 3, Speed 3, Endurance 5, Agility 6, Health 4, Intelligence 5
Abilities: Flight or Swim - she is very flexible in the water, and enjoys the occasional 'drift' from the top of the actual outside of the Mountain, though she often either starts herself off halfway down the peak, or manages to teleport herself to the safety of the lake just before her little wings are too exhausted to glide any farther
Teleportation - quite good with this, able to teleport from the top (well, the inner atrium at the top of) of Bald Mountain down into the deeper part of the lake in one go; she can take Lace with her, though Lace usually doesn't want to be teleported because it's almost always from the top of the mountain to the bottom of the lake...
High Intelligence - keenly smart, Kenari is also a trickster and enjoys playing a great many pranks, though none that would cause lasting damage beyond a bit of embarrasment whenever 'that story about the time' comes up; she understands the elfin language but also listens in on the various human tribals that show up from time to time, and enjoys memorizing their cadence and singing if not their actual words
Telepathy - Kenari's mind is a jumble of sharp and echoing sounds, like her namesake rattle. But she always gets her point across, just like when she sings
Musical vocalizations and perfect pitch - she can certainly emulate those languages, prefers elfin song though, and her laughter is quite a bit like the rattling waterfall of nut-shells her name implies

Other Info: She is at once interested in and shy around Enele and Torre, the pair of male Lians that are bonded to White-Eyes; she does feel that Torre is a lovely male, an enjoyable mind, and she might sortakinda want to pair up with him
Dragon Name: Peal (thunder/rolling sound)
Gender: Male
Size: tiny, 3'1" s / 14' l / 13' ws
Build: muscularly lean, but obviously with a sleek layer of chub
Colors: Sapphire, strong medium-toned blue shiny body, with reflective lighter blue wingsails and fin
Stats: Strength 6, Speed 3, Endurance 6, Agility 1, Health 5, Intelligence 1
Abilities: Flight or Swim -far stronger and more durable than some, even the fully flighted Lians of the area are impressed with his power to zoom along in the air; provided there's a good updraft (or a little tiny bit of levitation magic by the nearby elves) to keep him up, he can even 'soar' for a while! But his true calling is the lake's depths, particularly he loves swimming upstream through the Spout from the lake all the way to the upper mountain chamber
Teleportation - adequate with this to a good degree of strength, but he definitely needs a nudge about which direction to go, where to land, and how best to imagine his intended destination. He's a teleport-follower, not an instigator
Intelligence - while typically they can understand a large number of languages, Peal is... well, he's a one-note guy, he understands the language of the elves around him and that's about it
Musical vocalizations and perfect pitch - he's... also sort of a one-note singer too, who specializes in 'that one rumbling rambling noise that's given him his namesake, ending in a massive crescendo of loud thunder - who knew such noise could come from something so small?
Telepathy - Peal's mind voice is surprisingly clear though he rarely has much beyond the same 'let's eat, oh no there's a human, what just fell into the water let's check it out'

Other Info: if focus had a name, it would definitely not be Peal. He is still a great little dragon, and reliably hunts for his bonds, often bringing in fish that are almost as big as he is
Common Information Physical Features: LochNex Lian (LochLian? LianNex? MiniLochNex?) Affectionately called "Cherubs" because they're adorable winged babies; As LochNex are a sexually dimorphic breed, LochNex Mutt Males have a long eel fin type crest the entire length of their bodies. Females don't have any ridge or fins on their back. They have two wings, front paws and back flippers and a long tail. Notably the entire clutch was twins. They can make a wide range of musical vocalizations and can communicate thusly among their kind. Are as at home in zero gravity as in water. Can swim/fly in ZG If there is atmosphere. Can fly short distances, but strongly prefer to swim.
Size Smol?! Only 3 feet at the shoulder. Taller at the hip, though. They can understand a large number of languages
Parents: Mother: Polyphony "Sweet Pea" (LochNex), Father: Ruby Aymile (Lian Mini), Ryslen Resident
Origin: Vallen Cove, Ryslen, by Ty, Mermay 2023
Name Conventions: Tend to favor music based names
Coloring: Their hides are not limited to blue/green/purple/grey like the LochNex, but span the spectrum of Lian colours, and then some.
Diet: Fish and water plants are preferred, but they are omnivorous and can eat all plants and animals generally considered edible.
Bonding: Can bond, but don't need to. Pack Bonding: Up to six Lian Minis can bond to one human.
Living Preferences: Will prefer to live in areas with large bodies of water. Can happily accept fresh, brackish or salt water. Just so long as they're deep enough to swim in.