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Aoku (ay OH koo)

Bonded to: Hewfith. From: Mystic's Bernese

Age: ~330 Born in: Hotdays/Late Summer (not that there's hot days up here)
Soul Name: Dhaug Known By: only his lovemate Found: on spirit quest as a youth
Sex: male Mate Status/Sex Preference: Lovemated, Meysh, male, loving
Children: adopted and raised Tabea
Parents/Relatives: Mother: Ongor, dead; Father: Shaih, traveling; Siblings: None
Original Tribe: Ice Gliders Arrived to Bald Mountain: 200
Height: 4'8" Build: slender and lean
Hair Color, Length, Style: silvery, often covered with a shawl, shoulder length
Eye Color, Size, Shape: poppy red, large but usually squinting
Skin Tone: olive-tan
Voice Quality: he's had to learn how to be loud, as he and Meysh had to get used to either speaking in a hush or not at all, however his mental voice is clear and strong
Clothing -- Summer: (.....)
Clothing -- Winter: long servicable cloak of heavy fur and thick leather in ashy over fur cadet grey pants, with a crystal long-sleeved shirt, knee high fur-trimmed boots of gunmetal, and chest straps
Jewlery Worn, Made: an ivory torc around their neck
Tatoos/Markings/Scars: none, he has had healers help keep those away
Pets/Animals Kept: while his wolf-friend is not a pet, she often brings him little... live, creatures...
Notable Posessions: only his bow which is a rarity in this area, kept in pristine condition, made of bone and sinew rather than wood
Holt Function: perimeter patrol on the southern ice wall
Strength: Low
Very High
Very High
long of body and light in weight
Magic Power:
Magic? How Powerful?
Sending 8/10, Magic Feeling 8/10, Telekinetics/Shielding 8/10, World Sense (life including plants) 6/10, Water Shape/Ice Shape 6/10
Climate/Locations Preferred: Rugged areas with rocks and gulleys, cold but clear days and snowy nights (so he can stay in warm domes with his family)
General Likes: clear ice, fishing
General Dislikes: lightning and thunder storms, flash flooding near the mountains, these things remind him of the attacks... (doesn't help much that one of their friends can call lightning from the sky)
Fears/Worries: he once had a fever that left his sense of balance bad until healed, and dreads this happening again
Special Strange Info: with the ability to sense the natural world around him for many miles (about half a day's walk radius) he knows there's much more life than you can see on the snowy surface, and feels comfortable knowing that there's so much
Basic Personality: a comforting and sound presence who loves his family and protects his territory
How they feel about
: the traders that come this far north along the coasts are fantastic! Such stories they tell and their carvings are amazing
Elves -- herders: they often follow the deer herds, it's hardly different
Elves -- magic users: it's vital to survival now of course
Elves -- bond-riders: all a valuable part of a tribe's well-being
Trolls, etc: the ones in the farthest reaches are... horrific, but many other tribes exist that are far away from those nasty brutes
Bond Animal Info if any: female Polar Wolf, he enjoys riding through the tribe's territory all day; she is friendly and has had numerous pups with a variety of wandering male wolves, at least one of which was a Welf... it also seems that she's quite happy watching him learn to fly with his dragon!

Skills: Attack/Medium to Long Range Missile (Longbow): Extremely High
Tracking/Difficult-Weather or Terrain: Very High
Running/Obstacle: Average
Animal Communication/Predators: Low
Hunting - Net (fishing): High
Ranged - Dart (with atlatl): Above Average

History: Aoku and Meysh knew that their chieftan was bitter and cold - like the ice they lived upon - but they had no idea just how bitter, or how cold. It became apparent when he had Ainea, an age-mate of sorts to Aoku, exiled for her 'crime' of ... of what, being terrified of the humans attacking them? some of the younger elves of the tribe secretly decided to just... keep an eye on him. Whether he'd gone bad after years of being in charge, or because of bad magic, or something else, didn't matter. He'd left the girl for dead, injured by his own hand, half-healed and all-wounded. This was long, long ago now, but sometimes... It came back in dreams.

When those dreams kicked in again it was around 80 turns of the seasons before now, when he was telling this story once more. Perhaps with this telling, they would finally rest and not return.

The chief was on a rampage. It was because they'd lost two hunters to a pit trap made by Trolls. Trolls, here - where he insisted they should not be! It was obvious to some, like Aoku, that the trap was ancient, abandoned, the sharpened wood spikes showed signs of many turns of ice and melt on them. But he wouldn't hear it - there were Trolls in 'his' territory, and they had to be found and erradicated.

On the surface that wasn't such a terrible idea. But it was when Aoku and his partner Meysh realized that the pair of hunters had a very young daughter that was now on her own, their hearts went out to her just as they had when Ainea was exiled. Surely it wouldn't be wrong to care for her properly as parents might, surely it would keep the tribe healthy.

