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Image Credits: Rinmaru forest elf (Flashpoint used)


Bonded to: Akuketh. From: Mystic's Bernese

Age: ~60 Born in: Newgreen / early Spring
Soul Name: aeen Known By: only herself Found: alone on a hunt
Sex: female Mate Status/Sex Preference: prefers the company of females, though she'll definitely bed whoever, she is a Go-Back after all
Children: one dead son, and another, Nelk, somewhere else, she's pretty sure he is still alive
Parents/Relatives: parents dead in the Palace War
Original Tribe: Go-Backs, pureblooded. Arrived to Bald Mountain: 200
Height: 4' Build: slender and tall
Hair Color, Length, Style: brilliant red, kept quite short and shaggy as she likes to cut it herself often using arrowheads
Eye Color, Size, Shape: light green, medium sized and evenly set
Skin Tone: light, doesn't tan
Voice Quality: doesn't speak a lot, even in company, but has a high and chiming sound
Clothing -- Summer: loses a layer or two
Clothing -- Winter: as shown with a brown skirt under medium-sleeved charcoal shirt and a vest of golden suede, tan archery gloves, and yes those are toeless wrapped boots
Jewlery Worn, Made: doesn't wear any
Tatoos/Markings/Scars: surprisingly does not have any obvious scars
Pets/Animals Kept: animals are for eating, not coddling
Notable Posessions: it's never her own stuff, she just happens to find things and then has to go looking for who lost them!
Holt Function: small and fast prey hunting, tracker
Strength: Average
Very High
Very High
Above Average
tall and slender
Above Average
Above Average
Magic Power:
Magic? How Powerful?
Sending 7/10, Magic Feeling 2/10 A pretty typical 'loner' out there needs range for communicating with the tribe, and she has as direct and to the point thoughts as her arrows fly
Finding (objects/items) 4/10, it's just where you left it, right here! She can concentrate on finding a specific item, but generally speaking it seems more like 'perfect luck' that she spots things, she knows better than to rely only on it, and has never stopped honing her tracking skills
Climate/Locations Preferred: is really enjoying the seasonally changing Holt, so 'low mountains and high forests'
General Likes: being alone, finding something that another person lost and reuniting them, bringing in her share of the holt's food
General Dislikes: being 'volunteered' for things in a group, too-stiff winds that cause her aim to be off
Fears/Worries: she actually is phobic of being the center of attention, and would become dizzy or stammer if put in a position where she must address a lot of people
Special Strange Info: her fear is definitely because of an incident in the Go-Back lodge, one which Jade the local rock-shaping Go-Back even remembers, which also led to Jit being unwilling to train with the warriors and instead choosing to hunt and track
Basic Personality: private, not really timid but definitely not an extrovert, which places her well outside the normal Go-Back way of life
How they feel about
: they're smelly, but they're at least skilled
Elves -- herders: prefer to track and hunt, sorry
Elves -- magic users: is that what I've been doing? eh, whatever, it's still dangerous if you do it wrong I am looking right at you Eshuu
Elves -- bond-riders: I am also looking right at you, Eshuu, yes yes I know how to ride, thanks I don't need the- I told you I already ride...
Trolls, etc: the farther away the better, but if they need an arrow through the eye she's ready to provide
Skills: Attack and Hunting/Short Bow: Extremely High
Hunting/Fast Prey: High
Stealth/From Prey: Average
Tracking/Prey: Very High
Climb/Rocks and Trees: High
Cooking/Camping Food: Above Average
Ride (Elk, Dragon): Extremely High

History: born shortly before the Palace War and raised during the peak battles between the Go-Backs and Trolls, Jit is well aware that her skills might have 'saved' her family members during the Palace... but there would have been no point, she would never have gone in there and definitely never wants to wear heavy, clunky, loud armor! Not even protection from fighting a Troll is worth that.

When the groups started splitting up she eagerly left the lodge for good. If only it hadn't been with those old grumpy idiots Gaor and Ahec, maybe they would have had the start of a real tribe somewhere... But there is one now, right here in Bald Mountain. Among the group with these lovely furry dragons, Jit wanders farthest south away from the ice, but usually returns to it when the pelts will be their richest white from those little foxes and hare!

Akuketh Name: Akuketh
Gender: Male
Size: small/sport 6' s / 40' l / 90' ws
Build: lean, but fluffy as heck so you can't tell
Physical Features: though typical of most pernese types with split tail, neck crest, and headknobs, has a thick coat of fur with only face bare
Colors: body and wingsails very dark blue-black, with bright tan-brown and brilliant white markings; bright white crest; faceted eyes
Stats: Strength 5, Speed 2, Endurance 5, Agility 2, Health 5, Intelligence 3
Abilities: Winged Flight, surprisingly tough and strong for his small size, Akuketh is a good dragon to summon if you need a rock moved, a big log hefted out of the way, or a large animal carcass carried anywhere within a day's walk. That said, he is ... not quite atrocious with any tricks or speed, he will get there when he gets there, and he will not do loops while carrying anything, he's not that kind of 'stunt' dragon
Teleportation, decent enough with this power to be trusted to land where needed, he can memorize a location and stick with it enough to guide others to it; even halfway across the Ice Wall, deep into the eastern scrub, or down past the western swampy corner of Bald Mountain, he has his spots to visit, and does so regularly; but again this is a slow and steady pace, he doesn't like to wear himself out, so he does only one jaunt every few minutes at most
Telepathy, quiet like his rider, but actually quite a bit more confident among other dragons and groups, so while she might ride him, he's going to be doing the coordination and efforts - she's just along to shoot her arrows... His mental voice is gruff, quick, but not unkind
Telekinesis, it's possible that he has a stronger ability than normal with this, but he doesn't know exactly what he'd do with it if he could master it... though he definitely has aided others if they need to really-really lift something large and ungainly!
Assisted Firebreath, he's not a fighter, and will not attempt to convince Jit to be a fighter either, so screw that stuff, ew
Parents: unknown, unrelated to others
Origin: Mystic art and colors, Phe shades
Other Info: Akuketh is dependable, sure of himself, but not bloated with his own ego; Eshuu we are looking at you and Inidoth again