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Bonded to: Pecten From: Lantessama's Bay

Age: 260 Born in: unknown season
Soul Name: Lau Known By: only himself Found: unknown
Sex: Male Mate Status/Sex Preference: Coral is open to Recognition, and while he seems to understand that it is necessary, he might balk at the ‘wrong' mate – who that might be is difficult to say. He doesn't necessarily believe ill of anyone among the Sea folk, though he is more hesitant and wonders about those Wolf-blooded ones. He's happily immortal, and reasonably oblivious in that regard – but he does know that the wolf-elves age and die eventually. After seeing his mother's distress at losing his father, he has to wonder whether having a mate that is only going to die anyway, will be healthy. If he does Recognize to a wolf-blooded elf, he will make the effort to enjoy it and not think about things like that, but given how much time he spends alone shaping and thinking, avoiding that worry might be difficult. He does not necessarily want to “settle down and raise a family”, any more or less than anyone normally would. Having a family is a blessing, but not a goal, for Coral.
Children: none yet
Parents/Relatives: Mother – Yellowfin, a fisher; Father – Eelstrike, possibly a water-animal controller, deceased; no other siblings. Coral is a product of Recognition that drove his parents together in a lasting relationship, until Eelstrike was killed by a shark attack some 125 turns ago. Yellowfin is still be reasonably distraught, but will go through her daily routine of fishing and helping to prepare food. She and Tern's surviving parent, Waverider, through surviving the attack, have become very close, supporting one another and clearly suited to keeping their eye on each other in times of sadness (others not here, deceased in flood)
Original Tribe: High Cove Holt sea elves. Arrived to Bald Mountain: ~170
Height: 5' Build: tall, long limbed, very slender but not bony. His feet are webbed as his fingers, and have small permanently shaped webbed extensions on the ankles to help him swim. He has shaped gills near his lungs on the sides of his torso. (… He tried them on his neck, but they kept getting clogged by his hair.) (Seriously, man. Seriously, cut your hair, dude.) He has a strong looking bum, and he doesn't mind anyone looking at him. He likes getting compliments, and is gracious about returning them.
Hair Color, Length, Style: red-orange color similar to coral, and usually is done up in dredlocks. When untangled or thoroughly combed out, it is quite long and completely wild – why he usually keeps it ‘locked. When on land he will keep it bound up a bit, it usually behaves itself as it is, in water. Usually. … Mostly.
Eye Color, Size, Shape: a brilliant yellow-orange shade, clear, like amber stones
Skin Tone: fair skinned (though how he stays that way is anyone's guess), with numerous small scars mostly on his hands and arms; when he's out of the water for any length of time, he develops patches of freckles in a rust shade, mostly on his face and shoulders but if he has to remain out in the sun a lot, he doesn't tan, he just… gets more and more covered with adorable freckles. Very few people have seen him that way. His face is long and pointed, with a long narrow nose, high and almond shaped eyes, with lips that are usually tight and are not very full. While he does not necessarily frown all the time, he doesn't look like he spends a ton of time smiling. In other words, he looks more serious than not. Looks can be deceiving. Coral's ears are long and have been permanently shaped to have lobes with webbing, mostly because he likes them that way. Partly because it's easier to keep his hair under control behind them. His hands are also similarly permanently shaped with webs, and he does not seem to have any issues using his fingers as the webbing is reasonably flexible and not taut
Voice Quality: Coral's voice is lower than you'd expect from one shaped like him, not as gritty as a “Clint Eastwood” growl, but somewhat surprising to those who haven't heard him speak. He can project well, if he has to, but he has hardly ever raised his voice. He would rather send than shout.
Clothing -- Summer: In the water he wears only a modest woven thong in whatever color the weaver/tailor has deemed appropriate. On land or during any kind of meeting, he has a selection of woven and leather outfits. While he's not vain about them, he definitely likes to fit in with others when they're dancing or speaking, so he will adopt a vest and shorts, or a robe, or even just use his thong and a tunic if the situation is right. Generally he does not like longer leggings, and does not wear shoes as they are uncomfortable around his finned feet/ankles. Most of his clothing is natural in color – from ivory through tan and brown leathers, and whatever the weaver puts on him is fine. He likes playing dress up but wouldn't make a big deal if he didn't get to wear fineries.
Clothing -- Winter: wants something nice and warm
Jewlery Worn, Made: not really but he poses well with whatever is tossed on him
Tatoos/Markings/Scars: has gills on his ribs
Pets/Animals Kept: none, see below
Notable Posessions: anything he is shaping!
Holt Function: Coral Shaper (home items, personal goods, large works, small number of weapons)
Strength: Average
Above Average
Above Average
Below Average
Magic Power:
Coral Shape, Distance Sending
