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Image Credits: Doll Divine Princess

Name Pearlsheen

Bonded to: Maple From: (deviantart adoptable)

Age: 1800 Born in: unknown season
Soul Name: unknown Known By: none Found: unknown
Sex: female Mate Status/Sex Preference: any
Children: none so far, see below** Thread in 203
Parents/Relatives: unknown, any that had been alive surely died in the flooding
Original Tribe: Sea Folk at High Cove. Arrived to Bald Mountain: ~170
Height: 4'7" Build: she's on the chunky side of svelte
Hair Color, Length, Style: striking straight, tied-back sky-blue,
Eye Color, Size, Shape: violet-colored
Skin Tone: deeply tanned skin, has a number of delicate looking lacy fins along her wrists and ankles, they are functional when she's fully in the water. She does have herself shaped, though not with a tail, more to add flipper-style fins to her feet for swimming
Voice Quality: bubbly and bright sounding
Clothing -- Summer: prefers violet and lavender shaded silk and lace garments to go with her eyes, also has a number of darkly violet pearls in her selection of ‘formal wear'
Clothing -- Winter: unknown, but probably will doll up with fluffy furs
Jewlery Worn, Made: oh very much so
Tatoos/Markings/Scars: .... no!
Pets/Animals Kept: somehow it's almost like fish are her pets before she cooks them
Notable Posessions: kniiiiiives
Holt Function: Cook! Preparation! Parties!
Strength: Below Average
Extremely High
Very High
Below Average
Above Average
Above Average
Magic Power:
strong distance sending, but her ‘voice' gets lost among many if it's a busy group of minds; She may have a weak water-shaping ability, which she might use to pry open stubborn shells without having to risk breaking her favorite knives
Magic? How Powerful?
sending 7/10, distance 9/10, watershaping 3/10, boneshape 1/10?
Climate/Locations Preferred: though she does miss the deeper pull of the tide, right here among the hills inland seems to suit her very well
General Likes: cooking, sharp knives, the looks on people's faces when they enjoy her food, pearls and smooth stones
General Dislikes: she doesn't much care for the wolf-folk who don't like cooked food, individually. Also, stay out of her way if she's cooking and you're helping. Just do what she says and no one will get hurt…
Fears/Worries: Though she eagerly joins in celebrations with everyone, Pearlsheen dreads Recognition with one of the Wolf-blooded. She doesn't hate them or fear them individually in any way, but the thought of having a child die of age makes her heart break even before it could happen
Special Strange Info: though she's farther away from her coastal birthplace than ever in her life, she feels oddly more at home here with a magically crafted cove among the hills and forest. This has begun coaxing out new abilities!
Basic Personality: Pearlsheen considers herself among the prettiest elves; Pearlsheen is rather self-absorbed. She's sure of herself to an extreme, but knows better than to say or do things that indicate areas where she's not adept. In other words, she knows she's really good at what she does, and isn't at all going to interrupt whatever anyone else is doing if it's not something she is good at. If it has something to do with cooking, flavors, fish, knives, or serving things to people, she is the go-to elf. She knows what she likes, and likes it a lot. That said, she's not remarkably stubborn – she will listen to reason if she's gone off the deep end so to speak, and can be dissuaded from bad actions or thoughts
How they feel about
: They made boats, and some stories fill her with dread about hunting elves for sport
Elves -- herders: maybe if you could herd fish?
Elves -- magic users: divine! lovely! so helpful!
Elves -- bond-riders: Not sure whether she'll enjoy being among them, perhaps something under the water?
Trolls, etc: well they stay away from deep water so perhaps they'll leave her alone. But she has heard about them using ingredients in clever ways?
Bond Animal Info if any: none

Skills: You do not want to get on her bad side, because she is positively deadly with knives. Fast and accurate, she has been known to avoid being bitten by a sea snake and sever the serpent's head in one blow. She does not hunt in deep waters, but is capable of aiding larger hunts by menacing any fish that aren't needed. She can, it's said (mostly by her), cut individual scales off a moving minnow… small knives and cooking implements are absolutely her life story. She can tell the difference between fish by smell or taste, and even individually tell whether a fish is young, old, male/female, or healthy just with a glance. She's considered raising ‘domesticated' fish in the tide pools near the Cliffs, just to experiment with them, but that's kind of difficult – they're tide pools after all, and rely on water from the ocean. As a chef, she's mastered so many aspects of cooking fish – she's always enjoyed the meats that the Wolf folk bring with them and trading her own dishes, though they might not like ‘cooked meat'. There are plenty of uncooked dishes, after all


Pearlsheen has gone through her life knowing that she's been lucky. She has never been endangered more than in an indirect way (during storms, or large hunts), and has managed to not need to be healed from any grievous injuries. The worst injuries she's ever sustained, after all, were early in her food preparation days when she hadn't mastered holding her knives or using them as cleverly as she has. That said, she's still careful with them, not flippant at all as her actions might seem. If she's ever thrown a knife at someone for interrupting her (and she has) she's immediately gone and gotten the knife back… >_> okay and apologized, if needed, for scaring the wits out of any one foolish enough to interrupt her…

But in most respects, she's the kind of Sea elf that most Wolf folk look at and shake their head, thinking ‘what a silly girl'.

Not too long after his arrival to the Holt, on his lovely blue dragon, Tapestry and Pearlsheen Recognize. Now, he is definitely a wolf-blooded elf, she's sure of that. But he is so different from the ones of her own tribe, and even from those others scattered around Bald Mountain! Plus he's a dragon rider, and that definitely counts for something to allay any fear she might have of losing him to age. The 'old world' riders have asserted that the dragons extended the lives of their human companions by quite a bit, according to their own stories - so what might a wolf-blooded elf's life be like? Their daughter is named Thread, and she is as impressive as she is unusual.

Dragon Name: Maple
Gender: Female
Size: large (for her breed) 11' s / 35' l / 70' ws
Build: 'svelte' let's go with that
Physical Features: Light Fury, though quite a big one as they're typically not this tall at the shoulder
Colors: body glittery soft white with pale warm grey scales visible in light; belly, fins, fluke, and wingsails underneath are shades of pale goldenrod, pink, and peach; dorsal fin and claws deep graphite, nub ends black; eyes green (oddly, eyes are square pupiled which is not a trait found among Light furies either) all of these markings are very much like the adorably cute maple moth and she does answer to Maple
Stats: Strength 5, Speed 4, Endurance 5, Agility 4, Health 3, Intelligence 6
Abilities: Winged Flight and Speed Tricks though she's fast and pretty strong in the air it's under the water that she's gained her skills, so she's a powerhouse in the air for long distances as well as very short bursts that rival teleportation for their speed
Stealth and Cloaking, why would she ever want to hide? well, sometimes a girl has to be modest... In the mists or foggy mornings, she's impossible to detect on shore or in the air, and definitely up in the clouds particularly during dawn or dusk, she is visible only if you know what you're looking for
Senses very acute sense of smell and hearing, particularly low-frequency and very-high-frequency sounds picked up with her lobed appendages
Parents: unknown
Origin: adopted from Electric Adopts, Light Fury by Dreamworks
Other Info: Maple is sweet, until she isn't. This dragon is a perfect match for the lovely cook in the Cove, and spends quite a bit of time searching for tasty fish among the coral reefs, which she gets the first big bite of, but anything else is happily shared with her elf and the group. She will pose and posture, she knows she's beautiful just like her bond. But if you get Pearlsheen riled up, this dragon will be up in your face about it defensively.