And yet it sent their chief on a frothing and angry tirade - if she was to survive it would be on her own, and why would two male elves want to do this? She 'needed' a mother! Even the rest of the tribe had no idea why he'd begun this angry rant, because there had been couples all in their history who supported each other no matter their gender - it was all just flesh, and the spirit was what mattered, right?

So Aoku and Meysh took in Tabea anyway, very boldly turning their back on the chief. And thankfully, most of the tribe did so as well. Not all - a few grumpy sorts ran to him, complete with spears out against their own family. Baffled, disgusted, the tribe elected to exile the former chief and his hand of cohorts - they were not welcome among the Ice Gliders now.

It would have been good, it might have lasted, and the tribe might have been whole on their wide wanderings. But he came back, one last time, just two turns of the seasons later. Worse, he had found something that startled everyone: there indeed had been Trolls in the area long before, and they had been creating strange canisters that exploded on impact! One thing that the old chief had been good at, after all, was levitation, and he hefted these things with his power as though they were pinecones. They were not - and they damaged everything in their burst radius with sharp shards of metal, and burning, caustic smoke. Tabea was still young, not even two hands old in fact, when she lost her vision to this attack. Clinging to her adoptive parents they sped away.

While his voice failed, the group listening knew his mind rang with guilt. If only he'd been closer to her, he might have been able to push the metal away before it struck her.

Because of his connection to the animals and plants in the area, he knew that at some point during this strange battle against his own tribe-mates, the former chief had fallen to his own explosives. Or more accurately, one of them had dislodged a dead tree in a massive avalanche. It speared him even as he flew above the others, thinking he was safe. His magic couldn't save him from that, and no one has bothered removing his bones from that tree - still wedged upwards with big stones piled behind it, a lasting reminder of his folly and anger.

They hadn't returned to that spot, but everyone knew where it was. Out there in the frozen wastes. The trio had briefly become nine - and then two of the older Go-Backs that had come along with them made a sharp detour back into the Troll caverns, 'just to make sure', and never came back out. Seven then, arrived just close enough to Ainea's northerly den that her dragons perked up.

All these things were related to Ainea when she found the group, in careful thoughts and quiet words. After her exile, so much had happened, but now she knew she was safe, she knew that eventually she might be able to reunite with long-lost friends. She did remember Aoku, but barely, and had never met Meysh or their daughter. The tribe had been broken up; the noises and the avalanche stirring plenty of dangers that meant small groups like this family had to find other ways around... And they never quite had. The ground buckled, ice shards everywhere, and more than that, those explosives still littered the area untouched...

It was sad that they had to separate, but they were all relieved to be alive at all. They'd decided to continue wandering with what brief and distant mental contact could be made. And now... now Ainea and her found-tribe could begin uniting her own frozen home with Bald Mountain's locale in her own way! Her dragons had surprised the group, but they were friendly, beautiful, powerful. It was clear that Ainea was going to be good on her word - she'd look for those scattered Ice Gliders. Maybe offer them a new home.

By bringing the group she'd located first to Bald Mountain, and then off to another distant realm. This fascinated Aoku because his magic worked on other worlds - at all, let alone considerably better? How was that even possible? Was their world of two moons that restrictive? Perhaps the humans ancient tales were right, that the elves had to scrabble the ground because they could no longer fly to their stars...

But now they could fly - maybe to the stars too! On dragons!

Dragon Name: Hewfith
Gender: female
Size: very small 6' s / 30'l / 70' ws
Build: she's not fat she's fluffy!
Physical Features: though typical of most pernese types with split tail, neck crest, and headknobs, she has a thick coat of fur with only her face bare
Colors: body pale cloudy grey-white with pale grey and bright white markings; wingsails striped; ridge high contrast white; eyes faceted
Stats: Strength 4, Speed 3, Endurance 3, Agility 2, Health 5, Intelligence 5
Abilities: Winged Flight, slow and steady, and decently strong in the air as well as on the ground, which is good because she's very well aware of her bond's balance issues; can carry much more than her size lets on, for pretty decent distances, though she will tend to fly low in order to be careful with precious things
Teleportation, she is the one you want on your side when you get lost anywhere and everywhere because she has been there already. Somehow she is able to just know where she is, when she is, and on what world. Like many white dragons she's extra-capable at teleportation to odd places, and enjoys guiding teams to search offworld, she is known to visit Carramba with Ainea's group...
Telepathy, a breezy and happy sounding mental voice, able to reach her rider and all the local dragons with ease, but she can also sense those who are in her species line farther up the ice wall, as well as keeping in contact with the long distance fliers of the Holt as well to the south
Telekinetics, can only use a modest amount on her own, but provides a decent enough boost to a group effort
Assisted Firebreath, ew, no? She carries this ability but doesn't use it
Parents: unknown
Origin: Mystic art with Phe shading
Other Info: highly protective, Hewfith will make an excellent mother some day, and enjoys gatherings of elves and dragons alike