Magic? How Powerful? Coral Shaping, 8/10, slightly obsessive, almost unconsciously uses this power at all times. If there isn't a piece of coral in his hand he seems to fidget until he finds one. His ability extends to essentially any extrusion of a sea animal – so a coral colony, an anemone's spines, starfish exoskeleton, etc. Those things which are ‘living' creatures are very difficult to work with and he prefers them to be dead before he'll touch them with his power. Coral doesn't have a ‘heart', so much as a bunch of little gills, and no brain to speak of, but a starfish is actually somewhat conscious of its surroundings. Coral colonies respond to his whim and grow in whatever direction he indicates rather than at haphazard shapes. His power can shape a fist-sized batch of coral into an item like a spear head or bowl within half an hour. Bigger items or ones which might require concentration, he will make over the course of many days. Smaller things, a shell picked up from the shore or an anemone shell, will become useful in minutes. Items which he has shaped bear a kind of magical aura-signature similar in color to his eyes, slightly more orange-tinted but not so red as his hair. It's impossible to track all of his work, using a magic-feeling sense, because it's *everywhere*
Distance Sending 7/10 stronger than typical. His mental voice is quiet and somewhat… scratchy. Like the edges of a coral, his mind sounds a bit rough. If his speaking voice isn't, his sending voice is Clint Eastwood-like
Climate/Locations Preferred: would rather be warmer, but there is a warm current in this cove that was made for the sea dwellers!
General Likes: He likes to work alone under the sea, and will do so for hours if not days on end. His distance-sending is pretty strong, for this reason, since sometimes he chooses to lurk under the waves in a deeper part of the reef and people still need to communicate with him. Enjoys raw fish, but also has taken a bit of a shine to those fruits or exotic meats brought to gatherings by the Wolf-folk. While he enjoys the quiet company of someone doing any grooming or shaping on his form, he seems to prefer sending over speaking, so time spent with him is usually time for someone else to do the talking
General Dislikes: Big sharks for the obvious reason that one of them killed and presumably ate his father; lightning storms, it's too dangerous to remain in the water during these, and that means he gets less work done; being interrupted, he's not fond of frivolous interruptions to his work, and will be a bit snippy if he has to come out of the water ‘for no reason'
Fears/Worries: the biggest of the Wolves in their pack – they're just like sharks in ways, only furry. He knows they're reasonably intelligent, and they are bonded magically to their riders, but he is intimidated by them and won't approach them unless their bond-rider is near or he's in a large group of elves
Special Strange Info: Coral's closest friend will likely be the tailor or someone who utilizes his finely made items frequently. When those little tiny needles break there are thousands more where they came from
Basic Personality: Coral is a bit of an enigma, in that he definitely prefers his ‘alone time', but thoroughly enjoys socialization. However, in that regard, he is more interested in watching how people respond to certain things, seemingly cataloging their reactions and tucking away information. If anyone asks him about another elf, he's likely to have an opinion on them but won't just blurt out secrets or gossip. While he's extremely generous in as much as he gives almost everything he creates to others, he hardly picks and chooses – he considers the tribe to be his ‘school', and he is merely one fish among many. He's not that easy to call ‘friend', because he doesn't seem to express his own preferences enough for someone to know what he likes and wants out of a relationship.
He's intelligent, but so focused on his shaping at times that he seems to be a bit of a ditz. If he applies his intellect to a problem, it's likely he'd help discover solutions that might utilize the information he has gathered regarding other people. With the amount of socialization he does do, and the things he's observed, he might help chieftains organize if needed by pointing out “so and such can do this thing well, maybe they should go here, and those two always work well together so they should not be split up” and the like. But he generally will not offer that information spontaneously, rather it would take seeing an important occurrence needing his boost, to get it out of him.
He is not openly caustic to anyone, unless they somehow manage to offend him (which is highly unlikely). Turning down gifts, snubbing his skill, or insulting his parents (dead or alive) will be the only likely cause to put him on guard. Even then, he understands that among a tribe or any group there are tensions and he accepts that not everyone likes everyone else.
How they feel about
: they are interesting but a threat to some places
Elves -- herders: does coral count as 'herding'?
Elves -- magic users: join the club!
Elves -- bond-riders: a bit intimidated, let's see how he handles the dragons of Bald Mountain...
Trolls, etc: unknown, they're pretty big and seem like they could be very dangerous
Bond Animal Info if any: none, though he does occasionally enjoy playing with the local octopus creatures when they are nearby

