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Image Credits: Doll Divine Disney Prince (Flashpoint used)

Name: Eshuu (EE shoe)

Bonded to: Bronze M Inidoth From: Mystic's Bernese

Age: 35ish Born in: Newgreen/Spring
Soul Name: none known Known By: no one not even him Found: n/a
Sex: Male Mate Status/Sex Preference: Lovemated, Ungof, female, ran away during a Troll raid (that captured Preth)
Children: Fyma, female, missing (with mother)
Parents/Relatives: Mother: Maektek, killed by Trolls; Father: Pilth, missing (likely with Ungof and Fyma); Siblings: Brother: Hasli, younger, on a vision quest; Sister: Preth, younger, captured by Trolls
Original Tribe: Go-Backs (post-Palace, Plains elf blooded). Arrived to Bald Mountain: 200
Height: 3'7" Build: sturdy, but not too burly
Hair Color, Length, Style: bronzed, complex style with shaves, cut short to ears
Eye Color, Size, Shape: ultramarine
Skin Tone: olive-tan, plains-elf influenced
Voice Quality: somewhat high and airy given that he's a rough and tumble Go-back
Clothing -- Summer: pretty much ditches the fur pants for a kilt and stops wearing long sleeves if it gets very warm
Clothing -- Winter: long nicely kept cloak of heavy fur and thick leather in crystal over leather and fur evergreen pants, with a graphite long-sleeved shirt, knee high leather boots of khaki, and a soft fur hat
Jewlery Worn, Made: oh he does not dare wear metal... his cloak buckles are an exception but he's thought really hard about replacing them with wood, thankfully they're small
Tatoos/Markings/Scars: a noticable scar on their right side from a chunk taken out from his ear, to mottled and pitted splash-damage on face, neck, arm and hand, and down his side though you can't see it; this is from his first accidental lightning strike, which actually didn't hurt him directly, rather it struck a flammable flask of oil and that blew up on him. He's since learned how to keep away from things like that when he's gearing up for a blast
Pets/Animals Kept: female, very small elk with antlers broken from fighting; she is out with the local elk now and they are semi-domesticated so they'll hang out even if the other herd members want to move on
Notable Posessions: nothing worth noting
Holt Function: scaring the crap out of invading Trolls or Humans (or anything else in range)
Strength: High
Extremely High
Very High
Extremely High
evenly built but not very tall
Very Low
Magic Power:
Below Average
Magic? How Powerful?
Sending 6/10, Magic Feeling 2/10, WeatherShape - Call Lightning (!) 4/10
Climate/Locations Preferred: stormy skies, open plains
General Likes: He enjoys collecting small shiny rocks, and sometimes the lightning-struck fused rocks or metals that come from ore being hit
General Dislikes: missing in combat, particularly if he's fighting with his magic... it takes a lot out of him to get another strike going
Fears/Worries: that he will hit the wrong person, instead, he always is sure to mentally bellow out that he's going to gather the lightning before letting loose
Special Strange Info: you read that right, he calls lightning. Something about his magic seems to attract it, and with intense concentration he can 'call' it into a direction nearby, usually while on dragonback because that way at least they stand a chance of being in motion rather than getting hit arbitrarily. This power works only in the right weather conditions but he seems able to sense when those conditions are close, and he can 'direct' a bolt of lightning to whatever is tallest nearby on the ground - and on the plains, this was quite effective at crisp-frying big herd beasts, but up in the mountains and snow it's a sure bet to be a troll lumbering about. This is basically a standard lightning strike in any other regard, which means it may hit directly on its target, or be diverted by some other thing on the way, but with practice he can narrow its scope to a reasonable degree, and as he grows older this will certainly only get better. It is very difficult and draining, not just for him but apparently for the local air pressure and conditions, as though he's 'clearing out' the spare static energy and gathering it; it takes a few minutes for the power to build, about the same for the storm around him. Note that this does somehow prevent him and now his dragon from being hit by random strikes, even up in the clouds during a storm. It's also possible that he'll learn how to build up Inidoth's fur in a dry area to put smaller bolts into action...
Basic Personality: anyone bold enough to get hit by lightning and then decide "hey I think I'll start trying to control it" deserves respect... He isn't crazy, far from it, he'd make a good engineer or scientist, and does want to learn more about the things Trolls or even Humans make (and let's not even get into what happens when he discovers the piezoelectric and battery driven electric devices in the Holt...). He rides a bronze dragon for a reason, though he's not 'charming' he's definitely 'bold'
How they feel about
: they're inventive, though kind of smelly
Elves -- herders: father's folks herded animals, didn't they? at least they followed herds, and so did the Go-Backs
Elves -- magic users: if Teyfu's fire magic wasn't enough to get her kicked out of the tribe, then certainly his might... But that just means more opportunity to find a tribe that would love to have him
Elves -- bond-riders: yee! and I cannot stress this enough, haw!
Trolls, etc: while he does have a strong amount of fear mixed with anger about the ones up in the Palace's old location to the north, the ones he's met down in the hills and on the plains have been pretty decent people
Skills: Trapping/Trap Making: Extremely High
Hunting - Spear: Extremely High (uses bone tipped ones, rather than metal)
Ranged - Longbow: High
Against Trolls - metal, medium sized shield: Below Average (note that he stopped using this because obviously it would attract lightning)
Running/Endurance: Average
Cooking/Exotic Dishes: Above Average
Language Lore/Written Language: Average
Ride: Extremely High

