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Image Credits: lethe | hummingdrakes by Nomi (Humbug, Velvet, and Fireant)

Name: Tapestry

Bonded to: Blue Zunth

Age: 30, born in Leaffall (autumn) Sex: male
Soul Name: Lho Known By: none but his recognized, discovered while wandering the area
Mate Status/Sex Preference: Recognized but not partnered, mostly het
Recognized: Purple Nails, who is apparently still enfatuated with him and expected more out of their relationship, which he wasn't prepared to give, since they Recognized when he was hardly five hands old (that's 20), and since their child Whisper died in a mudslide she's actively stalking him for 'more' - which he may or may not ever provide, given he was Searched and brought away from Abode. Year 201 Recognizes Pearlsheen and is far more successful in raising their child
Children: Whisper, deceased at two hands (8) old, she was going to be much like her mother (okay, fairly - like both of them, Tapestry has hardly looked up from his weaving work since he started doing it), it seemed, too focused on things right in front of her but not paying attention to her surroundings, the world is unforgiving and dangerous, though Tapestry mourned for her, he knows that her spirit still sits right beside Nails watching every move... ** Later, year 203, daughter Thread
Parents/Relatives: mother Badger, captured by Trolls; father Trigger, who is quite doting and loving, concerned for his mate but knows she's still alive; sister Sure Hoof, though she's barely known her mother and was mainly raised by Trigger and Tapestry, she is intent on somehow retrieving their lost family from her slavery in the Troll camp
Original Tribe: a splinter group of Wolf-riding elves, unrelated to others that show up; Arrived to Bald Mountain: 199
Height: 4'3", pretty tall for an elf but still 'child sized' to any Human or even Troll Build: long, lean, slender, a bit gangly even in his young adulthood and will only ever be wiry
Hair Color, Length, Style: golden brown, silky and straight, and now kept as a very long tail or braided in order to work with the dragons, but he loves the length of it and won't cut it
Eye Color, Size, Shape: buttery yellow-cream, an unusual color but one which harkens back to Timmorn Yellow-Eyes indeed; large, almond shaped and heavily lidded
Skin Tone: burn and peel white, he's very used to being in a deep forest and with little sunlight, though he prefers daytime to see his work he doesn't like going out into the bright sun
Voice Quality: hardly speaks, in fact he barely uses Sending to convey his ideas. He's hard pressed to raise his voice in a yell
Clothing -- Summer: as shown, a tunic with shorts and a loin cloth, belt, and leg decorations which he often uses to store weaving or crafting tools while he works, leather boots
Clothing -- Winter: usually adds longer pants and long sleeved shirt under his tunic, and has been known to wrap his long hair around his face and neck to keep himself warm with it
Jewlery Worn, Made: at times he's been known to admire the Trolls shiny rocks and jewelry and makes small woven bands or rings in colorful threads to emulate them
Tatoos/Markings/Scars: none, unless you count he's so pale that you can put your hand on his shoulder under the sun and watch it burn around its print by the time you lift your hand up...
Pets/Animals Kept: none from his prior tribe, but he appreciates the presence of goats and sheep, because their fur is what keeps his loom busy (just wait until the group of Ice Gliders show off their furry Pernese!) He has become the keeper of a hummingdrake flock, with a queen that he's called 'Humbug' which, for whatever reason, makes plenty of people chuckle. This little creature somehow brought two more of her breed to create a proper flock, a smaller scout named Velvet, and a big burly guard which Tapestry calls Fireant. It's not clear whether Velvet will become a harem male, but at this time there are only three of these creatures at Bald Mountain. They aid Tapestry in tending to the flowers from which he gets certain dyes, and have led him into some amazing locations in their pursuit of pollen.
Notable Posessions: he has a loom back at his old Holt, but knows that someone else is using it by now - he won't be returning to it. There's a much better, more dedicated crafting space in Bald Mountain after all, and there he will make many, many rugs, tapestries, and woven goods with colorful scenes on them. just you watch!
Holt Function: weaver and goods maker, in Bald Mountain anyway. People at his old Holt seem unable to really appreciate the effort that goes into these things. Hunting is nice and all but to have some kind of permanence would be better, here have a rug. He's obsessed with this skill so you should get used to it