Skills: tipped fishing spear, coral or bone knife. He is also adept at creating under water traps, though mostly he would make those for others to use
Swimming – he is tremendously adept at ocean-born swimming, and moves in a sinuous manner like his father was known to before he died. Though he looks fragile, he uses currents and unseen drafting behind other water creatures, to keep himself speedy.

Sea Creature / Feature knowledge – Coral spends most of his time beneath the waves, and thus he knows what kind of fish swim where and eat which things, this extends to mammals, crustaceans, whatever is out there. It also strongly extends to the lay of the land below the surface: he knows every nook of the reef, though not necessarily all the locations which don't feature corals in quantity. (Thus if there's a portion of the cove and coast line which is rocky, or volcanic, or just bare sand with drop offs, he will not be very well versed with those spots.)

Patience and Posing – because the tailor occasionally needs assistance (and it's likely that Coral has made most of their tools out of shaped coral pieces) he's used to being dressed up and appraised. He knows that the appraisal is more for the color or drape of the items, but he still gets a kick out of doing this.

Coral Artistry/Creation – because coral as it lives is under his control, he can make intricate works of underwater art out of them. He may even work on undersea shelters for those who need to be truly isolated or want their own space away from the Cliff. His skill in moving living coral around, though, pales in comparison to that which he uses on its dead husks, as it “can't shape back” after he's worked it. His shaped items are strong but not unbreakable by any stretch. After all, if he made things so well they never broke, what would he do all day? He has never, and would never, intentionally create something that was too weak or would be faulty in its users hands. However he does warn anyone who gets weapons or hunting gear from him, that when the coral items do break they have very sharp edges, and must be handled with care


In the deepest part of the cove, Yellowfin Recognized Eelstrike, and their bond was accepted by both. When he was born, Coral was given the tribe name of Gold Eyes. However it became clear early on in his youth that he would be able to use the exotic coral-shaping magic that has become his focus in life. He took the name Coral when he was three Hands old, and obviously no one challenged him on it.

His life was never that exciting. He made friends somewhat slowly, and anyone who would call him a friend would also indicate that he's still a bit distant. Some might call him shy, but no, he's actually just sort of aware that the thick of things isn't for him as much.

He has never had a lifemate but has taken lovemates of both genders and enjoys himself immensely as long as his partner seems to be enjoying themselves too. Coral thrives on good emotions, even though he doesn't seem to show much. So when there are gathers and meetings, dances or celebrations, he's going to ‘be there' and not choose to be off sulking under the waves. Anyone not well acquainted with him will think he's a bit dour, but he still manages to be in groups with ease. He doesn't joke much, but he will happily participate in story telling or contribute to someone's prank if they need something of him. As long as it doesn't get anyone hurt, he's fine with it.

After more than a century of learning and shaping, his father Eelstrike was in deeper waters with his lifemate and several others (Tern's parents, possibly more) and they were surprised by a massive blue-stripe shark. Though Yellowfin attempted to save her mate, it was clear that she would be eaten as well and managed to escape with her life – but not necessarily her sanity – intact. Coral's father's death has devastated Yellowfin, and though Coral was not tremendously close with either of them after his youth, his father's death made him get considerably closer to his mother. He worries that she will wander off and let herself be killed. The concern he shows for her is far stronger than he's ever displayed for other people, even those who can be counted among his friends. That said, if something happens ‘on his watch', if someone is in danger and he can sense them with his keen magical mind, he will attempt to help in any way he can.

Because Spearshaft, Tern's father, was lost in the same horrifying attack, Tern and Coral have always had a connection, if a dark one. Like their surviving parents, they too can turn to one another for consolation – and the occasional competition, after all they aren't friends just because of that. But they share a sad bond, either way.

As time has gone on, Coral is content, in a word, to be a shaper and maker. When someone comes to him asking about any specific item, he is more than happy to try and produce it to their closest imagination – as they can share thoughts, he can come quite close to whatever someone really desires.

