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Bonded to: . From:

Age: 490 Born in: summer
Soul Name: * Known By: self and recognized Found: fleeing from a shark
Sex: female Mate Status/Sex Preference: formerly Recognized to Eelstrike (deceased), currently unmated, mainly straight
Children: son Coral
Parents/Relatives: any friends or relatives are lost to the sea
Original Tribe: High Cove Sea Elves Arrived to Bald Mountain: ~170
Height: 4'5" Build: tallish, muscular, graceful but hesitant to really let loose
Hair Color, Length, Style: brilliant blond-yellow hair that is quite curly, usually tied back a little, going no lower than her shoulder blades
Eye Color, Size, Shape: bright sunlit-yellow eyes
Skin Tone: fair skinned with freckling visible up close, she usually has a bit of a sad look on her face
Voice Quality: wispy, hesitant to speak loudly
Clothing -- Summer: preserver silk in bright green-yellow with blue patterns; loose full-length pants and a halter-top; basic leather sandals
Clothing -- Winter: 'winter'?
Jewlery Worn, Made: none
Tatoos/Markings/Scars: has slight lobes around wrists and webbed fingers and toes, and larger lobed ear webbing
Pets/Animals Kept: none
Notable Posessions: none
Holt Function: Fisher, though now tends toward the shallows; helps with food preparation
Strength: Below Average
Above Average
Above Average
Above Average
Below Average
Magic Power: sending
none obvious beyond sending How Powerful? 4/10
Climate/Locations Preferred:
General Likes: a cool breeze on a warm day, watching sea birds fishing, serving foods
General Dislikes: sharks, will no longer go into deep water regardless of who with
Fears/Worries: had been constantly on edge whenever in deeper water but now ... are there even sharks in this large lake?
Special Strange Info: none
Basic Personality: Yellowfin used to be a brighter, happier elf, but with the loss of her lifemate around 125 years ago she has become a bit quiet and withdrawn. Even all this time later, she and Waverider may be seen gently coaxing the other out of a sad mood. Yellowfin can still enjoy life, and will probably grow out of her depression with more time.
How they feel about
: there used to be some near their holt, right? meh?
Elves -- herders: interesting, catching fish without a net almost?
Elves -- magic users: respects them tremendously
Elves -- bond-riders: now this is very new to her
Trolls, etc: has heard stories but there's only decent ones here?
Bond Animal Info if any: none before now

Skills: a fishing javelin or a net; used to enjoy hunting with a hand knife, but rarely ventures out to do that any longer; adequate with a net and javelin, but had been much better with hand-hunting larger, slower fish with a shaped knife. Her swimming is still strong, but she is afraid to go very far. She is quite good with chopping up food and knows what tastes go well together, but she's far from the best cook the Cove has. Instead of trying to compete with the better chefs, she is quite happy to help set up and prepare, and then clean up after a big shared meal

History: (note this is all High Cove Holt info, some names* are from other people's characters, all now deceased)

Yellowfin was known as one of the fastest swimmers in the Cove, and could leap from the water from a deep start like a wavedancer. She would normally be found chasing after tiny minnows and catching them. While waiting out a bit of a turbulent rainfall on the surface, she and Eelstrike discovered each others soul names while sorting through the corals and rocks. They were well suited to one another, and often led hunts together in the deep waters, out-pacing almost everyone else. They had a son, Coral, who has gone on to become an adept shaper for the Cove.

But just because Eelstrike and she were fast, didn't mean they were able to easily escape the blue-stripe shark that killed Eelstrike as well as Spearshaft*, Tern's* father. Waverider* and Yellowfin made it back to shore, with very little of their mates to show for it. Yellowfin grieved dangerously for several moons, and Coral made sure that he or someone else was on hand to make sure she didn't just swim out to be eaten, herself. She and Waverider consoled one another and still maintain a close friendship probably also as lovemates. She has never taken another male mate, though as she comes out of her depression she might do so.

Her son Coral is still her pride and joy, though even he knows that he somehow reminds her of Eelstrike.

Any Other Information: At times in the past before Eelstrike's death, she would have the flesh-shapers grow a long fin that went from her forehead down to a grown tail. She has not asked for this shaping in many years.