Magic? How Powerful? very little but Sending 3/10, Magic Feeling 5/10; while he cannot do any other magic himself, his mother's line is known to have strong Plant Shaping in her history and if he pairs up with another with that power it's highly likely they will be able to use it
Climate/Locations Preferred: enjoys northern temperate forests and slightly-chilly nights of Leaffall, as long as that chill isn't coming directly into his sleep den
General Likes: the smiles on people's faces here at Bald Mountain when he shows off his work, he can finally be proud of these skills!
General Dislikes: knowing that his mate, perhaps his only recognized mate, is ... well, who she is
Fears/Worries: that that recognized mate will find this holt, he really, really does not want to encounter Nails again, and has been thinking about somehow 'breaking' the recognition if possible
Special Strange Info: he was Searched not by Ainea but by another Dragonhope rider so when he met the tanner and fur maker he was elated to see that other groups existed, knowing now he didn't have to go back to the wolfriders
Basic Personality: intense and focused on his own work, doesn't particularly nose around others duties, and likes to know his place
How they feel about
: though he's encountered them, he doesn't think they're nearly as dangerous as large animals or even Trolls
Elves -- herders: magnificent, the best, can he please have that spare shed fur?
Elves -- magic users: he remains in awe of those who can do amazing things with their inner power, but not envious - everyone has a role, after all, and that's not his!
Elves -- bond-riders: he's one of them now, isn't he? he had never found a wolf-friend and felt as though he was an outsider because of it. Now that he's a dragon rider, however, he really is an outsider at least to that tribe. So off to Bald Mountain he goes, to fit right in!
Trolls, etc: he deeply fears and resents most Trolls, but he also knows that their society is structured around crafting and making beautiful things, and honestly he would just like to know that the elfin slaves they keep are treated well and not abused. To have to work for them might be unsavory, but at least it's living.
Skills: Obsession-level and appropriately high skill with Weaving, this is where most of his attention and focus sits. He knows how to make a loom, how to spin thread out of fur or fibers, and though he doesn't know how to make dyes he knows very well how to color threads with it. He's only lacked the location and space, and let's face it the approval of a tribe, to produce actual masterpieces - and now he's at Bald Mountain where those things abound!
He has experience with Map Making, which is honestly at least as good as his weaving skill - and he uses it in tandem. While at Dragonhope Weyr he spotted images such as star charts and historical paintings, and even went so far as to peer in on the tall and strange weavercraft woman named Alila who welcomed him into her den to admire and even try out the loom and embroidery there. She showed him some secrets to putting mind-pictures into real life! With a dragon now, he can soar high above the land and commit features to memory, and it's an absolutely sure bet that whatever he weaves using this knowledge, you'll be able to navigate the land with a glance at it (maybe he'll make small hand-held pieces with local maps? that would be an amazing use of this skill set!)
With two turns of working with the dragon riders at Dragonhope, he has become quite adept at riding and tending for his dragon. Even if they're quite large, he's got a good hand and just the right touch to make sure that he knows where they're headed, even into combat. He knows how to urge Zunth into a sprint or do fancy tricks to avoid aerial dangers, and isn't above putting the dragon into predicaments so they can get out again. He loves racing through narrow areas like between canyon walls and through light forest.
Again while at Dragonhope he picked up a little more knowledge of ore-based colors, and even brought home packets of mineral dyes for use (sparingly, though he knows that it's possible for him to return to the Weyr eventually for more) on his work.
He also learned that some folk like to paint little pictures on flat paper or bark ("cards" they call them) and play games with them, like the Trolls do with dice or othr such things. He isn't great at it, but he does enjoy playing with someone else who isn't fiercely competitive. He'd rather play games to enjoy playing, than to compete to win.
He hunts using a spear and atlatl, though he only does so rarely he's very good with both, good enough that he hardly really thinks about it when he goes out to fetch something small to eat for himself. His skill with the spear is good enough that at least once or twice before leaving his old Holt, he was entrusted with leadership on a dangerous boar hunt, and came back without a scratch to his party.