It seems that at times, when gathers are happening and he's alternately dancing around the fire pit or listening to stories being told, he will still be shaping things. A keen eye would notice that whatever he's working on to be delivered to an unsuspecting recipient, will match what their personality seems to warrant. He's not going to give a practical hunter something that will catch on a tree or get tangled in kelp; he's going to make sure that a child has something to keep them occupied and educated.

Any Other Information : If there is a location closest to the water, or perhaps easiest to be dived into the cove, Coral will probably live there. While he can and certainly does shape items for use in other people's huts, his own is simply brimming with things he's either finished or is working on. He keeps a basket of shaped arrow or spear tips near the entrance, fishing hooks and the like in another. Since any of these items is effectively a “one use” tool, he doesn't feel the need to wait for someone to request them. But for specific items like spear heads for a bigger hunt, or a head garment, a shield or something more used by only one type of skill (needles or binding clips, etc) he will take orders. He doesn't often “reshape” things, once he's declared something ‘done', that's normally it. He can repair items, but prefers to just start fresh unless the person needing it requires it right away.

Though Coral seems a bit afraid of the wolves in their pack, he does not display any kind of hatred or even discomfort around the Wolf-folk. They need his work as much as anyone, and he's more than happy to provide them with what they need. He does think it's a bit of a shame that they can't truly visit his coral reef below the waves.

"You probably want to leave some room without all that ... sharp coral..."

Squall had visited numerous times because this lake was now where her own lovely water-born dragon Stallano lived. He was beyond pleased that the place was getting a big expansion. About time!

Coral however was distracted, still shaping his namesake little ... bony ... things under the surface. He came up and looked curiously at Squall. "Why?" He finally asked.

"Wait for it," Squall said, faintly amused. She got that look on her face that he originally thought was communicating telepathically with either her dragon or someone else besides him, but no - she was just waiting.

For her mate, Apogee, who suddenly gave off a laughing creel from far above. Her own dragoness Eurani swept overhead, bright like a cloud against the blue skies. And from her, the tiny tiny form of their chieftess falling. Coral's heart sped up, "what is--"

"Wait for it," Squall assured him.

He watched in horror, dumbstruck, as the elfess fell ... no... no, she dove cleanly into the water from how many elf-heights? She came up moments later, smile as broad as ever and her ever-present cowlick hair still defiantly sticking upwards even after all that.

"I can't get her to stop doing that. Eurani doesn't even try now," Squall assured the coral-shaper, whose baffled look amused Apogee as much as it did Squall. "So maybe, choose a nice spot where it's already deep, and..." she leaned down and whispered, "smooth it out with a shaper if you have to, just make some nice easy rock that won't cut her to ribbons when she hits bottom..."

It wasn't very long before most of the seaborn and wolf-blooded tribe mates were settled in at Bald Mountain. And not long after that, when they were one by one brought around to some of the experienced riders, or their dragons who just walked right up, or watched from a distance as these water dwellers got used to their new home. It was Squall's Stallano that nudged Coral once more toward the elf rider, who appeared to be conferring with her lovemate.

"I've been given the nod to send you off to find a dragon friend," Squall said, grinning with a sly look. "I know just where to go, too. Good place, lots of our elder riders found theirs there, and now there is a bay hatching. Water dragons, who knows what they will look like, but..."

"Dragons like yours?" Coral asked, the piece of shaped coral in his fingers momentarly still as he looked at the blue dragon surfacing nearby.

"No, I don't think so, but you'll have to show one off when you come home!" That self-same blue dragon indicated the elves should huddle close to him. And Squall barely managed a "don't panic, this will be fine..." before they teleported away from Abode, and to Lantessama.


They were definitely not 'like hers', these newly hatched and adorable 'Tenkrat' hybrids. Coral had gotten a good look at the parents of them and wondered just how deep in the sea they might reside, had they lived on Abode. One didn't see tentacles on things that close to the shore but here they were now. They had a long elegance to them though, even the newly hatched young dragonets. Though... most of them did need a little nudge for directional movement here and there - whoops one of them just blonked into a swimmer. Coral chuckled to himself.

Gruyt, their mother, seemed more casually happy to have people around than the other adult dragons, who were all but frantic to have the candidates like Coral near enough to the water when the offspring broke shell. There were numerous people that Coral wasn't really too sure whether they were friend or foe, he was among the smaller bipeds. But everyone was here for one purpose, and that was to help the babies find new homes. Even other dragons were present.