** Some from hatching info **

Yellowfin went half-grudgingly to this odd world, a place that she'd never even imagined could exist until they were forced out of their home and inland. Inland... how strange a place, but the deep ocean was stranger by far. This other realm however had foreign stars, strange smells and people. And dragons. They had dragons, just like those in the Bald Mountain tribe! Well not quite just like, in fact some were very different indeed. It was to the shoreline she and a few others were led. Midday, a time she'd normally be sheltered but not sleeping like some elves back at Bald Mountain.

But this time the day was a bit different, as eggs on their shallow tidal bed were breaking! She was called along with several others to the event, and for once, Yellowfin's curiosity was stronger than her fear. She dove into the warm water, it bringing her comfort in ways that she'd never expected. An egg hatched and the grey-brown dragonet went ungainly up to a man on the sand beyond the water.

Two eggs hatched, while she was watching this with interest. One sleek black and yellow zipped by her - she wanted to panic but she knew better: it's a dragonet, not a giant shark. She swore she heard the thing laughing at her as he went deeper into the bay.

But the next one... as opposite that dark shape as could be, while still having richly indigo-charcoal fins. She approached, circled. Far more like a wave-dancer, a dolphin-like curiosity on her own muzzled face.

Yellowfin felt the brush of both a mind and the chittering of the dolkrat's speech, Hello! I am Tezenth. I hope you don't mind, but I'd rather like to come home with you, if that's all right?

It was so much more than 'all right', to Yellowfin. Though some in their seaside tribe had wolf-bonds, and a few dolphin or seals that resided full time in the water, it was less common than the land dwellers. She'd wondered what it was like, to have such a bond. Her son had come home with a dragon already, so now... Now she was to be a dragon rider like the tribe, and she felt absolutely thrilled for the first time in many eights.


Name: Tezenth, the Healer
Gender: Female
Size: medium-small (toob) 40' long
Build: sleek but definitely not tiny, with dolphin-like blubber underneath heavy hide skin, and while she has four limbs they're definitely not much use on land beyond 'getting onto land' and 'getting back into water'
Physical Features: Dolkrat, a nekrat / dolphin-dragon hybrid
Colors: White-Abyss, pearly soft white body, with wingsails, head fins, and tail flukes in a rich slightly mottled bluish-black; eyes amber yellow; #C9CEE5 | #020822
Stats: Strength 2, Speed 4, Endurance 4, Agility 6, Health 2, Intelligence 5
Abilities: Water Adapted, Water and Air Breathing, Water Movement (Swimming), Land Movement (Clumsy Walk) - with legs as well as wings, neither of which do much more than help propel her through deeper water, Tezenth can certainly say she's best under the surface. She is capable of diving and remaining under the water thanks to the ability to change from air to water breathing, and often lurks just below the surface to keep an eye on things on shore while they are having a cook-out or event. Just in case, because she does not want to see harm come to anyone in her water!
Telepathy - cheerful and kindly, her voice is as smooth as seafoam and sometimes even as bubbly
Teleportation - easily able to move from the bottom of the lake into the higher Aerie pool, she has a good idea of three-dimensional space and how to reach one point from another without disturbing things either side. Unlike some sea-types, she doesn't care to leap out of the water so much but enjoys the antics of those who teleport up and splash down! Her range is about as far from the lake to the aerie, so she's not about to attempt to teleport from their inland home out to the ocean any time soon
Telekinesis - even if she doesn't port out and splash down, she can still create an impressive wake, splash, or other effect by aiding her flukes with a strong burst of telekinetic energy. She hunts in this manner as well, aiding her dolphin-like sonic effects focusing 'beams' of intense soundwaves at schools of fish or one large one to stun it; she can negate her wake as well, passing entirely without a trace, using this power, so she can play hide and seek near the surface quite well!
Parents: mother Grey-Green Cerudith, father Lake Drosta ; 4 siblings
Origin: Mermay Dolkrat hatching, by Nomi 2023
Other Info: Gentle, Encouraging, Supportive, Humble

Tezenth takes easily to watching those near the shore of the lake, and there will be no danger even from the existing stock of fish down there (some of which are definitely not from this area...). Children and adults alike who may be hesitant to frolic in the deeper areas will be escorted back up to the shallows if asked, or if she detects their fear-splashing. But she also likes to give just a little challenge, just a bit of a nudge to step deeper, dive a little longer, seek out the colorful coral-dwelling fish and enjoy the brushing of the seaweed.