Strength: Average
Dexterity: Extremely High
Agility: Very High
Health: Average
Intelligence: Average
Appearance: Below Average
Charisma: Below Average
Magic Power: Below Average

History: -- Shard's Abodean Elf Tapestry is a wolfrider from a splinter group that won't have encountered Spell's tribe. Given that he never found a wolf-friend among their pack, having a dragon means he no longer feels like an outsider. But now that he has a dragon he is an outsider. He will be returning to the Bald Mountain Holt with Ainea to start his life as a rider and make sure that the place is well-decorated.

Not too long after his arrival to the Holt, on his lovely blue dragon, Tapestry and Pearlsheen Recognize. He was at first confused because of her early attitude: she was not planning on bearing a wolf-blooded child, but deep in both their hearts they knew that Recognition was right for the tribe. Since his own experiences with the 'feature' were also somewhat poor, once they got to know one another they realized it was far better than either could have predicted. He didn't even realize you could recognize more than once, and he at such a young age! Their daughter Thread has turned out to be quite impressive all on her own, proving that their joining is just what the world needed.

Bond Animal Info if any: Blue m Zunth
Light Gold Nariath (Unarah/NewDkMoon) + White Male Fath (G'ton/BlueMt Aurie)
Bonded At: Dragonhope Weyr giveaway 2021, year 7
Size: though Nariath and Fath are both rather small in scale, even a blue dragon is big for an elf, and this was remarked numerous times by the other riders. Zunth is not large by any human stretch, at less than 8 feet at the shoulder, but still that's twice Tapestry's height... He is strong and burly, like his parents.
Powers and Abilities: winged flight, Zunth is really speedy and quite agile in the air, more than fast enough to speed past all his blue and even brown peers. Since he's small, he does wear out a little quicker than some but he's diligent enough to pace himself. In at least one Threadfall early in the Pass there, he and Tapestry fought for nearly an hour before admitting they needed a rest, and that was honestly more because he'd exhausted his firestone limit than because he was out of flight tricks.
Teleportation, as all Pernese dragons do, he is able to teleport himself and his rider or whatever is with him for brief moments between. He can go only about 10 miles at a time, and prefers flying that distance anyway, but he can use it in combat situations with precision to avoid Thread as well as other dragons in mid-air. He is very clever with this use too and believes that if he's ever in a mating contest he can outmaneuver virtually any other male!
Telepathy, Zunth is firmly attached to his elfin partner's mind, and prefers to only speak to him, but in any flight formation or times that require cooperation he is very attentive to other minds for their orders, or their locations. He's not the brightest dragon, but he has a decent enough memory that he's good with spotting landmarks and can relay information to Tapestry with clarity.
Assisted Firebreath, because he's strictly Pernese, Zunth does require the use of chewed up materials such as coal or 'firestone' to produce flame in his guts for fighting Thread. Thankfully he is not required to do so here on Abode, though they do actually keep a good store of it dug out of their mountainside for just such dragons. Whether he would be fighting an aerial threat or one on the ground - which is much more likely given the dangers found on this two mooned world - Zunth is exceptionally good at spotting exactly where to aim, and has a short ranged but highly accurate flame. He can 'snipe' with it and would make a good rescue dragon if any Human group or Trolls with slaves needed shaking up, as he could literally set fire to the ground at the feat of a specific target. He is too much of a Pernese dragon to ever imagine setting a person - of any breed - on fire.
Personality: Zunth is quiet, focused, and sensible, but he does enjoy the freedom of just existing with a variety of other dragons now in the Bald Mountain dragonry. At his birthplace he was known as 'the little blue over there' but now there are plenty of dragons even smaller than him, which he thinks is hilarious and awesome - not that he would pick on them, but because at least now he's not the odd one out.

Zunth remained near Tapestry in their shared weyr dorm for quite some time, longer than most even after growing large enough to have a new dorm.

They fledged quite well, with strong wings and an agile tail, Zunth easily mastered most of their patterns and wing duties!

They flew in one or two Threadfalls, thankfully just 'practice' runs, but enough to know how to dodge and swoop, strongly moving through an area with multiple dragons in the air as well as fire, Thread, and stiff winds. But now they're on their way home to Abode.