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Awlvon and Yasheel


Telomir / Touch

Bonded to:

Age: young adult (born year 172) Sex: male
Soul Name: Telomir Known By: pretty much anyone who understands that whole high-one thing
Mate Status/Sex Preference: single/whoever
Children: none yet
Parents/Relatives: Father Awlvon, mother Yasheel, half-sisters Eclipse and Mindstorm (living, dragonriders)
Height: 5'11" Build: slender, long
Hair Color, Length, Style: black, very straight, long to mid-back and kept back with a tail
Eye Color, Size, Shape: dark purple, slanted, narrow
Skin Tone: pale
Voice Quality: husky, nice burr
Clothing -- Summer: cloth bodysuit as above in brown and yellow, wrapped leggings and arms
Clothing -- Winter: generally no changes
Jewlery Worn, Made: often has simple metal bracelets or a torc
Tatoos/Markings/Scars: none
Pets/Animals Kept: enjoys cats
Notable Posessions: none really, everything is transient
Holt Function: dream healer
Magic? How Powerful? Sending 11/10, Magic Feeling 8/10, Levitation 6/10, Healing 9/10, Mindheal 8/10
Climate/Locations Preferred: anywhere that's been made or shaped
General Likes: caverns of the Holt, shallow pools with little fish
General Dislikes: being out in the middle of nowhere, really serious injuries that have caused terrible trauma
Fears/Worries: that his powers will stop working, or that he will misuse them and allow someone to die or suffer at his hands
Special Strange Info: he looks and acts like a High One all right, but he also enjoys traveling to Carramba and other Nexus worlds to see the sights that his ancestors had cut short
Basic Personality: a bit sullen and odd, but not like his mother; srsbnz.
How they feel about
: father seems to want to ... experiment on them, and it's a good idea to know them inside and out
Elves -- herders: of course, why didn't we think of that?!
Elves -- magic users: ... yes?
Elves -- bond-riders: how useful to be able to travel, some day perhaps there will be a world to explore safely with a dragon
Trolls, etc: cursed betrayers.


It was deepest winter when Telomir felt something on the edge of his mind. It was a dragon, he was sure, but not one of their locals. That could only mean one thing: there were visitors, perhaps looking to remain! He would be needed later if the hunters came back injured, but for the moment he considered them safe enough on their own. There were other healers in the mountain, after all!

He flew off, light as a feather but wary of the winds. It wasn't very stormy but there was snow falling, and the occasional gust that could blow him off course. That he knew a course was something more than he expected. Soon, over the hilly north region, he spotted something odd. He didn't see it exactly with his eyes, it was more complicated than that.

More like when he looked at Kolgar's shaping, or one of the other manipulators works - there was magic around, but this was like none he'd ever felt. A glowing soon became visible conventionally, a warm, candle-like light down on the snow below.

Telomir paused, looked around and tried to sense any enemies. He didn't get the impression this was a trap but he wasn't known for being foolish. What he did find when he cast his mind about, was his half-sister Eclipse. She was quite nearby, but on the ground instead of flying, as she hadn't inherited their sire's flight power.

**Sister, do you sense it?**

**It? There are two, brother. Come closer, you have to see them!** She replied, excited. There was something to this after all. So Telomir skirted the clearing and found where Eclipse was waiting, behind a tree, and landed near her without a sound.

What she'd seen was truly amazing. A pair of dragons, as he'd expected, but what beautiful ones indeed! **Do you think they're friendly?** He asked, mentally.

"Of course we are," said the one, a brighter color than his very dark companion. That startled both elves, but made the darker dragon chuffle with a laugh.

"Come on, come on, we know you're there." She said, moving her head around and causing the odd glow to move with her. She was smaller than her pale friend, by far, but also seemed to be more active. When the pair of elfin siblings moved out from their hiding place, both dragons also stood taller and welcomed them.

They were small for dragons, at least according to some of those which had been at Bald Mountain all of Telomir and Eclipse's lives. The dark female was quite a bit smaller than the male, and it was hardly any surprise that they gravitated toward their own gender for a pair to be made.

"Greetings to you, I am Earthstar," the paler, shiny male said, looking down at Telomir who had a broad happy smile on his normally sedate face.

"We'll have to introduce you properly," Telomir said, after regaining some composure. "Up in the aerie. I'll fly on ahead, if you have things to finish?" He asked of his sister, and Eclipse nodded.

"I do, nothing much. Let's go, Blackfire. I can't wait to show you off!"

Telomir left the clearing under his own power, waiting for the bright male to rise into the snowy air. They watched Eclipse and Blackfire leave under the shelter of the trees, and would arrive up at the aerie soon enough.

Male Bronze Earthstar - sponsored retroactively, as this dragon and its sibling are not appropriate to this group, and he will be bonding another elsewhere
Dragon: Earthstar
Species: Spellweaver
Gender: Male
Size: Large (for spellweaver) 7'8 shoulder
Magic: Medium ability
Colors: Bronze, gold eyes
Code: XY Wr Hh Bb MM SS
Sire: brass Starstealer
Dam: silver Pramana