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Image Credits: Pastelkatto Mermaid and Hero/Villain

Name: Thread

Bonded to: . From: Lantessama Island Court

Age: 30 Born in: Hotdays season (summer) of BMY 203
Soul Name: unknown Known By: none, not even herself yet Found: not found yet!
Sex: female Mate Status/Sex Preference: single, wants someone 'special!'
Children: none yet
Parents/Relatives: Mother Pearlsheen, father Tapestry; has wolf-blood but is far more pure elf blood than not
Height: 4'6" Build: solid and bulkier than both her parents
Hair Color, Length, Style: faded blue, taking strongly after Pealsheen's shade, shaggier and shaved with a tall lock over her face
Eye Color, Size, Shape: Yellow, intense, large, and focused right at you
Skin Tone: light to pale normally but when she shifts she gains a darker brown color which is directly inspired by her father's hair
Voice Quality: loud, strong, with a bold laugh
Clothing -- Summer: as shown with a halter top and skirt, in leather with cloth
Clothing -- Winter: adds a bit more midriff but keeps the overall look
Jewlery Worn, Made: none, tends to just have her fins on
Tatoos/Markings/Scars: she has added webbed fingers and arm fringe, and her ears are tall and webbed
Pets/Animals Kept: she loves tending the fish and marine life in the lake
Notable Posessions: none really, she just enjoys looking at things for the moment
Holt Function: lake maintenance and patrols
Strength: Average
Extremely High
Very High
Above Average
Magic Power:
Magic? How Powerful?
Sending 5/10, reasonably good with close and mid-range detection; Distant Sending 8/10 can pinpoint other elves across the Holt but only really communicate to them one by one; Magic Feeling 3/10 can detect objects that have recently been shaped or strong overall magic in the nearby area; Self-Shape 3/10 specifically to add her eel-like tail and remove her legs. She's equally comfortable in either form, and freely moves between them, with more ease than anyone could anticipate; Water Adaptation 7/10 she can breathe fresh water as well as air, and is able to tolerate even ocean-like depths (though she has yet to visit an ocean truly) as well as darkness. Her body is thicker than her parents for this reason, she's not blubbery but she can survive in very cold and wet environments such as the snowy peaks as well as the ocean depths; Water and Water Plant Shape 3/10 each, the seaweed and seabulb crops that she encourages are maintained for the Holt's needs, she can cleanse the water near her plants and grow those plants from spores into their full maturity in several days rather than weeks or months. Sensing their health and their usefulness with touch, she can also gently develop fruits and fiberous materials from them.
Climate/Locations Preferred: wet, temperate locations, the lake and its tributaries, marshes, and she'll love swimming in the ocean when she has access! However she will need to learn to shift into a brine or saltwater breather for that to be very effective
General Likes: gentle rocking lake water, full moons reflecting on the surface or through the shallows, playing in the seabulb 'field'
General Dislikes: too-hot summers and dry spells, getting Those Looks from Yasheel
Fears/Worries: she is still too young to have much in the way of fears, because this location is about as safe from danger as you can get on Abode
Special Strange Info: unexpectedly able to self-shape, perhaps it's just the ways that her disparate lineage combines, but she loves it. She can't shape other people, obviously, but thinks nothing of just slipping into this eel-ended form to slide down all the way from the Aerie into the lake!
Basic Personality: as intense as either of her parents when she's at work tending the bulbs and seaweed, but she enjoys all of the things that others can do with hers! She's 'all in', having learned that term from her father while playing cards, and if anyone needs a hand particularly while they're near the lake, she's your gal
How they feel about
: the few here are kind of nice, though they are a bit ... well, terrified of her when she shapeshifts
Elves -- herders: does fishing count?
Elves -- magic users: she has just enough to blend in with any of them, right?
Elves -- bond-riders: her heart flutters with the thought of becoming a true rider, admiring the dragons already here, as well as the wolves and others
Trolls, etc: even they can use her sea-fibers, bulbs, and fish, and the couple here are all right in her eyes
Bond Animal Info if any: none yet

Skills: Does not hunt, but fishes and traps sea life with her woven and constructed gear
Swims and uses her water shaping ability to tend and create useful plants for many things - fibers from the seaweed used for making her namesake thread and items, the 'bulb juice' is pure and sweet water with just enough flavor to make a nice change from just sipping a stream, and their stalks to make rope or heavier fibers
Navigation under and above the water, she can identify markers and locations with a glance, and moves around in the depths without even being able to see
Cards and Games, learned from her father and others, she loves having an evening with a friend group with good food and fun games