As several creatures and people were clearly approached by the new little kittens (he thought it clever they were called that), Coral felt a tiny nudge of a little whisker, the pale blue kitten had done a wide circuit investigating all the possible bonds before coming right up to him. He'd been very quick, and more accurate than some others in his speedy trek around the bay, and then held himself before Coral, with - a piece of coral from the depths below.

Is this any good? I don't know if I can learn to make things like you do, but I'd like to help as much as I can. I'm Pecten.

Coral felt the mind of this young dragonet, fresh and clear, confident but at the same time hopeful. He accepted the small shard of coral, it was broken off likely from natural causes and not plucked live. "If it's not good right now, I can turn it into something better." He turned it in his hands, it was a good chunk and had a shape that could be useful already.

Pecten looked quite pleased with himself, and then the larger dragon, perhaps his sire, sang out a rumbling and whistling tune. His name, Coral knew.

Dad tells me my first name is Eel Protects the Reef.

"Now that is a good name, I'm sure you'll live up to it!" Coral hugged Pecten and looked for the feeding stations they'd been shown. It wouldn't be right away that they would return to Abode, they needed a little time to adjust and grow strong before then.


Their return to Abode was of great interest to little Pecten, who would be unlikely to fly around but wanted to see the whole place from above when given the opportunity. Clinging on to Apogee's dragon after arriving thanks to the teleportation of Stallano, both dragonet and Coral were stunned at the layout of the whole place. Pecten admitted privately to Coral, I think I will stick to the water!


The waters were more than deep enough and the lake quite big for a small dragon like Pecten. It turned out there were quite a few places he could duck and hide, explore, rest, or even come ashore and never once have a person or even another dragon in view! For the moment, it was his world. Well, his and Stallano's!


"You're growing up," Coral commented, when Pecten dropped a new hunk of didn't-quite-make-it coral into his work area. This chunk of it was nearly as long as Coral's arm, and that made him pause in thought. "I wonder... if something is breaking these?"

What could there be? I haven't seen anything, but...

They would have to make sure of what was in the deeper areas of their lake.


"Did you realize we'd brought it in?" Squall asked Coral, trying to be casual but still quite surprised.

"No idea," the shaper said. "But there it is, none the less. What should we do?"

There was a growing sea creature, something that had hitched a ride during the lake's renovation apparently. It didn't belong in a lake, that was for sure. It wasn't a shark, it wasn't going to scare Coral's mother - but it was going to become a problem if it had grown this much in the short time that it had been in this uncontested space.

I can help herd it away from the reef and up onto the sandy shore, be ready!


The group of water-born elves remade areas that the predator had damaged, and when others brought a 'restock' of fish and other aquatic life in, they made sure to only stock them from lakes and ponds, rivers, and inland sources rather than the ocean! Freshwater creatures, rather than the massive long-snouted fish that had been eating virtually everything it could chomp on! Pecten had lived up to his name already!

Dragon Name: Pecten "Eel Protects the Reef" Nagu'lanta
Gender: male
Size: small 24' l (wings do not fly but serve as balance and speed aids)
Build: long, slender
Physical Features: seal-like with forelimbs and wing structures allowing for both shoreline walking and underwater speed and accuracy. No hind limbs, large two-finned tail with tentacles for gripping. Whiskers on chin/face for sensing in deep water.
Colors: ice blue-aquamarine, very evenly toned, with faintly icy white patterns on fins
Stats: Strength 2, Speed 5, Endurance 2, Agility 5, Health 4, Intelligence 5
Abilities: Water-Born and Amphibious, able to withstand tremendous pressure of deep sea, as well as turbulent waves, chill water, and currents; but also is capable of moving onto land for short periods using their powerful forelimbs, rather like a seal. Can breathe both air and under water
Telepathy, Pecten's mind is like a clear iceberg, chiming with tiny pips and pings in the background of Coral's mind; he has a good range with this ability though truth be told the lake's not that big so they won't be challenged for distance
Water Magic (weak but present) will be attempting to strengthen this power to revive portions of the lake that had been damaged with the presence of an invasive species, best used to nullify or enhance oxygen levels and minor current changes; can 'drain' an area using this power, to produce an air pocket under water if a shelter is available
Parents: Sand Gruyt and Green-red Nadath-Anyaythlis'Refugium
Origin: Lantessama bay clutch 15
Other Info: earnest and cheerful, always looking for ways he can help out, he has an extensive mental map of the underwater areas of the lake, and after a few years knows if there is anything wrong just by listening to the echoes there