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Bonded to: Taleteth From: Mystic's Bernese

Age: ~315 Born in: Chilldays / late autumn
Soul Name: hidden from most Known By: Aoku Found: while evading old chief's attacks
Sex: male Mate Status/Sex Preference: Lovemated, Aoku
Children: Tabea adopted daughter
Parents/Relatives: mother Theyl, on a vision quest; Father: Yruy, alive; Siblings: None known
Original Tribe: Ice Gliders Arrived to Bald Mountain: 200
Height: 4' Build: slender and light
Hair Color, Length, Style: blue-black, a single braid to his waist
Eye Color, Size, Shape: cerulean blue, large, almond-shaped
Skin Tone: bronzed tan
Voice Quality: quiet and purr-like
Clothing -- Summer: what's 'summer'?
Clothing -- Winter: suede pants of brick red, a long-sleeved hard leather tan shirt, and stiff shoes, with thick gloves,
Jewlery Worn, Made: sometimes putting on rings with emeralds found in the troll caves and ruins
Tatoos/Markings/Scars: none visible, he considers himself very lucky for avoiding the damage that was done to many in the chief's attack
Pets/Animals Kept: foxes seem to like him and behave calmly and friendly around him
Notable Posessions:
Holt Function: far-sender, communicating from the Ice Wall to Bald Mountain
Strength: above average
below average
above average
very high
long and lean
extremely high
below average
Magic Power:
Magic? How Powerful? Sending 8/10, Far Sending 6/10, Sending/Group 6/10; he is able to easily detect elves minds and emotions at both close and far range, communicating at up to three days walk distance (around 300 miles!) at most, and comfortably attending to numerous minds at under 10 miles; he can meet up with astrally-projecting elves though cannot leave his body himself; when close up with a group he can detect emotions and to a great degree sway them to prevent panic, or to give little excitement boosts for hunters, even accentuating storytelling times with just the right thrill to keep minds from wandering
Magic Feeling 6/10 quite good at detecting where magic has been used, though truth be told in Bald Mountain it's everywhere, so of less use
Water Shape 8/10 he likes to purify water that's gone stagnant, or encourage bottom feeders to suddenly jolt away from their muck and into nets above, and though he tends to concentrate on liquid water he can also melt snow (though not solid ice outright) into good drinking water; he has the ability to just ignore the cold, though this isn't a separate power and only really works with wet-cold, streams, rain, snow, and the like simply don't affect him negatively
Climate/Locations Preferred: loves being near streams and ponds, lakes, and has wanted to visit that 'ocean' thing...
General Likes: keeping track of people, fresh fish
General Dislikes: people who think his daughter is somehow less because she lost her sight; very dry air
Fears/Worries: even he does worry that she might one day meet an accident - like her parents - so he's a bit overprotective even if he knows she will be fine
Special Strange Info: he has a collection of dead bugs that he thinks are pretty, and won't hesitate to trade something shiny for a living beetle or something like that
Basic Personality: quiet, secure, a pleasant elf to be around, but if you get him riled up he will sometimes let himself get carried away with the mood of a group. He's no party pooper, but he's definitely not a party animal, he knows the value of sensible progress and team efforts
How they feel about
: they've gotten lucky, apparently, the small group of wanderers haven't had bad encounters, but he remembers some deaths, captures, and the like from way back
Elves -- herders: they follow deer for a reason, right?
Elves -- magic users: is... is there some other way?
Elves -- bond-riders: he has gleefully become a rider, even if he doesn't range too far from their home base
Trolls, etc: sure, there are all indications of them being truly rotten, but the ones he's actually met - aside from the universally terrifying northern trolls - have been pretty decent folk
Bond Animal Info if any: has had families of snow foxes that enjoy being around him, they're not pets but they're not really bonded so much as habituated

Skills: Attack/Close Range Missile (Sling): Extremely High
Hunting - fishing rod: Extremely High
Ranged - Javelin (thrown): Average
Swimming: Very High
Perception: Above Average
Verbal Communication/Polar Human Speech: Below Average

History: as Aoku's, with the observation that their tribe was ill at ease for so long, he hardly knew what to do with himself when they'd finally been rid of the old chief for good. Now that he's among friendlier and more confident sorts, he has truly started to blossom. He's been working with the elves that habit the forest areas, and is making sure that the local streams and rivers are properly draining - there are times when his water shaping is life or death for those living down river, after landslides blocked tributaries and caused a turn-long dry spell below.

The humans - particularly the young ones - seem to really like him, and his dragoness, because 'she is the same color as the pines!' which she definitely is! He's got them hunting for pretty beetles now... He and Aoku switch off who's 'watching' their daughter, but they both know she's fine. His 'territory' is more north of hers, and south of the true frigid snowfields that the Ice Gliders used to patrol. And Meysh looks forward to the day when perhaps their whole tribe might reunite here at Bald Mountain.

Taleteth Name: Taleteth (TAH leh teth)
Gender: Female
Size: small 6'6" s / 37' l / 62' ws
Build: a bit on the chonky side
Physical Features: though typical of most pernese types with split tail, neck crest, and headknobs, she has a thick coat of fur with only her face bare
Colors: body and wingsails richly green with paler green and mint-tinted white trim; crest bright high-contrast white, eyes faceted
Stats: Strength 2, Speed 4, Endurance 5, Agility 2, Health 4, Intelligence 3
Abilities: Winged Flight, though not remarkably strong in the air or on the ground, she's pretty speedy and can maintain a good air sprint surprisingly long. She is reliable for one or two elves on her back, but more than that she starts to get wobbly
Teleportation, it's almost instinctive how she knows just where to wind up, she only needs a glimpse at the stars to know where - and when - to arrive; she doesn't do a lot of close-by teleportation, and is good at following more expert time or dimension hoppers to visit other worlds, though that effort does tire her out
Telepathy, this dragon is good at communicating broadly and loudly close up, so if there's an emergency and she's in a cuddle puddle with other dragons they will all definitely know what's up very quickly; on the other hand she can only communicate with her own rider in terms of non-draconic minds, and relies on him for adequate instruction anywhere but wandering Bald Mountain or their icy territory nearby
Telekinesis, she lacks control over this, and can't really help much in a group boost
Assisted Firebreath, she has never wanted to chew the stuff, did something burn that first? and then spit it out? (The troll forge muck that others might find perfect for the job is just absolutely offensive to her)
Parents: Unknown, unrelated to other bernese
Origin: Mystic art with Phe shading
Other Info: where other green dragons are flighty and bubble headed, she's... well, she's still bubble headed but definitely not as flirty and flighty as most, even without firestone hindering her breeding cycle. She definitely will want to rise, but takes her cues from the more elegant gold and exotics in the Holt, than any 'expected' types at Weyrs