History: Thread was a surprise to both of her parents. Tapestry because his experiences and youth made him believe he was already done with any 'duty' of procreation, and Pearlsheen because she, nearly two thousand years older than Tapestry, worried about having a wolf-blooded partner at all. They have sat her down and explained their worries and past issues just to have it clear in the air. Thread took all of their information to heart, neither of them resents either her or their partner, and raised her together in a gentle and supportive environment. Whether Pearlsheen and Tapestry remain together as lifemates is still somewhat up in the air, but they do actually make a good couple. Their disparate dragons enjoy their own company too, as Maple truly loves fish and Zunth can teleport - maybe to the ocean? Maybe? Some day?

Thread's name sometimes makes Tapestry chuckle a little, given it is the 'enemy' on the world where Zunth came from, but he always sort of resented it himself: threads make cloth!

Even as a young child, Thread has always loved just playing in the water and diving for goodies. She started planting 'treasures' and playing games with divers and water-born elves to see if they could locate them. She's had the opportunity to change her name several times, but 'treasure' seems too pretentious and 'seabulb' a little specific don'tchathink? She likes to imagine her name as the threads between minds, stretching her thoughts to detect a stray here, a hunting party there, asking them where they are and making sure they're okay.

She has had some experience with the weirder sea life that has been brought to the Holt's lake, though she always manages to avoid any dangerous encounters.

When the Aerie called her up to talk, she was giddy with excitement. Apogee noticed this right away. "Well there is definitely a place that's suited to you," she chuckled, and brought up a very familiar and well-traveled star pattern in the shining crystals on the dome's walls. "Lantessama has a more special event going than expected. Would you like--"

"Yes! Yes I would!" Thread exclaimed, hardly holding back her excitement at all of it.

"Then let's get you a little up to speed about their locale, and the expectations," Apogee suggested. It didn't take the excitement down but the energy Thread had could at least be focused on learning about the people and their world, and what they knew of these "Island Court" dragons there. When it was time for her to leave, Tapestry took her himself, wanting to see their realm first hand. He'd be around for her if and when she bonded, and would be the one to take her back home. Of course he also was there to pick up new materials and cloth, and Thread would aid their hosts with whatever she could, likely shaping their plants and introducing them to bulb-water treats!

** from hatching **

The hatching was reaching the end as only a red and green female remained on the sands along with a single egg that was still intact. All eyes were upon the two The green was definitely the most striking in appearance with zebra stripes appearing on her limbs while the red was more subdued with only a lighter belly. The green seemed to not be all that hurried to head for the remaining candidates but the red was having none of it. She wanted the green to bond first and she would not move until that had happened. Finally the green got the memo and she lazily made her way toward the sea where Thread was still looking for a bond. Her dad Tapestry stood right beside her as the small - even for a green - hatchling came toward them.
"I guess you knew I was coming." the hatchling said.
"I never doubted it, Unalinth."






Dragon Name: Unalinth
Gender: Female
Size: small for a green, 5'4" s/l/ws
Build: slender and very long
Physical Features: as shown with many tendrils on shoulder, wing joint, and tail as well as head
Colors: Bright green body with lighter and darker intricate striping on all limbs; wingsails, ear and tail fins mint green mottled; tendrils richer dark green
Stats: Strength, Speed, Endurance, Agility, Health, Intelligence
Abilities: Winged Flight, spends a surprising amount of time above the lake, diving into it with ease from heights
Amphibious, and then spends a considerable amount of time without coming up for air! Requires a moist environment and air but can breathe only a couple times an hour if needed
Teleportation, local and nexus based and seems to enjoy slipping out to unknown locales to bring back fun items
Telepathy and Verbal Speech, has learned both Human and Elfin words, but prefers telepathy since she can speak from whereever she is at the time and still be heard
Enhanced Senses, the tentacles on her body and head are capable of feeling pressure, heat, and other information from the water though poorly in mid-air
Elemental Abilities, she is best with water elemental work, moving currents and purifying it, but also has taken an interest in the air, watching the fliers of the elves as they soar - she can do that too!
Parents: Eguth, Merel, Amaria, Komenth (?)
Origin: Lantessama Island Court 1
Art By: Trix
Other Info: Laid Back, Soothing, and Smart, Unalinth takes her time making any decisions, and always tries to inform herself before doing so