History: It was likely the use of his lightning power that brought attention to himself, things tended to explode near him. While his parentage was not 'pure Go-Back' like some in their group, they'd somehow hidden any powers until him... It was also very likely that power that attracted the Trolls - causing the entire three hands worth of elves to have to scatter, some of them being captured, and his mother wasn't the only one who fought bravely - but not quite skilled enough to avoid being killed. They ran in different directions, and Eshuu realized that he was the cause of this raid. So he went the opposite direction from his family and kin. He still hopes to find them, but he knows they won't want him back, not now.

Eventually he met up with Teyfu, and then others. Apparently 'searched' by a dragon riding girl related in some way to their new friends from the Ice Gliders, they were brought to the Holt to the south, then off world! What an adventure! But there's more adventure to come, being able to ride on a bold dragon's back and defend their territory from Troll attacks? This is the life!

Dragon Name: Inidoth
Gender: Male
Size: medium pernese 10' s / 60' l / 108' ws
Build: very strong, that's all muscle under the thick fur!
Physical Features: though typical of most pernese types with split tail, neck crest, and headknobs, he has a thick coat of fur with only his face bare
Colors: Dusty bronze body with bright white and paler tan markings; crest white, rainbow eyes
Stats: Strength 6, Speed 3, Endurance 5, Agility 4, Health 4, Intelligence 3
Abilities: Winged Flight, Inidoth is very strong and at least as durable as they come! He does need to be quick enough to survive both random Troll bolts being fired from their vicious siege bows, but also the incidental lightning strikes from his rider's power... and does so with flair!
Teleportation, he is remarkably fast to move through the void or between or whatever you'd like to call it here on Abode, and he can say for sure that it 'feels different here' than it did on his homeworld; whether that's because Abode seems to act like a kind of magical drain, or because he is far away from that homeworld, who knows, but he can still flip in and out of it before the lightning strikes and reappear barely after it's gone... generally he moves only short distances, up to about 100 meters at a time, but he can keep that up indefinitely
Telepathy, a strong mind for a strong dragon, he isn't afraid to ask for directions for longer teleports, and considers all of his wing mates to be vital, and you can sense this when he speaks; he not only has confidence in himself and his rider, but in others; he has a good wide range for thinking to other dragons, over 50 miles, though less with the elves (around 10 miles), and only with difficulty can he mind-speak with Trolls or Humans at close range
Telekinesis, he lacks the ability to use this directly, but has a reasonable amount to add to any group effort
Assisted Firebreath, the Trolls leave runoff and slush that some elves have taken to filtering for the useful rock - and sometimes outright stealing coal and other substances for these defenders to chew; they are careful with it, he doesn't use as much given his rider is going to let off bolts of lightning, but once that magic is used up, he can definitely spray dangerously hot fire at enemies up to 200 meters distant
Parents: unknown, unrelated to others
Origin: Mystic's Bernese, art+color Mystic, shading Phe
Other Info: even if he wasn't the bold and brave one, he'd still be considered the wing leader, as his charm and positive thinking unifies the group even in dire circumstances