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Valley of the Sky



Bonded to: Tylhar (never grown to adult stage as of 6.28.21, may move on to another location for an actual bond, ** 2022 images were found, will remove if requested)

Age: 14956 Sex: Female
Soul Name: yasheel Known By: self, Awlvon, everyone who understands high ones have no privacy
Mate Status/Sex Preference: Recognized and Lifemated to Awlvon, straight
Children: more than one or two, but most dead ages ago. Will probably Recognize him again and have more, once they're stable | Awlvon gives her Touch (also known as Telomir), but then she Recognizes Hush, who she knows has just-a-drop of cat blood; their daughter is Mindstorm
Parents/Relatives: long gone first comers
Height: 6'2" Build: very tall, lean, wiry
Hair Color, Length, Style: white-silver, with platinum shades in the sun, very long fluffy and topknotted
Eye Color, Size, Shape: dark green, large, round
Skin Tone: medium tan, burns, normally fair without sun
Voice Quality: high, sharp
Clothing -- Summer: leather long-sleeved tunic, fur cloak, high boots, in shades of yellows and pale greens
Clothing -- Winter: same
Jewlery Worn, Made: hair ornaments, and makes wooden things
Tatoos/Markings/Scars: none visible
Pets/Animals Kept: none
Notable Posessions: staff which is topped with a shard of the original palace's matter, which was shaped by a long-dead first comer, this is a very powerful artifact that attracts magical attention and glows strongly to anyone with good Magic Feeling
Holt Function: tree-shaper, flier, keeper of magic
Magic? How Powerful? Sending 12/10, Magic Feeling 8/10, Plant Shape 10/10, Levitation 7/10
Climate/Locations Preferred: forests, large caverns, spring and fall seasons
General Likes: peace and quiet, meditation, focused people
General Dislikes: loud noises and lots of people (except children, she loves them), distractions
Fears/Worries: Those humans... they may have learned a thing or two in the many thousands of years they've slept. she is paranoid that somehow they remember her...
Special Strange Info: she slept the most shallow of the group, her touch with the palace allowed her to listen in on the plants and keep track of whether anything or anyone was near
Basic Personality: a bit arrogant, but she definitely keeps herself in check when there are people around. she is disgusted and concerned with the half-blooded elves that have come about, though she knows they're still elves she feels sorry for them that they're doomed to live a mortal life (no matter how long). She's excessively spiritual.
How they feel about
: hate and fear, paranoid
Elves -- herders: she can help them keep those goats and sheep in check!
Elves -- magic users: aren't they all? oh - they aren't? what's happened to the world...
Elves -- bond-riders: (holds hands to throat and says nothing)
Trolls, etc: those little things are nothing but trouble, the palace says so
Bond Animal Info if any: hybrid saa/bipedra


Yasheel stood impatiently (when was she ever patient?) as these odd creatures milled about. She had the impression that this would be a more formal affair, but then she hadn't really entertained listening to Apogee regarding the process. Plus, it seemed that this hatching was far less organized than that which Apogee had described, her own bonding along side Squall's was more or less a ceremonial event. Why couldn't this one be such?

Since she was reasonably distracted in her own thoughts, Yasheel failed to notice when an adorable tan colored saa went up to Bowcrescent (she was sure she sensed the taint of half-blood on him, but he was a handsome young elf).

At the same time, a half-rainbow marked sister was making her way to Yasheel, having completely ignored everyone else. ~Hybrids aren't so bad, are they?~ she asked timidly.

Startled, Yasheel turned to see ... a creature with two heads looking up at her with four eyes.

But... Something far more intruded on her mind: that he adored her, without pause and without qualifying, and he was afraid she'd reject him.

"They... well, you are not, Tylhar, you are definitely not."

Sponsor/Bond: Yasheel
Name: Tylhar (gift of the stars)
Gender: Male
Type: Zalor-Bipedra/SaaShiyovi Hybrid
Adult size: 4' 6" at the shoulder
Parents: Eikida x Nova
Abilities: Star Shower, Star Blast, Telepathy, Teleportation
Basic Personality: Subdued, artful, clever

** 2022 as the other from this clutch since these were never officially handed out but the images are obviously done, I'll remove it if needed but otherwise I can't just sit with it on my hard drive...